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  1. MekkOne

    Electric bills set to increase from January 

    look dude, the rate now is pretty much 4.30 THB, if you rise of 4.3 SETANG is going to 4.35 and I believe the rise it's about 1.15%... Don't really know where you have studied math...
  2. MekkOne

    Phoenix recovery team yet to arrive

    I'm sorry, you're wrong, you can, just need the right people that know how to do it, that's it. Nobody in this country has never attempted to salvage a boat from the bottom of the ocean and they are to proud to ask for help to somebody that knows how to do it, so all this is pointless, with a crane they'll never rise that boat because there are 45 kilograms per square centimeter pushing the boat to the bottom of the ocean. Thay will never move it if they don't remove the water from inside it.
  3. MekkOne

    Phoenix recovery team yet to arrive

    BTW the hull of the boat is perfectly integer, so if you call a team of experts instead of a bunch of monkeys rise the Phoenix will be piece of cake...
  4. MekkOne

    Phoenix recovery team yet to arrive

    holy moly how we managed to rise the Costa Concordia??? just read how it works... how you plan to pick up a boat with a crane from the bottom of the ocean? Do you have idea how much does it weight???
  5. MekkOne

    Electric bills set to increase from January 

    an this is a rise? Really nothing to write about uh....
  6. MekkOne

    Phoenix recovery team yet to arrive

    You don't need a crane, you need to pump out enough water and replace it with air, it's a boat it's made for floating....
  7. making a good infrastructure with 160km/h electric trains will be already a big achievement for the country... They should stop dreaming of passing from riding a cow to drive a Ferrari, this is how tragedy are happening...
  8. Italy, France and Greece are dangerous for Brits because they are getting there and they are going mad as nobody understand them even if they are yelling more and more. BTW this is The Sun right? isn't a toilet paper brand?
  9. MekkOne

    Phoenix recovery team yet to arrive

    probably some prawns farmers....
  10. MekkOne

    Phoenix recovery team yet to arrive

    the easiest way to rise a boat like that (as the hull is perfectly intact) is sealing all the doors and just pump the water out the boat, it will just rise itself... Don't need any stupid crane, just a few divers specialized in underwater welding...
  11. Strange that this stuff always happen when they are changing the villages heads or some local governor, 7 days, we will see... I bet the old rule will still there and this place will still have 15 bungalows, 9 of them built right on the sea...
  12. another one that writing without even know what was the resort for the locals...
  13. so why TAT was actually using this resort as advertisement for the island?? Again yesterday was totally OK some prick on the top of the chain changed and now the resort isn't allowed anymore, no matter the brown envelope delivered to the old boss, need a new one...
  14. they should be the barrier in front of the garages after the dumbs have parked the car in
  15. MekkOne

    Thailand makes HUGE changes to its laws on smoking in public

    best law ever, now you can go suck your smelly rolls in the middle of the road and get hit by a car...