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  1. right, that is how i went about my discussion with them. i knew i'd followed the general rules and had left every 30 days, and i only made one same day in/out visa run. i remember talking about retiring from my job and explaining that. but the topic of home country visits never came up. glad to hear you passed your interview !!
  2. i often use tv air bookings (in this case 'tv' does not refer to thai visa !). you can call them at 02 664 8500. they have an office in the emporium shopping mall. you can reserve a ticket via phone and then follow up with a cash payment.
  3. it seems like someone with this profile is going to get taken aside for an interview at some point (assuming they are using tourist visas). i don't know if it is year 1, 2, or 3 of playing the 'game'. i know you and i both had to deal with the under 50 issue and use tourist visas, etc.. to allow more long term stays. i was interviewed around year 4 (6 years ago), pulled aside due to too many visa exempt entries. i had never used a tourist visa, back in those days, most of my friends were on overstay and paid 20,000thb when they left. it was their typical routine. but i was never pulled aside again, and i wondered at times if the supervisor put something in my record that helped me. i don't know if this is too personal a question but have you been through an interview ? and maybe another question to the larger audience, has anyone been interviewed twice ? and then another question would be does your travel history help you during the interview ? will multiple SETVs from your home country give you an edge over multiple SETVs from neighboring countries ? it is really a two level test of sorts, first you have to pass the intial IO and then, if that fails, you have to pass the supervisor.
  4. during your visit to your home country, you obtain an SETV issued at the local thai consulate/embassy. then when the IO is processing your entry, he/she will see that the visa was issued in your home counry rather than in a nearby country. i'm from USA and had success staying long term in thailand by going to USA, coming back with an SETV, (+ext) then leaving for two weeks to a nearby country, returning with a visa exempt entry+extension. then repeat, go back home (stay at least a month), get the SETV, etc... i also made other side trips during the vailidity of the stay under the SETV via re-entry permits (this was done to avoid piling up visa exempt entries). and during the last 18 months or so of my doing this, i also carried 20,000thb and bought 'throw away' tickets showing onward travel from thailand. i recently turned 50 so i'm on the extension of stay retirement now. edit - and each time you come back to thailand, the IO pages through your passport and sees SETVs issued from your country which means you've been back home on a regular basis. so they really see multiple trips, not just one (other than the first one of course).
  5. the fact that he was outside thailand for so long makes this 'case' for us TV detectives quite fascinating. he obviously said something during his interview that got him the denial. he did not know about the visa exempt risk. did he know about not being able to work in thailand ? maybe he will say something on his FB account when he gets home (sounds like kansas is home). according to the FB account, he could not pay the 750 charge for the stay in detention (the paypal collection discussion talked about needing to pay that also). that does not mean he is broke. maybe he could not access his funds for some reason. but it appears that he arrived with no atm card, no cash, no credit card. it is hard to believe, how does he leave the airport ?
  6. you need the following (someone help me out if i've missed something): TM7 form photo copy of passport pages (personal info page, entry stamp page, visa page) copy of TM6 (your arrival/departure card) it is a standard process. very rare for someone to be refused. some offices are busier than others so not sure how long it might take.
  7. i was denied an SETV at the thai consulate in hong kong due to that 'rule'. not sure if it was a real one or not. that was long time ago, 6 or 7 years i think. since then the HK consulate has been reported to be more friendly. i wonder if the consulate in singapore has remained unfriendly.
  8. is 26 july the end of your initial 60 day entry ? or did you already get the 30 day extension at your local immigration office ? (effectively giving you 90 days in country). if you've already got the extension, sounds like you need to go to laos and get a new tourist visa from a thai consulate there. edit: by the way, i commend the OP for not using the usual 'i have friend who'
  9. i quoted someone else so i can't say for sure the context of his conversation with the IO. today there is a report (on this site) of someone being denied entry and he came from his home country (i'm not sure how long he was out of thailand). but he was denied entry and it appears it was due to too many visa exempt entries. he didn't get a tourist visa while at home.
  10. this sounds like the 6 visa exempt entry 'red flag' that has been going on for years (as opposed to the more recent stops when people have tourist visas but no 20,000thb on person). and then he failed the interview with immigration. i used the GF's facebook login stuff to see what was on his page. he seems to have some history here in thailand but didn't know about the visa exempt entry risk. the facebook page indicates they have arranged a ticket ($1,400) back to USA but don't have the funds to pay for it (there is a comment saying the immigration is forcing him to go back to USA, not a neighboring country). a girlfriend/farang lady has provided a link to her paypal account so his friends can loan him some money to get back.
  11. this is from the OP of the 'entry denied bangkok airport': I'm the OP of this thread and would like to share the end of the story and give some more details. - The final report by the officer says: I had to many entries and long time I didn't went back to my home country and that raises speculation of working in Thailand.
  12. the transit area cannot be accessed by those arriving and planning to enter thailand. it is only for those departing from thailand or those who are using a connecting flight to their final destination. there are no ATMs on the arrival level prior to immigration (i've walked it twice looking for them). there are currecy exchange booths, i do not know if you can use a credit card to get a cash advance at these. maybe. edit - i've used the SCB ATM to get USD before and then lost it at the vietnamese casinos !!!
  13. thanks again for the additional info. very helpful.
  14. thank you for the info. i've been through quite a few 'holding pattern' moves, this sure felt different. i guess this pilot liked to give it a little extra gas on his maneuvers.
  15. i won't carry on any further but i do appreciate your effort to provide a response (and one that is more than a four letter word !!!).