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  1. Thailand should revoke the visa on arrival, and instead force all visitors to apply for a visa online or at the Embassy which stipulates it will not be granted without Insurance. In the EU they have done this for years, why not Thailand?
  2. UN is just a bunch of cronies who represent countries which have violated human rights. Time to dismantle the organization, it has no value. It's like asking a convicted bank robber to guard a bank!
  3. the guest

    Special welcomes for Chinese tourists at Krabi Airport

    it's all about bowing to their new (pay)masters !
  4. ... and visa versa. It works both ways !
  5. the guest

    Boris Johnson slammed over Islamophobic comments

    Time to ban the veil all over Europe, has no place in western society !
  6. If America wants to bar Iran no problem, but dictating to other countries he can go and f*** off !
  7. Quote "checklist to the Thai public" don't you mean to the general public ? The law applies to everybody when I last checked !
  8. Humans are but a temporary form of life on this Planet. Nature will always have it's way to rebalance the books. Trouble is with Humans they think they are important, but facts are plain to see we are just a parasitical species sucking the planet dry.
  9. Unless they bring in Europeans who are experts on this type of work, then it will surely fail. I have seen the standard of workmanship for the so-called underpasses that have no value whatsoever, when they should have been flyovers. The solution to get Phuket moving is easy, a Train service that circumvents the whole island, at a reasonable cost for all. Instead the authorities come up with another money-making scheme.
  10. UK is a lost cause, and it's common knowledge that demographics will dictate the tone. The Muslim population is growing exponentially, and Sharia law is now being recognized by the courts. Who do think will be running the country in say 50 years from now? I'll give you a clue, it won't be infidels !
  11. I wouldn't argue with somebody that has the backing of all the military if I was you, there is only 1 outcome.
  12. Since there has been a significant drop in EU tourists, then naturally the Thais must bow to their new paymasters (ATM's).
  13. Most europeans have heeded to the message to not buy property in Thailand. The law is swayed too much in favor of Thais, and there is no ownership of land, and rights are almost non-existent. My advise is just rent, its hassle-free, and certainly cheaper in the long-run if something goes wrong.
  14. Congratulations Denmark in making a very sensible decision. The law is clear, no veils in public ! Showing your face in public is foremost an integral part of integrating into western life. Those which fail to except our values then have the right to leave and live in countries which tolerate that behavior.