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    Access to Gmail accounts

    IF, you are using "Microsoft Windows" check this site. Thunderbird review. If you are using Linux it is even easier. I personally manage up to 10 email addresses on the one interface and I can let "Gmail" handle all "sent" email by default OR can choose - to send - my emails that belong to my own domain with one additional click of the mouse. LOTS of flexibility, benefits, security and it's FREE Good Luck
  2. BB1958

    Prozac For Sleeping Problem?

    For somewhat of a balanced approach to the issue - this could prove usefull https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/insomnia/ Within there are many videos on topic - this is a FACT based site not anecdotal... Good luck for both you and your wife
  3. Of MUCH lesser importance than the MONEY, is of course the death toll, which currently stands at 387 human beings. See DEATH TOLL Link
  4. Thank you for taking the time to educate me
  5. I do not do things your way, I do them the intelligent way...
  6. With hope, Ricken, Emma, Rewan, Joseph, Morgan, Spyro, Flora and the whole Avaaz team Dear friends, It’s now shockingly clear that Donald Trump is Putin’s poodle. But we need the world to understand why, before it’s too late… Trump's businesses went bankrupt so many times in the 1990s that many legitimate banks wouldn’t lend to him anymore. He turned to Russian oligarchs -- Putin’s ruling clique -- to bankroll his projects, and launder their dirty money for them. This was, and continues to be, a huge part of his business. He’s a Russian money launderer. "We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia." Donald Trump JR, 2014 This isn’t speculation or hyperbole. There's mountains of evidence. Trump’s former election campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort, has deep ties to Russian oligarchs, and is currently in jail awaiting trial on, among other charges, money laundering! Here are 5 more top facts everyone should know about Trump's long collusion with Russian organised criminals -- forward this email and share it on Facebook -- we all deserve to know the truth: 1 Trump’s main financial backer for the Trump Tower Toronto was a Russian-Canadian billionaire who got the money by selling a massive steel mill in Ukraine for nearly a billion dollars. $100 million of that money was paid to a Kremlin-backed fixer, likely as a bribe to VERY high Russian officials. The Chairman of the Bank who financed the deal? Vladimir Putin. 2 Trump bought his home in Palm Beach, Florida for $41 million. A few years later, with no real increase in the value -- he sold it for $95 million -- the most expensive home in America at the time! Why? A major Russian oligarch bought it -- we don’t know yet why he effectively ‘gave’ Trump $54 million. But it’s classic money laundering practice. 3 Trump's real estate deals were often fuelled by Russian money, typically passed through shady shell companies. 77% of Trump Soho apartments were bought with cash by such mysterious companies. At least 13 people with links to Russian oligarchs or mobsters lived in Trump properties, including one of Russia's top mobsters. One even ran a high-stakes illegal gambling ring in the apartment right below Trump's! "Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets" Donald Trump JR, 2008 4 Trump’s financial broker and “Senior Advisor” was a Russian convicted felon named Felix Sater, widely known as a mafia figure who once stabbed someone in the face with a broken margarita glass, requiring over 100 stitches. Sater helped set up shell companies, and arranged funding for Trump’s projects, including plans for Trump Tower Moscow. He’s also part of Putin’s inner circle. Here’s one email he wrote to Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen in November, 2015: "Michael I arranged for Ivanka to sit in Putins private chair at his desk and office in the Kremlin. I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected. We both know no one else knows how to pull this off without stupidity or greed getting in the way. I know how to play it and we will get this done. Buddy our boy can become President of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this, I will." New York Times, August 27, 2017 5 Trump’s other main business is casinos -- which are classic money laundering vehicles. One of his casinos was 100 times found in violation of federal rules protecting against money laundering, and paid the largest fine ever levied against a casino for having “willfully violated” anti-money laundering rules. Trump has a legal obligation to do “due diligence” for all his businesses to prevent laundering. His senior executive’s comment on this was “Donald doesn’t do diligence”. The Big Picture Putin is a former KGB officer who has used chemical weapons, assassinated people in other countries, invaded the Ukraine, occupied Crimea, shot down the MH17 airliner with almost 300 passengers on board, aided a murderous regime in Syria, condoned the beating and torture of gays, stolen up to $200 billion from his own people, hacked foreign elections and launched what NATO calls the largest hybrid warfare campaign in history to undermine western liberal democracies. He is also widely believed to have ordered the murder of Russian journalists and critics, and bombed hundreds of Russian civilians to fake a terrorist attack and justify a war in Chechnya. Yet when asked at their press conference if Trump had any criticism of Putin, he had none, and ridiculed US law enforcement for investigating Russian attacks on US democracy! Why? Trump has been working for Putin's corrupt inner circle for almost 20 years. And it's that corrupt circle that promises to make him rich for the next 20 (he's refused, in violation of all ethics, to divest from his businesses as President). Trump *may* be a Russian intelligence asset, he *may* have colluded with Putin to sabotage the US election. But what is clear is that he is a corrupt Russian money launderer, in the pocket of a KGB dictator. The whole world needs to know this, and rally together to prevent the damage this corrupt alliance threatens. Share this email with everyone…
  7. BB1958

    Rescuers begin evacuation of 'Tham Luang 13'

    I do not think there is any "malice" intended by those wanting regular updates, however, I must agree 100% with your post, despite me also wanting to know.
  8. I suspect your right, if they did permit the people to comment on the second amendment exclusively, I suspect there would be radical changes. They will argue that you get your chance to have your say when you vote for your president/representative.
  9. Something needs to "give" here in the USA, peoples lives and the horrors that those left behind, endure. I am personally deeply saddened when I hear of these killings. If it were up to me: ONE: I would scrap the constitution of the USA! Now before people become incandescent with rage or accuse me of click bait, etc.. Britain, Israel, New Zealand, et al. Function very well, as robust democracies without constitutions. USA, has a reasonably robust commitment to the rule of law, with precedents going back centuries. TWO: I would enshrine - in law - REFERENDUMS. Give back power to the people, in turn remove it from the rich & powerful. A global study of those (democratic) countries could be adapted to the USA. I realise it would be hard, given the USA constitution has become almost "biblical". (Due to indoctrination by the wealthy dynasties??) NOTHING I can say to those deceased OR their families, except my heart goes out to you all...
  10. Yes mate, in a VERY civil manner, it try's to offer a debating point. Integrating people, whose cultures & traditions are diametrically opposed to their host country, rarely has a good outcome. If we could find ways of helping them in their homeland(s), the casualties would be restricted to arms manufactures and other "global elites" It too would reduce Chinese influence, as they tend to fully support those countries that are run by dictators, tortures, Junta's, fascists and any other form of distasteful government. Removing those governments is not easy either - For example, the US will NEVER succeed in North Korea, the Chinese (Govt.. Not the people) will make certain of that. One day the beautiful Chinese people, will emerge as a democratic nation, we will have MUCH more of a chance when this happens.
  11. I too find that point hard to understand. How North Korea can survive THREE dictators, YET more than 1 Trillion dollars are spent on Iraq(SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Financial_cost_of_the_Iraq_War) On this same page, it adds up the cost of both Iraq & Afghanistan = 2.4 Trillion Dollars. Mind-boggling. The US endured a crippling recession and I am sure these wars contributed immensely (I have no source it is purely conjecture). The US people should not have suffered this recent recession - it cost many lives. Sweden is the focus here, but as other posters have mentioned it could be US, UK, Australia, etc.. Could even be Thailand in it's own unique way. There ARE answers out there, we need to fix this as a "species" and not as a "tribe".
  12. Or assisting them in their own societies. It will cost us; removing the likes o Idi Amin, Robert Mugabie and the may muslim dictators, Junta's and the like. If people are free in their own societies - they will grow at their own pace.
  13. We are not helping "economic" migrants importing them into ANY country. Please do not take that statement as meaning they do not need help. THEY DO and WE SHOULD HELP THEM!!! Please watch this and decide for yourself..... It will only take about 6 minutes to watch. The internet HAS counterarguments - I have read them and NOT found them compelling ..
  14. Mate you have heard the argument, "You cannot argue with ........... it takes you down to their level - and they are experts" ... Guess I am guilty too? When presented with a person who has a particular "thing" in their head - such as a view on what race IS. Explaining to those who barely function intellectually, that they insult the science of anthropology, is rather pointless. Best we both move on mate... He/she will just try and convince you "Mexicans" are a race and a brown skinned one at that.