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  1. The answer is because they can, and this is Thailand.
  2. the guest

    9 years overstay

    I quite agree, with your comment. I have stayed in Thailand for many years, and never broken the law, paid my taxes and been what could be interpreted as a 'model' foreigner. Yet some chose to flout the law with impunity, and it is for this reason why immigration have tightened everything up because of a few rotten apples.
  3. I think you will find the EU and other countries will source parts elsewhere. You can't have one country dictating to the world. For example; China is also doing just that.
  4. How I missed the old Don Muang, with its quaint shops and affordable but delicious restaurants. The airport was just a nice place, and reflected Thai-ness. Sadly times move on, and of course the new airport serves its purpose, but lacks any memorable character. A very cold, and modern environment, which seems to be indicative of airports today.
  5. the guest

    KLM jet makes precautionary landing in Phuket

    If I was KLM, all phones would be banned in the cabin and must be switched-off and checked in the main luggage for the duration of the journey. Since you cannot check everyone to see if they are clones or sub-standard, then every phone must be treated as sub-standard.
  6. I must admit if I was an insurance company I would think twice offering insurance for Thailand, or make the premiums very expensive. The risks must me mind-blowingly high !
  7. I'm offering shares to invest in an iceberg, it's going to be floated on the market soon.
  8. Really? and how will the west make cheap goods to support it's failing economy? Most of the factories are closed, and the skills gone with the wind.
  9. the guest

    63 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    Its a shame the west doesn't follow Thai footsteps on this issue. Foreigners are mere guests, and no other. Well-done Thailand !
  10. Well after they are gone, they will only be remembered because of their wealth not because they did anything else remarkable.
  11. Probably to do with the debt that Thais have got themselves into. Mortgage, car finance payments, credit cards etc... Before the government relaxed lending, Thais were doing ok, now they are up to their eyeballs in debt.
  12. the guest

    Phuket to celebrate National Labour Day

    Yeah that about sums it up. Thailand really could start improving conditions for Thai employees. ATM there seems to be no real legislation to protect the rights of Thais working for scrupulous employers.
  13. An acquaintance told me a story of him putting waste bins on the beach. The day later the bins were promptly removed, and locals seemed outraged that a foreigner was interfering with Thai issues. Needless-to-say, he has never lifted a finger since. My advice is have your holiday, put up with the mess, but don't try and change a country which is clearly in the hands of Thais.
  14. Many of my European friends are now bypassing Thailand, as it's just become a melting pot of greed, catering for their new found Chinese friends, the Thai-ness has long gone. The allure of new money, has taken the country from being a beautiful paradise, to one of pure commercialism, and in the process has clogged the whole system. The costs also have increased to an unjustifiable levels, which makes Thailand very expensive in comparison to other countries in South-East Asia.
  15. the guest

    Where Thailand still trails behind

    Given 14% of the Thai population originates from China, I would say the country is colonized.