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  1. Israel is another tinpot country, run a a tin port prime minister. Hardly important enough to make the headlines.
  2. Of course, Thailand is for Thais, foreigners are always second-class people, this is common knowledge.
  3. Sorry? What was that? (noise in the background)
  4. Thais are not stupid enough to let foreigner lease for so long, 30 years is about ok. My wife says if Europe sells land to foreigners then it's up to them, meaning they are probably stupid. I agree with her.
  5. ... and pink elephants can fly too.
  6. America, 'land of the free'.... not even close !
  7. Another quality tourist !
  8. it's called job creation.
  9. Ear today, gone tomorrow !
  10. It's the street food that attracts the tourists, without which Thailand would be in trouble. So it will be less of a reason to come here.
  11. I'm surprised such bars still exist. Can't be many punters around, and not exactly what I would call entertainment. Many tourists are from China and Russia, and many now come as couples and are family-based. Perhaps Patong should start changing it's image, and cater for the majority of tourists that avoid these seedy places like the plague.
  12. 3 million, hardly. Sorry to say Thailand is for Thais, and come here with your conditions expecting the taxpayer to pay for your medical bills? This isn't Europe.
  13. If the government was smart, it would make it compulsory for all foreigners to have full insurance before a visa would be granted. It solves a lot of problems.
  14. I hope she gets in, that will really shake EU in their boots.