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  1. Let me assist using mine as an example: Mine was issued 17 October 2016 and I have to enter before 16 October 2017 to activate the visa, this is also the date my visa expires. Between these dates I can come and go as I please with no re-entry permit required. Each time I enter I will get an entry stamp for 1 year ( - 1 day ) in the future. I came back to Thailand yesterday and you can see my stamp 21 Jun 2017 - Admit until 20/06/2018 So, in my case, i can stay in Thailand until 20/06/2018. BUT: I need to use a re-entry permit after 16 October 2017 when my visa expires and I am on permission to stay. Then on, or before, 20/06/2018 I need an extension of my permission to stay. I will have 1 year and 8 months from a 1 year visa, if I re-enter before 16 October 2017 it will effectively become 2 years. BUT IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: 1st year is a multi entry visa. 2nd year is permission to stay and requires re-entry permits.
  2. RIP Michel Wonder if the rental company can trace the cars movements since the poor fella died ? or does " and saw it had not moved for two days " mean they could only check the last two days for movement ?? Either way the police have some investigating ( or guessing) to do !
  3. Have read a few reviews about this phone and is proving difficult to fault it ! It's main strength is the price against Apple and Samsung with similar specs. I've got an iPhone 7 Plus so no real need for me to change but when my phone becomes out of date ( I know, shortly after it was launched I hear you say !! ), I will take a look at One Plus . For a company only 4 years old they are making some remarkable advances .
  4. RIP Brian Another part of my childhood memories gone to the big Play School in the sky !! [emoji20]
  5. Heard this on radio 2 today, had to look for the video. Good tune. ! Strawbs - Lay down
  6. I went last year and thoroughly enjoyed it ( stayed with friends at their parents so cannot comment on Hotels). According to this blog: it is on 19-20 July.
  7. A fashion icon ?
  8. I was close with Savoury and his Uncle Ben ?
  9. You could turn this to your advantage ! Suggest a threesome ! you, her and her gf !!
  10. Anybody any experience with this box ? Either good or bad ? Thanks in advance .
  11. On this day
  12. The latest fad ?? Last month was submarines !! Next month ?? Starship Enterprise ??
  13. Sharpened coins