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  1. EU are standing by their guns (and so they should) UK on-the-other-hand, have to work out how to pay the EU (first), then discuss the other demands (set by the EU), before negotiations can even continue. It's looking pretty bad for 'little' Britain.
  2. Impossible, given the Government informed the banks and other financial institutions to lend out to Thais, so much in fact, this is the reason we had 300 baht per say salaries, which then caused inflation to rocket.
  3. Tourist visa is for tourism, and no other. The Thai authorities have a right to determine if the foreigner wants to visit Thailand as a tourist or not. They should ask questions as to which hotel have they booked, what activities they intend to do whilst in Thailand, to prove that they are indeed a tourist. If you can't, of course they can deny you entry. Try doing the same when entering Australia. If your not a tourist, and you do not have proof, they automatically invalidate the visa, and ban you from entering the country. So why should Thailand be any different?
  4. They don't have to give you a reason. TIT
  5. And what exactly has this little country have that is interesting to the US to negotiate?
  6. Since Thais need insurance to get into Europe, it's only fair that EU tourists should have the same stipulation. But the insurance should be obtained in Europe, as opposed to Thailand.
  7. The Thai line is for Thai passports holders only.
  8. It's about time mandatory insurance should be introduced for all foreigners.
  9. What an embarrassment to have a bafoon (baboon) representing the UK. Mind you, bafoons seem to be the flavor of the day ATM, especially in politics.
  10. Democracy only belongs to the west, (whatever democracy means).
  11. You mean like the Thai breweries, which monopolize everything. The choice of beers (and drink in general) in Thailand are few.
  12. The UK will find out just how 'Un-great' it really is without the EU.
  13. USA, a so-called 'great' nation, that doesn't even have national health service for all. Really is a backward country. Even Cuba has better medical treatment than the good ol' US OF A
  14. Taser guns should be appropriate, but I'm not sure if they are in the country yet?
  15. Like most, he's a hypocrite. Name me a western country that doesn't exploit poorer nations to produce cheap goods ?