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  1. They were both great ! A firm favourite on the telly in the seventies despite that hair and those sideburns !!
  2. Of course it is possible, this woman drove a car and rode a motorcycle whilst sleeping ! http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-42267790 But, doing something in your regular routine while asleep is quite feasible !! This guy looks more like he’s under the influence of something rather than asleep !! Just an opportunist thief IMO .
  3. Alan and Georgie doing one of their many duets , seems like they were never off the telly in those days ! Of course, having a regular spot on Morecambe and Wise never hurt anyone’s career [emoji51]
  4. Who remembers Alan Price surely remembers Georgie Fame ?
  5. Another one from Alan Price. https://youtu.be/tlMjSESoz9A
  6. Yes, unfortunately it takes a physical appearance at the Immigration Office to find out what their requirements actually are !! I bit the bullet and went to my IO ( Ayutthaya ) armed with all the paperwork for a TM30 after returning from o/seas in November only to be waved away and told that “ some immigration offices require that, we don’t here “ [emoji846] NOTE: I had already filed a TM30 at this IO when I moved here 6 months ago .
  7. It's the Socks and Sandals Thread

    Saw this farang in the local Tesco Lotus, I didn’t notice if he was wearing socks and sandals or not my attention was taken by his partner ! What was she thinking at 1 o’clock in the afternoon !!
  8. Thai funeral customs.

    I just went out for my usual 5.15 pm bicycle ride and along the way my gf spotted a one baht coin on the roadside, then another, then another, 10 in total over a 3km stretch of road . We then turned into Wat Sutrujiraram ( our usual route towards the rice fields ) and saw many cars and heard the music consistent with Thai funerals. We were both wondering why so many coins dropped on the roadside and then it clicked when we heard the funeral music.