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  1. This won't go down well with the rest of Myanmar, who see theses people as no only as uninvited guests, but contrary to their beliefs as a Buddhist country. The fact remains that Muslims are not compatible with the country. Better to give them the resources to resettle in Bangladesh instead, otherwise this situation will repeat itself over and over again.
  2. Burmese are carried around like cattle. It's is disgusting to see how Thais treat foreigners, and have no respect for them whatsoever.
  3. Rule 1: Never give money to Police, they will always come back for more !
  4. If he hasn't got money, then dump him for somebody that has.
  5. All smoke and mirrors. If they were serious, an international arrest warrant would have been issued long before. All assets seized here and elsewhere, all associates, friends, family arrested and thrown in jail. What has been done so far? Nothing!
  6. UK minister in Thailand to improve bilateral ties

    How many foreigners have come to Thailand thinking they will make a difference about human rights? Any advice will fall on deaf ears, especially when it comes from foreigners.
  7. Disgusting excuse for a human-being should be sent to prison for the rest of his life. He's lucky he's being tried in a civilised country. If I had my way, he would have a long and painful journey to his grave.
  8. They should also have a slogan ...."good officers in, bad ones out !"
  9. ... and a 100% of foreigners believe that Thai standards and too low, that they have no respect for the law, or for other people on the road. Then again, who can blame them, if the police are totally inept at enforcing the law, you can't expect the people to follow it.
  10. Name them, and shame them !
  11. You really should publish the names of officials which are convicted.
  12. Zimbabwe on knife's edge after military seizes power

    Should have removed this Baboon years ago.
  13. Can somebody get this muppet off the stage. He always comes out of the woodwork, like a lost penny!
  14. Didn't they read the small print on the packet?
  15. They nearly got it right. Not Kala land, but La-La land!