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  1. That about sums it up. Thailand used to be a great place, but as with all good things, this comes to an end.
  2. Thailand is slipping deeper and deeper into a black hole.
  3. Always make sure you post not using Thai IP addresses, that way you are beyond approach.
  4. The whole country should 'now' be treated as a crime scene. There must be a radical change in law enforcement and society to weed out anyone that is not aligned to the principles of an open and just society. PC brigade should be silenced, and those which refuse to assimilate must be detained, questioned, then deported. If we do not act in this way, then expect more of the same.
  5. It's the system that needs to be totally changed, along with attitudes of 'them and us'. The 'elites' are strangling Thailand, and until this changes, there no hope for the country.
  6. The only way this would work is to bring in the army (if they are able to enforce the law) otherwise this will fail. The police are inadequate in enforcing the law on the Island of Phuket.
  7. I feel sorry for those that have never experienced 'true' freedom, freedom of speech and self expression. This right, which most of us in EU enjoy, not as a privilege, but is a fundamental right, is denied to the people of Thailand. The country has so much potential, but is unfortunately let down by this undemocratic administration.
  8. Actually the fake police were in fact more real in their "extortion, and impersonating of police officers" than the official ones.
  9. Turn the table, if foreigners from EU were doing the same in Thailand, what do you think would happen? I can tell you, the population would be on a rampage hunting out every foreigner, and demanding the government to check them all out.
  10. Mohammad Sidique Khan: aged 30. Khan detonated his bomb just after leaving Edgware Road tube station on a train travelling toward Paddington, at 8:50 am. He lived in Beeston, Leeds, with his wife and young child, where he worked as a learning mentor at a primary school. The blast killed seven people, including Khan himself. Shehzad Tanweer: aged 22. He detonated a bomb aboard a train travelling between Liverpool Street station and Aldgate tube station, at 8:50 am. He lived in Leeds with his mother and father, working in a fish and chip shop. Eight people, including Tanweer, were killed by the explosion. Germaine Lindsay (Abdullah Shaheed Jamal): aged 19. He detonated his device on a train travelling between King's Cross and Russell Square tube stations, at 8:50 am. He lived in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, with his pregnant wife and young son. His blast killed 27 people, including Lindsay himself. Hasib Hussain: the youngest of the four at 18, Hussain detonated his bomb on the top deck of a double-decker bus at 9:47 am. He lived in Leeds with his brother and sister-in-law. 14 people, including Hussain, died in the explosion in Tavistock Square. Common denominator ... they were all Muslim !!!
  11. That is because the UK is too politically correct, and won't call a 'spade a spade'.
  12. France, Germany, Sweden, UK .... when will the EU wake up that bringing in these Muslims has consequences!
  13. Perhaps if everyone swopped to the new chip-based card system, would solve a lot of problems. Many still use the magnetic strip, which by far, is an outdated and very vulnerable form of technology.
  14. Is there any reason why her nationality or race has anything to do with the alleged crime? It has zero value to the article, and again raises the issue of predominant racist remarks by so-called journalists, sensationalizing the subject matter for gratification.
  15. It's like the pot calling the kettle black.