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  1. Flowers!

    Wat Yai Chaimongkol, Ayutthaya . If you're ever nearby, worth a visit, there's a row of about 8 of them. Some fine work indeed !!
  2. Another great read, many thanks Rooster !
  3. Where did you get this ? Viz ?
  4. Flowers!

    Thanks Ron, they're truly amazing and don't appear to be real at the first glance. Someone put some time and love into their work !!
  5. No CD Player.

    The advantage of the iPod is that you can store all your music on there and search through it easily to find music while on the go, create a playlist, or play randomly. I also have podcasts on mine, with comedy, or Thai language. Plus it can come in handy at those long layovers in airports. The old classic iPod is a bit outdated but the iPod touch does everything an iPhone does except for make phone calls. Of course if you have an iPhone with a large storage ( 128 or even 256 gb ) you could eliminate the iPod.
  6. August 2017 Photography Competition

    Amphoe Na Yai Am, Chanthaburi
  7. RIP Brucie ! He brought a lot of happiness to so many people over a very long time, not many others have that claim to fame ! I grew up with The Generation Game , as corny as it was Bruce made it watchable. Never really liked the Play your cards right but then again, Bruce's quips and quick wit turned it into a success. He had so many strings to his bow, just his dancing ability later on in life was remarkable. Condolences to his family and friends .
  8. August 2017 Photography Competition

    Wat Yai Chaimongkol , Ayutthaya
  9. Flowers!

    Not sure what these are called but they are beautiful !!
  10. No CD Player.

    I had an iPod that was on its last legs, bought an iPod touch 6 and dumped everything on it, created a few " road trip " playlists or put it on random, it lives in the car now, unless I want to download load some stuff to it. It's 128 gb with about 95 gb of music on . My Honda Jazz has a cd player and gf bought a " latest hits " cd from the local market, guess she was getting sick of my 70's and 80's stuff !! She eventually got sick of her cd and gave it to her brother, back to Free, Floyd , Zep and the rest [emoji3]