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  1. What to mix with cement to make waterproof concrete?

    In Buriram it was simple for me to have Sika Plastocrete 901 Water Reducing and Retarding Concrete Admixture mixed with Siam City Cement at a local Ready Mixed delivery company. How clean the 3/4" stones were and specifics with the sand also were made clear to me by Mr. Khatayut Montatipkul . I was able to speak with Shiva Singh the Siam City Cement Technical Support Engineer for Northeast Thailand in English in person when I placed my concrete delivery order. Slump cone on the ready mixed delivery truck and each load slump tested is readily available in Buriram. The better brands such as CPAC and Siam City Cement will have dealers who can offer slump test for your Thailand home building ready mixed concrete delivery. I was offered a test for compressive strength carried out either in a cube or cylinder in Buriram. Someone could explain the prices in English for the various concrete KSC and admixture in the ready mixed concrete order.
  2. Waterford

    I stayed two nights at Waterford in May 2016. The inexpensive nightly rental unit had some odd interior wall placements. The unit door lock was sub par. The gypsum walls were not of a high quality. The kitchen was compact in this unit. The common grounds were quite nice, with a nice pool. It was quite a walk from BTS. The place did have a shuttle service. Not full of rowdy guests when I stayed in May 2016. It could be a worthwhile place to look as a home or investment property, based on my casual experience of the better features. I know nothing of the management and ownership fees. The "vibe" by the pool was great. More greenery as you enter than many condo units I have stayed in Bangkok.
  3. BUPA $$$

    My insurance broker in Phuket recently told me that BUPA was bought by Aetna. Later this month I will see if it impacts my premium or coverage levels. I had been 100% satisfied with coverage and actual hospital payments. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/Corporate/30321765
  4. Car Insurance Quotes

    If you bring your car or truck registration book into any Tesco, they can give you a written quote on the insurance they offer.
  5. Access to property

    I will scan a copy of the land paper on Saturday and post it on this forum.
  6. Access to property

    I paid four thousand baht for a Bangkok lawyer to draft a specific easement for unlimited access on a private road for not only vehicles, but all current and future utilities. This gave access starting on a Government road, down a private road to a plot of land in my wife's name. Water, sewer, telephone, internet, electricity and all sort of legal jargon on that document which was registered at the land office on the chanote of the road parcel. The heirs of the current land owner and any subsequent buyers of the road were also taken into account. The land owner received no money for signing the easement document. I gave in writing permission to that land owner to use the utility poles I paid to have installed on her private property. I have a larger diameter HDPE water pipe installed by the PWA running along side that private road and under the road at one point. All was covered under the easement document. The OP might consider an easement document drafted by a lawyer with his interests at heart.
  7. Thermal Resistant Bricks

    You might reconsider your roof. Fiber cement roof tiles will be far cooler than Bluescope, BK metal or other metal roof. 5mm or 6mm thick fiber cement roof tiles are not expensive. Very suitable for an outdoor Thai kitchen.
  8. I was not able to buy Bayer 325mg aspirin in Buriram today. I was able to purchase 1000 enteric coated aspirin tablets of 300mg Ranbaxy brand "Aspent" for 650 baht at a well stocked Buriram pharmacy near Bangkok Bank. Previously I had been misinformed at many Boots pharmacies and Watsons over the zero stock of aspirin at those stores.
  9. Sealing Qcon or similar to prevent water absorption

    The OP might take what his architect said with a grain of salt. What ever builders merchants store supplied the AAC block in Thailand to build his home can get on the telephone and have a technical advisor come to his home building site at no charge to instruct his workers how to properly install and render Q-Con or Diamond Blocks and Lintels. I have more than one bathroom built with AAC blocks in Buriram. Each bathroom has tile to the ceiling. A key to success is using the correct Weber or Lanko tile adhesive. Shower tile takes a different tile adhesive than the dry room in your bathroom. There are written instructions in Thai and English available for q-Con and Diamond AAC Blocks, Wall panels and lintels in Thailand. There are dozens of Thailand videos of the proper installation of both brands of AAC blocks on youtube. In my personal experience they must wet the block wall the night before rendering. Then the morning of rendering the wall they wet it once again. Only us the proper wall render, no matter which company. TPI makes two grades of AAC block wall render. Weber, Lanko, Diamond, SCG all market AAC wall block render. The technical advisors that I have met with SCG, Diamond, Weber, Lanko and Q-Con spoke English. Lanko 107 will fix cracks in AAC wall blocks better than any product I have ever found in Thailand.
  10. Multi-Point Water Heaters

    Green PPR pipe is available for running hot water from the multi point unit. Generally a 6,000 watt unit can go to two points, while an 8000 watt unit can go to three points. Be very aware of the proper size grounded electrical cable and safety breaker for such water heaters.
  11. Water (Hose) Bibs

    Lowe's will allow you to see products in Thailand. https://www.lowes.com/
  12. expats in Buriram

    I'll 2nd the recommendation of Swan Bar a good spot to eat, drink and meet expats in Buriram.
  13. Suggestions for leaky roof

    I am familiar with those Shera Zedar Shake Roof Tiles as I have spent some time at a beautiful hotel in Buriram called the Hotel de l'amour. Might be worth your time to fly to Buriram and see how that roof was installed. Shera had technical staff who were willing to come and instruct local builders when I was shopping for flat roof tile. I also considered the sub contractors of CPAC and the sub contractors of Diamond Roof. There are roofing specialists based in Chiang Mai who have proper cherry pickers to install and repair terracotta roofs. I will agree wholeheartedly with Kwasaki, Carlyai, Crossy, bankruatsteve that the roof should come off and you should consider a sub roof. Viva Board as a sub roof and waterproof membrane is not a huge cost in the long run. Go higher up the chain of command at Shera and I suspect they will know of more experienced roof installers in your province. http://www.sherasolution.com/en/commercial/reference-project/info/437/
  14. My wife bought the Elvis Presley Lawn Mower Today in Buriram

    Kikster: Did you phone 044-666-484 extension 117 on any Monday through Saturday and speak with a native English speaker OR did you have your wife speak Thai with a Thai store employee? I have found getting a price works better with email, in person or to telephone and speak with a native English speaker at that Buriram Hardware Store. Makita 10.8 volt grass shear is not available on the KTW web site but is on Lazada as the Makita UM164DZ. I believe you or your wife were misinformed about delivery from Ruangsangthai. The Ruangsangthai trucks offer delivery to my friends in Maha Sarakham, Surin, Nakhon Ratchasima as well as Buriram if the order is of a certain value or there is a delivery fee paid. I've had building materials and furniture deliveries from Korat sent to my Buriram Home if the order was over 50,000 baht from Neo House Store. A Honda HRJ216K2 or Troy Bilt or Snapper lawn mower might not qualify for free delivery to Khon Kaen. Jun Ishiwatari the manager of Asian Honda Motor Co Ltd met with Mr. Bob a native English speaker, and the two owners of Ruangsangthai who also speak and understand English this past week. Every person in the attached photo speaks English. The Japanese manager of Honda does not speak Thai. I asked Mr. Pichai on Sunday and he was quite clear that Snapper self propelled lawn mowers, Honda HRJ216K2 lawn mower and the Troy Bilt battery start petrol mower are in boxes ready for immediate shipment the day they are paid on Thai Parcel for the cost of the shipping fee. He is familiar with Ego lawn mowers made by Chervon in China. There is no importer yet to Thailand of Chervon products and he cautioned me that parts are a challenge until a brand has an official importer who makes the investment in warranty service parts. You might try to buy that highly rated battery lawn mower from an Australian dealer. http://chervon-na.com/en/what-we-do/our-brands/ego He allowed me to post photos from his facebook page that clearly show lawn mowers in stock in the shipping cartons. Please post on Thai Visa if you find a dependable authorized seller of Ego battery powered garden equipment who will ship to Thailand. That brand is highly rated in consumer magazines in the UK and USA.
  15. Tubular Box Spanner

    I picked up a new Bosch table saw today in Buriram and spotted the inexpensive Stanley 87-448 Basin Wrench. That Stanley Basin Wrench is 11" or 280 MM and has served me well. The Bosch GCM 12 GDL table saw with the portable stand was a bit more in Thailand than the Stanley tool. The Stanley basin wrench is made in Taiwan and costs under 400 baht and could be at any Stanley tools dealer in Thailand. Wayned has the skill to make a suitable basin wrench out of PVC pipes and should be applauded.