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  1. Yellow shirts jailed for storming NBT station

    If that is the fast track, I 'd hate to see the slow one!
  2. Went on a boat Ranong so-called Captain was eat at the helm, and of course in true Thai style, threw his plastic & polystyrene containers into the sea.I never come across such dirty people, with so little regard for their environment. Before pointing the fingers at others, get Thais to sort out their own backyard first!
  3. Democracy is just a fancy word that doesn't have any 'real' value. It's used as a very efficient tool to fool the ignorant in thinking they have the power of the vote, when in fact the country is controlled by the 1%.
  4. Which brings into question, was she paying tax before?
  5. You must be joking, the place is heaving with tourists. One druggie (who should know the rules) won't effect anything.
  6. With China and Russia on the UN round-table, I don't think Thailand is that bothered. Not that UN stands for much these days.
  7. Foreigner database to be ready in six months

    ... and they don't in the west?
  8. Never donated, and won't! If I see a hungry person, I give them a sandwich.
  9. Chillva Market bans smoking

    I must say if they banned smoking in all public areas, that would be a step in the right direction. If you want to poison yourself, do it in the comfort of your own home, no need to see others witness the dirty habit !
  10. Macron is right, EU should concentrate on the EU. UK will go down it's own path, no point being submerged in all this nonsense, when there more important issues at hand.
  11. UN has not teeth, and nobody takes notice of them anymore. Australia keep your ground, don't end up like Europe!
  12. Can't do the time, don't do the crime.
  13. Give it a rest Boris, and get back to Blighty where there are apparently more problems in the UK, like BREXIT?
  14. Human rights? In Thailand?
  15. How a US-based Thai exposed watch scandal

    So he exposed a scandal of many that have occurred in Thailand, and ?