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  1. thanks guys. i would have forgot to bring an extra photo, but at least i could get one at CW. i'll go ahead and get a copy of the lease just in case. not a hard thing to obtain from the manager downstairs.
  2. i've obtained several re entry permits at suvarnabhumi. i pay the 200thb for the service and they handle everything, i just hand them my passport. but, i'm headed to CW this week to get the multiple re entry permit (and the 12 month extension - retirement). one key difference is when you leave via business class. you can't use the premium lane when you need to get the permit at the airport. immigration lines can be quite long at times and i don't want to have to go through that if i've paid for business class (which i'm doing more and more as i get older).
  3. forgot about re-entry permit. i'll be getting the multi entry version. i need to fill out the form (TM8), pay the fee, and copy passport pages. for the passport copies: 1. arrival card 2. face/details page 3. entry stamp (i entered visa exempt in late feb, converted to non imm O at CW which is valid until late may) 4. 12 month extension stamp am i missing anything ?
  4. i'll be going to CW next week. when i got my non imm O at CW (two months ago), they told me to bring the same stuff with me to apply for the 12 month extension. i found the list below on the net and that seems to support what i was told. a form, some copies, some bank letters, etc.. if i screw one of those up i can make a copy at CW or visit bangkok bank at CW. i just want to make sure there isn't some new requirement, like a copy of apartment lease, photo of me in front of the apartment, or some other thing that will force me to leave CW, obtain it, and go back another day. List of documents for extension of stay in case of Retirement Application Form ( TM 7) with one photograph (size 4x6 cm.) Passport and its photocopy with certified true copy by the alien Application fee: 1,900 Baht Documents required are as follows; The account deposit with the bank in Thailand of not less than 800,000 Baht. The proof of such evidence is the updated bank passbook with the certified letter from the bank showing the money in the account of not less than 800,000 Baht which has been deposited in the account for the previous 3 months. OR Income from pension/social welfare of not less than 65,000 Baht per month. The proof of such evidence is a letter from the applicant's Embassy or Consulate in Thailand to certify that the applicant receives pension or other income of not less than 65,000 Baht per month. OR A combination of the account deposit in the bank plus income (from pension or other source per year with a combined total of not less than 800,000 Baht.
  5. i found the requirements for obtaining the O-A visa in the USA a bit cumbersome. mainly because i'd been using thailand as my home base for many years before i turned 50 and qualified for the O-A (and O). getting a police check and a medical record was possible but that combined with the mailing time back and forth on the visa itself, took too much time for my 30-60 day visits. when i visit, i'm never in the same place long and rarely know where i'm headed next. all my friends/family change plans constantly based on their work and family so i have to be very flexible on my schedule when i'm in USA. i chose to convert a visa exempt entry to a non imm O in bangkok. if it is no problem for you, being in USA now for a long period of time, the O-A is a good option. you can easily open a bank account in thailand with that visa (harder if you enter visa exempt or with tourist visa). then you can transfer the money over for your extension of stay when the visa expires. the O-A visa is valid for one year from the issue date. if issued june 2017, you can leave and reenter thailand just before it expires (june 2018) and you will get another 12 months stay. towards the end of that stay, you apply for the 12 months extension using the 800,000thb in a thai bank (or get the income letter from the US embassy in bangkok).
  6. i opened a USD account at bangkok bank's main branch on silom rd. which is where they house their foreign currency accounts. i also opened a thai baht account with them (same branch). to send money from wells fargo, i use the routing number for bangkok bank new york and my account number in thailand. so i don't think you need to open an account with bangkok bank in the US. that said, it can be a bit of a hassle to open an account in thailand and may be easier to do if you already have one with bangkok bank in the USA.
  7. OP - now that you know you can get the non imm O issued in country, you need to focus on opening your thai bank account and getting the money transferred in. it isn't easy to open a bank account when you've entered the country with a visa exempt entry. it is easier if you enter with a tourist visa, but even then some have had problems. i opened mine with a tourist visa entry, a letter from the US embassy (in bangkok) stating my passport was legitimate, a copy of my rental agreement, along with a letter from my landlord stating my rental agreement was legitimate. i was able to open accounts at bangkok bank and krungthai bank (although i later closed the krungthai accts). i have two accounts at bangkok bank, one denominated in USD and one denominated in THB.
  8. i dream of the sandwiches back in the US. i'm still looking for a decent sandwich in BKK, subway is not very good. i got a meatball sandwich at firehouse soi 11 that was good. roadhouse bbq does a great brisket of beef sandwich. but never had a decent 'deli style' sandwich, sliced meats, veggies, etc...
  9. the new upload worked for me, thanks ubonjoe.
  10. i did the conversion from visa exempt entry to non imm O at chaeng wattana (CW) in bangkok (same process for tourist visa). not sure you plan to apply in bangkok. i attached a list of the requirements i got from ubonjoe here in TV a couple months ago when i started the process. i'm going next week to apply for the 12 month extension (got the non imm O in early march). you go to CW twice, drop of the paperwork first. then go back about two weeks later to see if you are approved and if so, you get the non imm O stamp. i didn't wait long either time i went. i was in/out in 20 minutes each time. DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED IN SUPPORT OF THE APPLICATION FOR VISA OR VISA STATUS ALTERATION (NON-O): FOR RETIREMENT PURPOSES. The application must be submitted at least 15 days before visa expiration and, in case of overstaying in Thailand, application could not be submitted. 1.1 Form TM.86 for the foreigner, who has Tourist and Transit Visa and applies for Visa Status Alteration and applies for non-immigrant visa; or 1.2 Form TM.87 for the foreigner, who enters into Thailand without visa, but is allowed to stay in Thailand with a permit of stay for a period of 15 day, 30 days, 90 days and applies for non-immigrant visa. A copy of passport pages (for example, personal information page, last entries stamp, visa sticker and extension stamp (if any) and departure card (Form TM.6)) Either one 4x6 cm photograph or one 2 inch size photograph Application fee of Baht 2,000 5.1 A guarantee letter from the bank in Thailand in Thai language (Attention: Immigration Commissioner)* 5.2 A copy of all entries of the applicant’s passbook showing that the applicant has a savings or fixed deposit account of not less than Baht 800,000* (all documents must be in the Applicant’s name). 5.3 Evidence of foreign currency fund transferred to Thailand* *(Documents under 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 must be issued and updated to be the same date of the Application and all documents must be in the Applicant’s name.)or A guarantee letter from the local or overseas Embassy or Consulate, proving the monthly pension of the Applicant not less than Baht 65,000 per month (together with reference documents showing the source of said monthly pension); or Evidence of deposited money under Clause 5 and evidence of income under Clause 6 (for one year) showing the total amount not less than Baht 800,000
  11. as they say, nothing is easy. i need the new TM7 form. for some reason, the link here does not work for me. of course, i have no problem getting the TM47 to download (the one i don't need !!!). any ideas ? i've tried the CW bangkok website but don't seem to be able to access with firefox or safari. don't have explorer.
  12. a friend and i were just discussing the food situation in BKK and HK. 20 yrs ago, i could only eat at a handful of places outside of hotels in these two cities. now, i can find a decent meal (usually western) all over the place. i don't mind the mexican food at la monita (emquartier). absolutely hate sunrise tacos. when i want a burger, i go to firehouse on soi 11. roadhouse BBQ on surawong is fantastic. i could eat dinner there every night. i also enjoy the places where you can cook your meat right at your table. there is one in jasmine city (gyu gyu tei). these are all 350-550 meals but well worth the price.
  13. you might consider 1989 hostel on soi 22. you can get a small room for 500thb/day but shared toilet facilities. i think they also have 6 bed dorms for 250/thb. not sure i'd recommend the dorm facility !! another spot is honey house 1(different than honey hotel mentioned above). you get your own room and toilet facilities for 800thb. a friend of mine got a weekly rate of 5,000 a few months ago.
  14. what are you saying here ? the airport link is probably the worst choice for an early morning run to the airport. by the time you are on the train, you could be on rama 9 in a taxi. plus when you get to the airport, a taxi drops you right at departures. unlike the train. the train is great for times of heavy traffic, which is most of the day !!, but not a good choice for early morning or late night. i'm not sure where you live but i have a rather unique situation being on soi 22. i can go three ways to the airport. the no toll option, via rama 9. tollway at sukhumvit soi 1 or tollway at rama 4. i've lived here for 10 yrs and made over 100 trips to suvarnabhumi. every single taxi i've taken has tried to get me to go soi 1 tollway entrance. sometimes i relent and let them take me that way just so i learn again about what a bad idea it was/is. it is amazing how many don't even know about the rama 4 entrance and going via bang na. they look at me like i have three heads when i tell them to go that way and forget about sukhumvit. it has nothing to do with saving the tollway money. it is all about the time it takes. and i almost always agree to a flat rate of 300 or 400thb. i rarely get a taxi willing to use the meter.
  15. if you are on sukhumvit, east of asoke, i think it makes more sense to go east on sukhumvit to ekkamai to rama 9 to airport. i'm on sukhumvit soi 22 and so many taxis want to take me west on sukhumvit to the tollway. by the time i get to the tollway and finally head east towards the airport, 10 minutes have passed (and that is with zero traffic). if headed east right away on sukhumvit, i'm on rama 9 in the same 10 minutes. the trip time is about the same for both but it doesn't feel right to go the opposite direction of my intended destination. i'm obviously in the minority as every taxi driver tries to go to the tollway. it is as if the route going east on sukhumvit doesn't exist. okay, that is my rant for the day.