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  1. Andrew Dwyer

    Street dogs coming at me!

    I bought mine at the Night market on Changklan road, I think I paid 350 baht ( they start off up to 500 ). A few of the stalls sell them.
  2. Andrew Dwyer

    Street dogs coming at me!

    I got bit riding my bicycle near home so I bought a tactical baton ( stainless extending stick) and as it comes with a pouch i tied it on the bicycle. Snapped it out a couple of times to scare dogs off but never actually made contact with one . It’s quite heavy and after a while the pouch fell apart ( i ride 15 to 20 km a day ) so back in the uk I bought a plastic one , same thing only in a heavy duty plastic with a weighted tip ( added some washers to make it easier to snap out ). Again have drawn it out a couple of times but never had to actually hit anything, just waving it around seems to do the trick. The steel one is in the car now, ideal for if we go anywhere with monkeys ( vicious buggers ) , well that’s my story if the cops find it anyway [emoji51]
  3. Andrew Dwyer

    Images From Around The World

    Salts Mill , Saltaire , West Yorkshire Built by Sir Titus Salt who also built a small village ( Saltaire) for his workers. The terraced houses are much sought after despite the fact that the the village is listed and no alterations can be done to the small dwellings straying from the original design. The village contains a park and a chapel, selling of alcohol is prohibited in the village boundaries. Part of Saltaire village can be seen to the right of the mill. The mill closed in 1986 and is now split between an art gallery, a shopping area, a restaurant complex and several flats overlooking the canal.
  4. Another great read Rooster , particularly like the Bunbury !! Although your sermons always leave me with a smile on my face, today was different !, but through no fault of yours. The James Bulger incident brought back floods of sad memories. My son Jamie was two years old at the time of the killing and the feeling that it could have been him was overwhelming !! Didn’t let him out of my sight for a long time after that fateful day !!
  5. Back on topic. Here’s another great sax number from the 70’s, one of my favourites.