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  1. Seems like the norm now is make a house visit shortly after an extension. Happened to me, mid Sept did my extension and they booked a visit for 2 weeks later, turned up, took a couple of photos with IO, me and house number, looked at passport, I signed a form and off they went.
  2. Andrew Dwyer


    I had one of those, I don’t recommend it , it was a real pain in the arse !!
  3. PM Sanuk , he can maybe help you out, I know he did have invites before that he offered people.
  4. Andrew Dwyer

    Airline Information And Flight Deals For Expats

    Damn and I thought I had lost some weight [emoji20]
  5. Andrew Dwyer

    Cheese, Anyone?

    I certainly aim to sample a couple of cheeses on my forthcoming trip !, but I usually walk quite a bit on my visits ( my dads and daughters dogs get plenty of exercise when I’m over) and do seem to lose a bit of weight myself. The problem is coming back over here with a suitcase full of cheese and very little walking !! Will have to increase my cycling !
  6. Andrew Dwyer

    Cheese, Anyone?

    Well it was definitely Wallaces favourite, not sure about Gromit though. I think most dogs will eat any cheese but, one made out of plasticine ? Not sure there ! But we could always start a new thread about it [emoji51] Some interesting info cropped up while i was searching for your answer.......... prepare yourself !! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/6510626/Wallace-and-Gromit-star-Peter-Sallis-confesses-he-cant-stand-Wensleydale-cheese.html
  7. It’s called Narcos UK on My5 ( channel 5 player ).
  8. Nice piece, think you summed it up ! Could add : One hand on your wallet, another on your phone but keeping your loose change for the blind singer in the market . Provocative schoolgirls in tight tops and short skirts buying sweet milky drinks ( forgot the tea ? ) from weatherbeaten old faces for 20 baht. Enjoying the beautiful countryside for free or paying big money to enter an unkempt rundown park ! Going with the flow and accepting the laid back exciting country or complaining about “ how it’s not like back home “ !! Thailand is the ultimate contradiction, you can love it and hate it in the same day .
  9. Andrew Dwyer

    "Jeb, Jeb, Jeb, Jeb" when gently probing her ...

    Coconut oil works for me....er..for her ! For both of us actually [emoji51]