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  1. WASHINGTON: The Trump administration has dramatically ramped up drone strikes on Pakistan in the past week after the rescue of a Canadian-American couple and their three children, purportedly with Islamabad's help. High-intensity and frequent strikes -- of the kind not seen since 2010, when they averaged two a week -- have resumed, amid signs that things are not all hunky-dory between the two countries despite both sides talking nice on the rescue issue.Half a dozen drone strikes have rained missiles in Pakistan's Kurram Agency following the rather shady "rescue" of the Canadian-American couple by the Pakistani military, which initially claimed that they were freed after a firefight with Taliban when they were being transported across the Pak-Afghan border. The "rescue" was reportedly based on US intelligence inputs, resulting in the interception of the vehicle on the Pakistani side of the border, and culminating in a clash in which all the hostage-takers were conveniently either reported killed or escaped.But the Trump administration embarrassed Islamabad by publicly calling out Pakistan's lies, with both Vice President Mike Pence and CIA Director Mike Pompeo saying the couple (and their three children) was being held in Pakistan, and not Afghanistan. "The Vice President thanked (Pakistan's Prime Minister) Abbasi for his government's assistance in recovering US and Canadian hostages that were being held captive by the Haqqani Taliban Network in the tribal areas of Pakistan," a White House readout of Pence's call to the Pakistani leader said.There was no mention of Afghanistan or their crossing the border into Pakistan, and CIA director Mike Pompeo, too, confirmed the hostages were being held inside Pakistan, while demanding that Pakistan deny safe havens to the Taliban.There was also an ominous note in the Pence readout. "Vice President Pence noted this effort as an important development in Pakistan's support to the US strategy against terrorism in the region, but highlighted that cooperation against militant groups must be continued and sustained," it said. "Just as he did during the meeting the two had in New York last month, the Vice President again discussed ways that Pakistan could work with the United States and others to bolster stability and security for all in South Asia."The US media had expressed skepticism about the rescue story dished out by the Pakistani military, given its long and close ties with the Haqqani network, which is alleged to have kept the Canadian-American couple hostage for more than five years. One explanation for their "rescue" soon after the return from U.S of Pakistan's Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif was the ultimate he received in Washington, following up on the blunt warning issued by the President and his senior advisors that the time had come for punitive action against Islamabad.
  2. China has territorial disputes with every single land or maritime neighbour, and even some who are not direct neighbours, due to an insatiable greed for more. It never stops. They started by gobbling up Tibet in the 1950s, and it hasn't ended by a long shot. As for Pakistan, for years they've been milking the US for billions of dollars pretending to be their allies in fighting terrorism, while doing the exact opposite. Despite many cautionary voices in previous administrations, who were overlooked as the US had no choice but to use Pakistani territory and logistics bases, it has now finally been accepted that Pakistan can never be an ally. India, with its democratic (albeit with some flaws) traditions, secular and all-absorbing nature (disregard a few fringe elements in a nation of 1.3 billion), educated English speaking workforce, is a natural ally of the US.
  3. Negative. Credit cards are available to non-Thais. I have one, and I'm not married to a Thai either. BBL will take a deposit of say 50,000 baht from you, put a lien on it, as you're a foreigner. That's now your spending limit. This is NOT a debit card. It works like a credit card, you have around 45 days to pay the bill, just like other credit cards in all countries, and you ern points on your spends.
  4. I have been told at Chaeng Wattana that you must apply for the extension between 15 and 45 days from your permission end date, and then get a multiple re-entry for another year. So you pay 1900 baht for the extension then 3800 baht for the multiple re-entry for another year.
  5. Need new ceiling Fans - Mitsubishi vs. Hatari

    When the HomePro guys come to install the Mitsubishi fans, they'll have the brackets which will clamp on to the grid above the false gypsum ceiling.
  6. Need new ceiling Fans - Mitsubishi vs. Hatari

    I recently bought Mitsubishi ceiling fans for 3500 baht each at Home Pro. Installation is 1350 baht per fan. Much better than Hatari. Don't go for the models with decorative lights and all that jazz - they look good, but don't really generate enough breeze.
  7. Online Dictionaries & Thai Language Resources

    Nothing opens up on this website?
  8. learn thai from a white guy

    Although I have my own place in Bangkok, I travel a lot outside Thailand and am never here long enough at a stretch. What is the best method, in your opinion, to learn Thai, and which is the recommended school/ teacher? I live by the river. Would there be some method where I could take the classes as and when I'm in Thailand?
  9. It is exactly 5-6 mns by the clock from my condo to the Sathorn pier. Boats every 30 mins. And absolutely no mosquitoes. We leave our doors and windows open all the time. Lots of very happy residents, Thai and expat, and judging by their cars and lifestyles, pretty high end. Anyway, to each his own. I'm not interested n this back n forth anymore as your tone is beginning to be uncivil. Thanks n bye.
  10. Exactly. I have a Visa branded debit card, and a Visa credit card. I'm a foreigner, not married to a Thai, only on retirement visa, and in fact BBL pushed me to get these two cards.
  11. And so noisy! Even on the 20th floor you can hear the traffic. Live on the Chaophraya river, very central, all the good condos have their own ferry to the Sathorn pier, and you can jump on the BTS at Saphan Thaksin. Very quiet and breezy.
  12. thai id card for foreigners

    I bought the condo on resale from the original American owner, not the actual developer. Electricity meter transfer was a snap. Still cannot find any blue book. I only have the big A3 sized oficial govt paper which I believe is the title deed. Abroad right now but will get after condo management and Khlong San khet office to pursue this on return.
  13. That whole area on the lower odd soi numbers is beginning to look like a mini Arab world. I like my kebab now and then but the whole area is full of women in burqas now, and I wonder where I am sometimes.
  14. And I also have a separate ATM debit card. I do not have a work permit, simply on retirement visa.