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  1. Getting rid of Pigeons.

    Spotted this in the UK so gonna give it a go in LOS If I can get it back in one piece !!
  2. That’s great and I’m all for it but I just wonder if there’s any tagging being done to monitor which have been vaccinated or is a question of grabbing as many dogs and cats as possible and hopefully catching them all ? Obviously it’s a mammoth task that they are undertaking but surely something as simple as a blob of green or purple paint on the head of the animal would reduce repeat vaccinations and identify at a glance any that have been missed ! Maybe I’m overthinking this and should just be happy that some action is being taken ?
  3. The new Lethal Weapon movie needs a revamp me thinks !!
  4. Maybe the government should buy all soi dogs an airline ticket on United and let the staff do the rest !! https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/dog-dies-on-united-airlines-flight-after-being-forced-into-overhead-bin-10041658?cid=amobee_cna-digital-campaign_th_social-paid-th-dogdies_14032018_channelnewsasia
  5. Struggling to find the final part of Strike - Career of evil . Someone point me in the right direction please !
  6. Maybe you accidentally said “ I’m gannin’ on the hoy like “ ?
  7. My older brother introduced me to some great music, Purple, Zep, Free etc etc but also some not so mainstream stuff: Roy Harper, Little River Band, Camel and ..............
  8. Told me I am from Yorkshire............ and I am !! Maybe it was the ferret down my trousers that gave it away?