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  1. Chlorine TABLETS in Buriram, where?

    What chemical name is on the 50kg tub of Unstabilized chlorine tablets? You could benefit from going to Ruangsangthai in Buriram or PoolMaster Asia in Surin. Both have native English speakers to answer questions. There is a real limit to what I can have my wife ask at a store and then translate back to me. There are chlorine tablets in the photo near the swimming pool lights in Ruangsangthai in Buriram. I have no clue what type of chlorine and if they have more than one type of chlorine at Paul Bodkin's Surin Pool Master Asia or at the Buriram Builders Merchants Store.
  2. This week in Buriram at the Bangkok Bank Branch upstairs in the Robinson Lifestyle Center, 100% I can confirm they would gladly issue a Visa Debit card with a Rabbit logo. It was not free, but it was modest to buy and the annual fee was 300 baht or less. The customer service woman communicated very well in English. I do not "bank" at this branch, but she gladly sold me a Visa Debit card for my account that is open in a different community branch of Bangkok Bank.
  3. Tubular Box Spanner

    I bought this plumbing tool in Buriram Sunday. It is a spanner to use for bathroom taps or kitchen faucets. It is heavy enough to double as a personal protection device.
  4. Cost of new meter - Double 'for farang'

    The price of the different size meters are clearly posted on a sign in any PEA office I have been in Buriam province. You may have a deposit on file in your name, for the temporary meter in your name, which gets deducted on the permanent meter fee. You still will have a deposit and it is crucial to save the receipt for your deposit fee.
  5. Iooking for screws but seems I’m screwed

    Selling price is 175 baht for 500 of the self tapping screws in Buriram. It might be less at a store closer to Bangkok. #8 2" flat head phillips.
  6. Iooking for screws but seems I’m screwed

    This is quite easy in Buriram. Self tapping screws in all sizes. Boxes of 500 from many brands including S.J. Screw Thailand. Great web name. www.screwthai.com I see many boxes of self tapping screws as I was shopping for a DeWALT random orbit sander this morning in Buriram.
  7. Iooking for screws but seems I’m screwed

    Yes on the Trox. You can "line" her for direct information.
  8. Iooking for screws but seems I’m screwed

    I needed to get a M10 x 1.25 (Fine Thread) x 45mm hexagonal cap head bolt. I contacted the following companies in Thailand, A.B.P. Stainless Steel Fastener Co. Ltd. (http://www.abpstainless.com) as well as its sister company ABPON Co. Ltd. (http://www.abpon.com/en/) and I contacted the LST Group (http://www.grouplst.com/en http://www.grouplst.com/en/prodinfo.php?prod_id=HSCSA2M&&prod_type=bolts). A.B.P Stainless Steel Fastener Co. Ltd. and ABPON Co. Ltd. stated that they do not manufacture M10 bolts in a 1.25 thread pitch. The L.S.T. Group, which does make M10 bolts in a 1.25 thread pitch of various lengths, only had a shorter length and were out of stock of the 45mm length that I really needed. I ended up contacting Miss Leng in Bangkok. I have bought stainless steel fasteners (Torx, Hex, washers, lock washers, lock nuts, etc.) from her in the past. I sent her a Line message, which is her primary means of communication outside of a phone call, describing what fasteners I needed. She does speak English and appears to be fairly knowledgeable of fasteners. She in fact had all that I asked for. I asked Miss Leng if I can order fasteners from her and she mail them to me. She stated that she does not do that. The shop is located between Soi 47 and Soi 49 on the north side of Udom Suk or Udomsuk. Worth my effort when I am in Bangkok to visit this shop for high quality nuts and bolts at a reasonable price.
  9. Isaan is never boring. Trucks loaded to the gills, police focused on Telephones, but not often I see an Australian training tool store employees with the help of a translator on the operations of an air compressor. One can never assume that builders merchants store staff have zero training. I told Jamie McKinnell he was providing a very good service to attempt to train Isaan Tool shop workers on what features matter on an air compressor. He told me his family started the air compressor company many years ago in Australia and he was testing exports to Thailand. He said he has a work permit and a final assembly plant in Buriram.
  10. Welding gear advice needed

    WelPro and Colt are two brands sold all over Thailand You can buy Lincoln Welders in Thailand but they cost significantly more than the Welpro or Colt inverter or MMA or MIG welders I have seen in Buriram Thailand. Repairs on welders in a timely fashion is a consideration prior to buying the welder. Prices vary from store to store on the exact same model welder in Buriram. Flux cored wire is readily available from a motivated Welpro PC if he does not already stock such.
  11. New electrical products break after 2 years, fix or throw away?

    The authorized shop will be much more likely to offer you genuine replacement parts for an appliance or tool in my experience. Alternative parts are a poor value in a 3rd world country in my experience. Same Same is not the exact same when it comes to electrical parts or automotive parts in Thailand in my experience. When I can buy an air compressor with a 5 year tank warranty, 3 year pump warranty and 1 year electric motor warranty I am much more confident than with the typical "Thai" marketing brand with warranties made out of Swiss cheese. Warranties full of holes, excuses, exceptions and delays. The authorized repair people have more opportunities or even requirements, to attend training classes.
  12. New electrical products break after 2 years, fix or throw away?

    I've been disappointed at "send to Bangkok" repair service on several brands of tools and appliances in Thailand. I've found an authorized appliance repair shop in Buriram, Y & J electric, for my Toshiba | Panasonic | Sharp | Hitachi appliances. Every good size town must have a shop that specializes in warranty repairs and after warranty repairs with genuine parts for appliances. I am buying a WestAir air compressor for my nephew as it will have a Mitsubishi electric motor and a warranty I can read. I met Mr. Jamie McKinnell the managing director from Perth, Australia at his new Buriram assembly plant. As I was told he is using a small assembly plant in Buriram to install Honda petrol motors and Mitsubishi electric motors and German Pressure switches on SCR Rotary Screw Electric air compressors and Reciprocating (piston) Electric air compressors. The longer warranty period and an Australian expat with a work permit to oversee the repairs is why I am buying this brand of air compressor. I'll post photos next week of my nephew using this compressor with air tools to remodel an Isaan village home.
  13. What to mix with cement to make waterproof concrete?

    In Buriram it was simple for me to have Sika Plastocrete 901 Water Reducing and Retarding Concrete Admixture mixed with Siam City Cement at a local Ready Mixed delivery company. How clean the 3/4" stones were and specifics with the sand also were made clear to me by Mr. Khatayut Montatipkul . I was able to speak with Shiva Singh the Siam City Cement Technical Support Engineer for Northeast Thailand in English in person when I placed my concrete delivery order. Slump cone on the ready mixed delivery truck and each load slump tested is readily available in Buriram. The better brands such as CPAC and Siam City Cement will have dealers who can offer slump test for your Thailand home building ready mixed concrete delivery. I was offered a test for compressive strength carried out either in a cube or cylinder in Buriram. Someone could explain the prices in English for the various concrete KSC and admixture in the ready mixed concrete order.
  14. Waterford

    I stayed two nights at Waterford in May 2016. The inexpensive nightly rental unit had some odd interior wall placements. The unit door lock was sub par. The gypsum walls were not of a high quality. The kitchen was compact in this unit. The common grounds were quite nice, with a nice pool. It was quite a walk from BTS. The place did have a shuttle service. Not full of rowdy guests when I stayed in May 2016. It could be a worthwhile place to look as a home or investment property, based on my casual experience of the better features. I know nothing of the management and ownership fees. The "vibe" by the pool was great. More greenery as you enter than many condo units I have stayed in Bangkok.
  15. BUPA $$$

    My insurance broker in Phuket recently told me that BUPA was bought by Aetna. Later this month I will see if it impacts my premium or coverage levels. I had been 100% satisfied with coverage and actual hospital payments. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/Corporate/30321765