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  1. What do you think it is...

    It doesn't matter what she is, she's a beauty. Take care of her and she will be your best friend. .......for life!
  2. Dog health

    Be careful with border collies never give invermectin to border collies, or any herding dogs. They are most likely to have a bad reaction to this drug. Bravecto seems to be safe and works well, much better than spot treatments in my experience
  3. Ball throwing toy for dogs.

    Arjen, yes that's the one. It's in transit, should be here next Thursday
  4. Ball throwing toy for dogs.

    Not lazada, I found on amazon.
  5. Ball throwing toy for dogs.

    I've found and ordered a similar thing on amazon. I'l let you know what I think after it arrives and I've tried it with my border collie. The company that supplies the toy in the video won'the ship to Thailand unfortunately.
  6. Upholstery in pattaya

    Just got my sofa set back from Pakorn. Delighted with the result, would recommend them.
  7. Searching for swiss roll or battenberg cake

    Why not make your own?
  8. Well done, he's a lucky dog.
  9. Looks like a well cared for dog, perhaps post in pets.
  10. Upholstery in pattaya

    Pakorn looks promising, I don't mind paying for a good job. The 3 piece suit I have now is a good size and style but needs recovering. Will enqure about leather.
  11. Upholstery in pattaya

    Thanks, I will have a look.
  12. Upholstery in pattaya

    Looking for an upholstery shop to recover a sofa.
  13. For those owned by a cat

    We are owned by a dog. A border collie dog, he's fabulous and we have totall spoiled him. The house is organized around him and he knows it. When the family visit his instinct to herd takes over and the children could not be in better paws!
  14. Expats Kids - Public or Private Schools - Future ???

    You need to become teacher and parent, but be careful to distinguish between the roles......and make sure your children understand when you are teacher and when you are parent