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  1. An option is an appletv to connect to your tv Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Retirement visa

    How does one prove income? If plan to move to Thailand and draw on your retirement funds? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 10 days northern isan

    We stayed here in April. Nice. http://www.aunrakrimkhong.com/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. We'll see what happens in the coming months. It's a huge mess.
  5. What about the retirement people who bring tons of cash into the country? Story on that?
  6. Despite all the negatives of Trump, it is good our system is being put to the the test and a lot questioned. It happened for a reason. Unconsciously. People were looking to a change or challenge to the so-called two-party system. It's a oligopoly in a sense and we need a 3rd party. There are many upsetting things about Trump, but on one hand, they were fueled by Obama who remained silent on racial topics. Don't take me wrong. I voted for him twice and I have a t-shirt for donations and I had an African friend who was not so kind with Obama, too. I have to stop here, because prefer politics to just reading the WaPo and NYT and letting things transpire. As Biden said in a recent article, we are in a change time for America. It has been culminating. Sit back and have popcorn and watch the churning take place.
  7. Cute. Most people are in the center on most positions. Then you have the rabid edges of society - educated and uneducated. Fully support Mueller and there is a good chance trump will be brought down. However even the NYT has articles on how hard that may be. Trump did act treasonous toward Russia for business. Also he's emboldened the racists in the country. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. The Electoral College was created for two reasons. ... The first reason that the founders created the Electoral College is hard to understand today. The founding fathers were afraid of direct election to the Presidency. They feared a tyrant could manipulate public opinion and come to power. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. The Electoral College is important as it gives low-population states more equal power. Montana vs California. It makes sure that presidential candidates pay attention to low-pop states.
  10. We are seeing a repeat of Mao's Cultural Revolution to mindlessly remove any remnants of the past. More black people than not are fine with the Confederate statues. White people jumping ahead to make the decisions themselves. Trump made a good point, but soundbites can bite you. When he said both sides acting bad, he made a point. The left is totally on this complete suppression without hearing people out. Both sides need to talk and the left is not the "all right we are completely correct." You know, the anti-racists could have belittled or made fun of the racists/racists. But no, it's the battle and fighting. When the left sprayed the police in Seattle with Silly String, they got their asses kicked and are upset. I am left leaning, but not mindlessly left. The left is mindless in a lot of ways.
  11. Yeah, if you see WaPo comments, the "liberals" against Trump are knee-jerking now and over-reacting. It's too bad. They treat everything as bad coming out of the Administration. We all need to step back and think. Here's an example of overreaction. When Bush 2 was president, they cut PBS funding, such as Sesame Street. Bad, right? Well, there were 500 people working on the Sesame Street show and the show had not changed since the 1970s, nothing new. They cut back in Sesame Street due to decreased funding. There were certainly a lot of people doing a lot of nothing. Either side needs to evaluate funding and how things are done in gov't. Ask people in DC about the lobbyists and "Beltway bandits"... Trump is shaking up both sides.
  12. Good point. State crimes are another kettle of fish. We'll have to see how things play out with Mueller and Co. Manafort may be the guy who squeals. As for Trump himself, he may be off the hook and let the "small players" take the hits.
  13. We need to support our system, broken or not. It's not about legitimacy via popular vote. The EC was put into place to give state with less voters more power to even the field. The founders were absolutely brilliant in the system that was put into place, for US Govt. It's probably the greatest achievement in human history - the American political system. The EC is how we vote for people. Montana and other states with less populations need greater power to even the field for votes. You can't let one state get too powerful. You need to level the field. The EC does this. It is our system. We need to support it. Hillary and Co. failed miserably by running to all the splinter liberal groups and the power states. No reasonable to give Hillary a pass. The treated Bill C. as a has been. Her hubris - people close to her call her "her own worst enemy." We need to not focus on popular vote. That is now how our system was set up. It is the legitimate system.
  14. Oops, my bad. My mistake, typo, thanks for pointing that out. Meant the Electoral College as to how people are voted in, popular vote aside. There's a reason for the EC.
  15. Nice for checking. That guy probably has some staying power. Plus with wealth and a hot wife..and he's a fighter and doesn't give up. That helps. (To state: I have voted Dem in every election since I could vote since 1982).