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  1. captpkapoor

    Reality and the Denial of Sex Work in Thailand

    The Shiva Linga, or the phallic symbol of Lord Shiva (or Chiva as it is sometimes mispronounced in Thailand) is worshipped both in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. When worn as an amulet, please don't confuse it with a sex toy.
  2. He escaped the previous drunk driving and manslaughter charge by claiming that it was his driver on the wheel. Probably bought off everyone. But this one's caught up with him. Karma :)
  3. captpkapoor

    Two Major Thai Banks Drop Internet Transfer Fees

    When I first moved here, I was astonished at the various fees the banks charged here for almost everything that's free in my country. I can withdraw from any ATM in any city, deposit anything anywhere, transfer on the net, get statements (up to previous 5 years), all for free. Not to mention the fees BBL charges me each time for an inward remittance from abroad, even though the remitter has already paid the remitting and payee bank charges. And you can do almost nothing without going to your "home branch" where you opened your account. India is far, far ahead technologically in its banking systems.
  4. A good Thai single lady friend did receive messages on her FB page from a guy and replied to a few. Luckily she showed me his messages. I then pointed out his language and choice of words which marked him out as probably a Nigerian. He was setting her up nicely. Agreed this is not a tourist police issue, but certainly need to stay vigilant.
  5. Yameen came to power in a coup and ousted the democratically elected President Nasheed. The court showed some balls and brought back leaders unfairly ousted. Since coming to power, Yameen has been radicalising the country towards hard line religion and Pakistan, and looking to China for support. Obviously China doesn't want any one else (read India) to meddle.
  6. captpkapoor

    Indian expertise wooed for digital projects

    Like all sweeping generalisations, this isn't true. It's much like stereotyping American tourists abroad asking for ketchup with everything, or "cheap" Chinese tourists. Use a top-drawer Indian company like Infosys, TCS, Wipro etc. CMC Ltd has written the entire code for the London underground. Some of the world's largest banks use Indian software. The world's largest tech companies have cutting edge research centres in India.
  7. captpkapoor

    When to re-new Ret visa ?

    At Chaeng Wattana, you can renew from between 15 days to 45 days, before expiry.
  8. 1 million bt only equals $ 30,000, so that's $ 7500 per square metre. Peanuts compared to, say, New Delhi. You'd have to go far far away from the city to buy land at that price in Delhi or surroundings.
  9. captpkapoor

    Miserable Studying Thai in Bangkok

    Would much appreciate a link for this please. I'm never in Thailand long enough at a stretch to attend classes, but if I could download a whole lot on my laptop that would be great. Many thanks.
  10. captpkapoor


    Very cheap alternative is also mix equal parts of camphor powder with normal talc and rub into dogs coats; you could burn camphor in the rooms; and mop your floors with pine oil mixed in the water.
  11. When you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind. For years Pakistan has been using fundamentalist jihadis as instruments of state policy to fight proxy wars in Afghanistan and India, not realising that the hydra headed monster can turn upon itself.
  12. The fount of all terrorism, training ground for the 9/11 attackers. Every terrorist attack in the West has had a Pakistan angle to it, some involvement somewhere.
  13. WASHINGTON: The Trump administration has dramatically ramped up drone strikes on Pakistan in the past week after the rescue of a Canadian-American couple and their three children, purportedly with Islamabad's help. High-intensity and frequent strikes -- of the kind not seen since 2010, when they averaged two a week -- have resumed, amid signs that things are not all hunky-dory between the two countries despite both sides talking nice on the rescue issue.Half a dozen drone strikes have rained missiles in Pakistan's Kurram Agency following the rather shady "rescue" of the Canadian-American couple by the Pakistani military, which initially claimed that they were freed after a firefight with Taliban when they were being transported across the Pak-Afghan border. The "rescue" was reportedly based on US intelligence inputs, resulting in the interception of the vehicle on the Pakistani side of the border, and culminating in a clash in which all the hostage-takers were conveniently either reported killed or escaped.But the Trump administration embarrassed Islamabad by publicly calling out Pakistan's lies, with both Vice President Mike Pence and CIA Director Mike Pompeo saying the couple (and their three children) was being held in Pakistan, and not Afghanistan. "The Vice President thanked (Pakistan's Prime Minister) Abbasi for his government's assistance in recovering US and Canadian hostages that were being held captive by the Haqqani Taliban Network in the tribal areas of Pakistan," a White House readout of Pence's call to the Pakistani leader said.There was no mention of Afghanistan or their crossing the border into Pakistan, and CIA director Mike Pompeo, too, confirmed the hostages were being held inside Pakistan, while demanding that Pakistan deny safe havens to the Taliban.There was also an ominous note in the Pence readout. "Vice President Pence noted this effort as an important development in Pakistan's support to the US strategy against terrorism in the region, but highlighted that cooperation against militant groups must be continued and sustained," it said. "Just as he did during the meeting the two had in New York last month, the Vice President again discussed ways that Pakistan could work with the United States and others to bolster stability and security for all in South Asia."The US media had expressed skepticism about the rescue story dished out by the Pakistani military, given its long and close ties with the Haqqani network, which is alleged to have kept the Canadian-American couple hostage for more than five years. One explanation for their "rescue" soon after the return from U.S of Pakistan's Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif was the ultimate he received in Washington, following up on the blunt warning issued by the President and his senior advisors that the time had come for punitive action against Islamabad.
  14. China has territorial disputes with every single land or maritime neighbour, and even some who are not direct neighbours, due to an insatiable greed for more. It never stops. They started by gobbling up Tibet in the 1950s, and it hasn't ended by a long shot. As for Pakistan, for years they've been milking the US for billions of dollars pretending to be their allies in fighting terrorism, while doing the exact opposite. Despite many cautionary voices in previous administrations, who were overlooked as the US had no choice but to use Pakistani territory and logistics bases, it has now finally been accepted that Pakistan can never be an ally. India, with its democratic (albeit with some flaws) traditions, secular and all-absorbing nature (disregard a few fringe elements in a nation of 1.3 billion), educated English speaking workforce, is a natural ally of the US.