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  1. For those owned by a cat

    We are owned by a dog. A border collie dog, he's fabulous and we have totall spoiled him. The house is organized around him and he knows it. When the family visit his instinct to herd takes over and the children could not be in better paws!
  2. Expats Kids - Public or Private Schools - Future ???

    You need to become teacher and parent, but be careful to distinguish between the roles......and make sure your children understand when you are teacher and when you are parent
  3. Humerus Fracture

    I had a nasty humerus fracture fixed recently at BPH (surgical plate and screws). No complaint about the treatment or aftercare both were very good. I've been having physiotherapy and shock wave treatment to regain shoulder movement, but I'm making slow progress. How long should it take to regain shoulder movement after such surgery? I'm male, 70 years young and have mild rheumatoid arthritis that is controlled.
  4. Thanks, I will look into this treatment. Jet is just too important, as I'm sure you will understand, I need something better than frontline.
  5. Nice to read that you understand. My bc loves his Frisbee time and will chase after it for hours. How do you deal with tics, since border collies can't be injected against them ? He's a joy to have and very loyal.
  6. Do you have time and space in Bangkok for a border collie? Magnificent dogs but you must have the time, space and commitment for them.
  7. He's a beauty, take care of him and you will get back much more than you give. My boy is a border collie, and needs plenty of exercise but a pure joy.