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  1. Andrew Dwyer

    World Cup predictions.

    Very pleased to see Mexico get off to a great start, one of the teams which deserve to win the WC ( IMHO ). A great team of experienced players who all play with passion and , are no doubt, spurred on by their fanatical fans !! Their matches are always exciting and watching them fend off the Germans attack in the last 20 minutes was edge of the seat stuff !! Not a prediction, just hoping ! Viva Mexico [emoji1166] !!!
  2. Another from the extensive ( and excellent ) blues catalogue of Free !!
  3. And that Ladies and Gentlemen is a prime example of “ what’s wrong with you foreigners “ [emoji51]
  4. I’m sure it was something innocuous, something trivial, but just made me a little miffed !! I think the “ friendships “ we make on TVF are as deep as I want to go. Maybe I could be classified as antisocial but I spent 25 years “on the road “ and often I would work with a colleague all day and then have to socialise in the evening too !, don’t get me wrong I had a ball and made many lasting friendships but sometimes I just want a bit of me time !! OMG I think I am an antisocial old fart !! So be it !!
  5. Invite Netjunkie over to test the dog out !! Don’t forget to starve the dog for a couple of days beforehand !!
  6. Thanks Rooster, another pleasurable read as I lay on the sofa regretting eating so much for lunch............. again !!
  7. On the odd occasions I converse with a farang it is usually a casual “ watcha” or “ hey “ or just a nod of the head, which is fine. I have had longer conversations than this [emoji51], but any conversation that turns into a list of things they’ve done or places they’ve been then I usually cut short the conversation with an excuse and go on my way. If they perceive that I am not interested in their “ oneupmanship “ no problem ! A few months ago I encountered a farang ( we were both on bicycles in the local soi, I was with my gf ) and we exchanged names, hometowns in the uk and length of time in LOS. It was a short but pleasant conversation with a fellow Brit and as I stated that I knew the house he lived in he invited me to call in for a beer sometime to which I accepted although I had no intention of doing so. A couple of weeks later he passed me on the back of his wife’s mc and blanked me ( turned his head to the other side as he passed ). A couple of weeks later as I was in my car waiting for the gf in the 7/11 I saw him approaching on foot, I gave him the benefit of doubt and as he drew level I dropped the window and gave him a friendly “ watcha “ ! He seemed surprised and just said “hey” but carried on, but then tried to engage my gf in conversation as she walked back to the car . Made me wonder what was the guys motive for trying to appear friendly on the first meeting !!
  8. Hull ! I went there once, to the Thai consulate ! My parents went there once also, going from Leeds to London and missed the turn for M1 from M62 !! True story !! Okay then !!, continuing with the Hull theme, here’s a lovely ditty penned by Florence Welsh, Paul Epworth and Tom HULL [emoji51]
  9. Okay, just did a quick test and they all play on thaivisa.com ( albeit with a lot of buffering due to my cheap skate AIS package) but not all on Connect app, so seems like Connect is the problem. They maybe okay at home on my WiFi, will check later. Sorry for the diversion, back to the music people !! Here’s something by way of an apology ( if you’re into that sort of thing [emoji51])
  10. Not in BKK , just up the road in Navanakorn. I get this from time to time and always wondered the reason. No video will play for me on Tapatalk app but usually Connect is okay ( on Connect now )
  11. Getting a “ this video is unavailable “ message on most of these posts Tippaporn !3 out of 5 won’t play .Why would that be ??
  12. This could start a trend !! Posting a song about your hometown !! I already posted Smokie’s Back to Bradford ( which was bad enough ! ) but feel I have to inflict more pain on you by posting this !! I apologise in advance. If you made it to 0.15 you would catch a glimpse of Bradford Jesus !, a very popular character in my childhood.
  13. On 14th June 1995 we lost this fella from complications after a liver transplant. If you get the chance watch the video Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour ‘74 ! Here’s one of my favourites from the video - A million miles away. Enjoy !!