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  1. james1995

    What's your cost of living here in Thailand?

    biggest expense by far is the wife. take that out and i'd easily be able to get by on 20,000/monthly. no honey, save money. so far i am averaging 2000 baht daily, mostly restaurant meals and clothing. but the wife always wants some kind of thing for our house or a new ring which blows up my budget.
  2. they could take up an income producing hobby. might supplement their incomes. i run a little online gig and it's bringing in 30,000 baht weekly. started out as a hobby and now i'm doing it full time. people are so jealous because they don't believe me. but here i am, living in thailand on it.
  3. james1995

    What products do you bring from home?

    schick razors, macbook. that's about all. anything else can be purchased on the ground. when i came on the plane last week, i had just my macbook, schick razors, and my jacket inside of my backpack. nothing else.
  4. james1995

    price gouging in usa

    can't figure this out. price of small coke bottle is $3.50 in american airport but only $1.20 in asian airport. what explains such a discrepency in price?? it's like they think we're gazillionaires. i'm like, why should i pay you $3.50 when I can get in a 7/11 in bangkok for 1/7th of the price? money was not spent in said airport and instead saved and spent in thailand. american 0 thailand 1.
  5. james1995

    SURVEY: Is Russia the enemy?

    As an American, I support Putin, Maduro & Assad 200%. They're not the enemy, John Kasich, John McCain and Hillary are. The anti-Russian crap isn't going to work on guys like me. I'm just too smart for it.
  6. You're not going to get any lady with no money. I don't see any homeless guys with girlfriends in their arms anywhere.
  7. james1995

    What's your cost of living here in Thailand?

    Job in america = 80,000 a month. But expectations are out of line with reality. 50,000 a month is good money, but most Thai ladies are going to want more. Much more. I suppose you can live a lot cheaper if you're single. No honey, save money.
  8. 25,000 baht a month? More like 7-8000 baht according to my wife.
  9. Yeah right. Taxing a tourist? I'm having a laugh. Hardly anybody pays taxes in Thailand. Not even Thais.
  10. james1995

    SURVEY: Is Russia the enemy?

    That's what the US media seems to think. I think Russia should be our ally. And I don't agree with my government's hostility towards Assad & Maduro. Those are good guys, not bad guys.
  11. Jealous neighbors and the humidity.
  12. Why is there so much hostility? I'm 100% totally certain if they'd just allow our oil companies to go in there and suck out their oil at cheap prices we'd be friends again.
  13. Why are they always naked? Could be he slipped after taking a shower but who walks around naked?? And why do they always have head wounds?
  14. james1995

    Leaving Thailand after 13 Years..

    I don't get it. I realize you might get tired of living abroad after awhile, but I think most guys would want to return to Thailand given the choice. I'm packing my bags next week and got a one way flight booked. Looks like we're changing places, mate.