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  1. Al Qaeda's worldwide jihad continues. How many muslims from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Philippines believe in their version of Islam? Probably enough to instigate terrorist atrocities against innocent buddhists. Their call for aid is for violence, not help.
  2. Motorcyclists fined 1,000 baht for using tunnel

    There's far too much cars in Pattaya already, heaven help us if all bike riders switched to cars, lol. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. Christian parents plan to sue school over son’s transgender classmate

    It appears that it's the parents that actually require an education.
  4. Motorcyclists fined 1,000 baht for using tunnel

    I have a few bikes here. Had 2 cars back home but here, no thanks. Don't need one. Why would anyone need a car here when it's hot all year round & roads are congested. Pattaya being a tourist city, needs to pedestrianise some of the tourist spots & other areas should be motorcycle access only. Far too many cars & trucks bringing chaos to the area when they're simply not needed. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  5. Motorcyclists fined 1,000 baht for using tunnel

    Yes, motorcyclists can be a pain at times but they can't do as much damage, injury or death as the following:- Car & truck drivers:- pulling out in front of you from side soi's, all along sukhumvit rd & overtaking you within the same lane, leaving inches between you. Minivan drivers:- Driving fast up behind you, leaving inches of a gap, trying to force you to change lane. Once past, you see them sweeping over 3 lanes left before sweeping across 3 lanes right. Also dont forget car, minivan & truck drivers who are seen blocking 3 lanes of traffic whilst attempting a u turn. Of course, all these car, truck & minivan drivers I ignore as I ride past them whilst they are stopped at a red light and I'm at the front of the queue again on my bike, lol.
  6. Plan to hire 1,500 Islamic teachers

    Religion should have no place in schools. Why the need for 1500 Islamic teachers in a Buddhist country?
  7. Sweden to deport 106-year-old Afghan woman

    She must be a spritely youthful 106 years of age, if she was even willing to travel thousands of miles on ground, let alone manage the journey!
  8. Driving license / yellow house book

    Correct, certificate of residence & medical cert in Pattaya. Your farang license or IDP if you have one. Whats a yellow book?
  9. Muslim militants
  10. P32 bar show Scottish & English matches. You won't be able to finish your beer b4 another one is served to you. Enjoy!
  11. I'm waiting for the far left to declare that most crimes are committed by western farangs and all law abiding holiday makers from Africa & Middle East are here to spend multiples of money!
  12. Unlimited 4G at full speed in Thailand?

    This is not unlimited. Read the small print about fair use policy. True is the same. Advertise unlimited 3/4G but once you've reached a limit, it drops to a snails pace and impossible to steam anything.
  13. Hua Hin to Pattaya Ferry

    Is it still passenger only or can you get a bike on now?
  14. Attempted murder. Life sentance.
  15. I see they mention a car ferry service elsewhere to be introduced. Why not have one on this route so people can drive to Sattahip & straight onto the ferry? Also assuming there is no provision for bikes. Would hope there is but as per the Hua Hin route...probably not.