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  1. this is a well written, accurate summary.
  2. here is the most applicable section (i did not 'bold' the text, that came from the article): In the House, Republicans can pass legislation with only their own members because of the size of their majority — and they did so Thursday night to advance a spending measure to keep the government open. However, a short-term spending bill fell short in the Senate, where Republicans have a narrow 51-49 majority so passing most legislation requires bipartisan support. Even if the whole party sticks together, they need at least nine Democrats to get on board. “If ordinary rules prevailed, the majority rules in the Senate, the government would be open as of today," Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said, when asked on CNN Sunday about Trump's call to change the rules. "It also responds to this constant criticism we hear – ‘Oh, you Republicans control the White House and the House and the Senate, why can’t you just fund the government?' " you'll see the word 'control' in the last sentence. and this republican is saying they don't control the senate as they need democratic votes to pass this. i'm neither a republican or a democrat. i didn't vote for trump. i like some of the ideas from the republican side and some from the democratic side.
  3. here is an article i saw earlier. it provides some explanation on the control thing. it is a bit of, yes, they do, oh wait, they don't, oh wait, they might. control means they can carry a vote with only their party. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/01/21/end-government-shutdown-trump-suggests-senate-use-nuclear-option/1051818001/
  4. good to have a fellow american in the discussion.
  5. i'm not getting into the 'blame game' on this one (suffice to say all three entities involved are somewhat of a disgrace). i only entered into the discussion to say that the republicans don't 'control' the senate in this particular vote as it requires 60 votes and they could only provide 51 yes votes. i think some media outlets have been throwing this 'control' comment around without a disclaimer - the reps don't have control in this case. it would be accurate if this was a simple majority vote. the republicans would have 'control' but might not be able to pass it. this was the case when they attempted to repeal and replace obamacare, they needed all the reps to vote but they couldn't get them (i think mccain and someone else voted against it)
  6. the senate process can be confusing. there is something called the 'nuclear option' where a 60 vote requirement is reduced to a simple majority vote, but i'm not sure if that can be used for this particular bill. and as you say, they might not get the votes they need from their own party anyway. they might have to make some changes in the spending bill to do that.
  7. it is confusing. they don't control the senate in all votes, like this one. as you say, if they have 'control' they wouldn't need the minority party votes. but they might go to this 'nuclear option' which was created to block stalemates. it is a bit of 'they do control, oh wait, they don't, oh wait, they might, we'll see'. and in the 'nuclear' part, they might not get the votes they need from their own party. i think senator rand paul refuses to vote for any bill that raises the debt. the article below, makes mention of this confusing 'control' thing. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/01/21/end-government-shutdown-trump-suggests-senate-use-nuclear-option/1051818001/
  8. as i noted before, i'm not an expert. you can google it, it is complicated. most of the international coverage of US politics focuses on the president and not so much the two houses of congress (unless there is a shutdown type thing like this). so foreigners might not have much exposure to it. the senate hasn't been able to collect 60 votes on many matters in recent times, so they use methods that require only 51 to pass what they can. as a result, recent polls of the american public give the two houses of congress an approval rating of 10%. edit: you'll note that approval rating is below trump's rating. that says alot !!!
  9. lack of knowledge on the american system.
  10. that used to be the case in nearly all votes in the senate, at one time it was 2/3rds and then that was reduced to 60. and then it was reduced to 50 for most votes. there were so many filibusters and such that it was a total disgrace to all members of the senate. so once they got it down to 50, one party or the other might finally be able to pass something. said another way, it was impossible for them to work together !!! i'm not an expert but i know the basics. google it if you want more info. i assume you are not american ?
  11. that applies to 99% of the votes that are made so that is how the term is often used and it is correct, they control the senate in nearly all cases. but in this case they don't as they can't win a vote of 60 with only 51. control means they can win any vote as long as they all vote together. are you an american ?
  12. i believe it was 4 reps that said no and 5 dems that said yes. if i recall correctly, the 5 the dems that voted yes, are up for re-election this year in districts which trump won during his election. kind of interesting....
  13. when i bought the emirates ticket, i was able to cancel it a week later via their website. it never appeared on my credit card statement so they process the refund fairly quick. i thought my statement would show a charge and then a refund, but it didn't show anything at all. as if the transaction never happened.
  14. the republicans don't control the senate when the vote requires 60 yes votes (a requirement for certain spending bills). it is amazing how many media outlets i've seen reporting this same statement about 'controlling'.
  15. head on down to the police station and file a complaint.