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  1. james1995

    bp medicine

    does anybody know where i can get blood pressure meds in pattaya? i've asked around for it but everybody either doesn't understand what i'm saying. do they understand the word hypertension? i can't believe that such a critical medicine is not available anymore. i just don't get it. i have used melol before but when i ask they say "no have". yeah right.
  2. 45,000 isn't bad. that's almost equivalent in buying power to what a job pays in the us or uk. well, at least you're living in thailand not some gloomy overcast town. i hate going back "home". it's scary and depressing.
  3. hitler did some real bad things but you can't totally blame him for ww2. the allies deserve plenty of blame. hitler would not have existed without the unfair outcome of ww1. and there were lots of little holocausts done by the allies that were swept under the rug and few know about.
  4. i don't think these types of activities warrant such serious sentences. even 3 years in jail would be extreme in my opinion.
  5. james1995

    America's image worsens under Trump

    what's their problem? i don't have a problem with trump. i have a problem with people opposed to trump. if europeans don't like him, fine. i don't have any plans to spend any money in europe anyways.
  6. Just take $50k from them and let em in. If they can pay us enough, they should get a permanent visa. $50,000 x 2 million each year. How much is that? $100 billion a year?
  7. james1995

    Rich countries ‘must do more’ for climate

    france needs to stop bothering my country about this climate hoax stuff. we are not going to pay for a theory that hasn't even been proven. if france wants to change the climate, they can tax themselves to pay for it all. we are not going to pay for france's unproven theories!
  8. expensive car does not necesarilly equal success. more often than not it means they are in debt up to their eyeballs.
  9. smelly backpackers. are they still doing the dreadlocks thing or is it all hipster beards now?
  10. james1995

    Thailand still a destination of choice for money conscious expats

    try not to think about money so much and think instead about how to increase your income. this can be done in many ways, even for retired people. having a budget of $1000 a month would still not be enough to generate a western income even if you lived in the cheapest country on earth.
  11. i earned 15,000 baht just last night while i slept. took litterally two hours of effort on my part. i don't think i can do the cheap charlie thing anymore like in the bad old days. i'm just too loaded now. no more mama noodle packs for me.
  12. i try to not think about exchange rates. i have been here when the US$ was at 28 and it hurt. try earning more income instead of worrying. just made 8,000 baht pure profit last night in my sleep with my laptop. took literally 2 hours of my time. most of the time i'm just chilling here doing absolutely nothing.
  13. james1995

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    well, what about being a digital nomad? i'm bringing in 5-10k baht daily here. sky is the limit. i spend just two hours on my macbook each day and "work" is done. don't tell him to go home. tell him to get on that laptop and start earning money.
  14. james1995

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    there's this big myth out there that cambodia and vietnam are bargain destinations. they're not. apartments are actually more expensive there than in thailand. i'd probably recommend guys on a low budget to head to the philippines these days.