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  1. Black Country, similar to Brummie !!
  2. I went on to the website and downloaded the User Manual after my previous post . But thanks anyway UbonJoe , as always on the ball . [emoji846]
  3. How many days in advance can you do the 90 day online report ? I arrived 21/02/2017 so is due 21/05/2017 ( if I added it up right ), but would like to try the online reporting at my earliest opportunity . Thanks.
  4. But to get back on topic here is Boo , my Dad's Shitzu-Pug helping me pack ( not ! ) a couple of months ago .
  5. Marmite and Vegemite are both yeast extract I believe, Bovril is beef extract and the only one I eat , Vegemite I tried one time when in Oz and found it very salty. Bovril on toast and a brew set me up for the day [emoji4]
  6. Likewise at Pathum Thani for me too. 500 baht for a residence certificate ( for DL ) but they did take my money with a smile [emoji51]
  7. Face up on the bed , hope he didn't suffer , 81 years old, he had a good innings !! RIP Rolf
  8. Following on with: Genesis - Driving the last spike. Love this song.
  9. Every time I make a new appointment and he asks me what time I want to say 2.30 [emoji51] I hope it's over soon I don't know how long I can resist . [emoji51]