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  1. Just watched the first 4 episodes only for the reason that i grew up 40 minutes from Holbeck but these programs are addictive ( pun intended ) and I will watch the rest to see how the “ girls “ turn out. Very unlikely that there will be any happy endings ( sorry [emoji52] ) in these girls lives, they all have a similar story: their kids taken into care or staying with parents, jail time, sofa hopping, turning tricks, shoplifting, doing crack/ heroin...............rinse and repeat !!
  2. Prepare to feel the wrath!

    Last time they beat ‘em was 1952 Go Terriers !!
  3. Prepare to feel the wrath!

    Last time they beat ‘em was 1952 Go Terriers !!
  4. OP: A photo of your so called “ retirement visa “ would enable people to understand fully what you need.
  5. Windows 10 Update to 1709

    A lot of “ under the radar “ changes, here are some you might use . https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.cnet.com/uk/google-amp/news/windows-10-fall-creators-update-the-10-best-new-features/
  6. “ Aww look he’s puckering just for us “ !
  7. Windows 10 Update to 1709

    Well, it took a while but finally all sorted, as stated above it restarted several times but now ok. Time to start finding out what all the fuss is about !
  8. Windows 10 Update to 1709

    Started to download the update about 50 minutes ago, it’s been stuck at 63% for the last 30 [emoji35]
  9. Watching “ Further back in time for dinner “ A British family embark on a time traveling adventure to various eras. Tonight it’s 1900. A program showing how food we eat has transformed the way we live today. Tonight’s episode shows how a typical middle class family followed the trends of the rich and famous. Have to feel sorry for the maid , who, has to work her fingers to the bone cooking and cleaning for the wannabe rich family !
  10. Cats & Dogs

    I cannot since the update ( should be called downdate ! )
  11. Meet the 14-strong De Silva family who ALL have six fingers and toes

    I worked ( and lived ) in Brazil for many years and early on I encountered a work colleague with 6 fingers on each hand ( not sure about his toes ). I did find it a little unnerving at first but afterwards got used to it and the guy became a friend. But, I also encountered a waiter who served me food in a restaurant in Recreio dos Bandeirantes RJ who had an extra “ pinkie “ on both hands !! Kinda spoiled my meal !!
  12. “ Coastal Path “ is about Paul Rose ( explorer ) walking the 630 miles of the South West Coast Path ( of England ). Beautiful scenery, some great history and on the way he meets some interesting people. Highly recommend. Episode 1 ( of 5 ) shown on BBC 2 last night but this is rerun from 2016 so you can maybe find all episodes.
  13. Very ‘eavy very umble had some great tracks !! Here’s one ! Dreammare