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  1. Footy on the Telly

    TMN cable keep switching their Astro sport channels. I had Astro SS2 & SS3 originally but couple months ago, changed to SS1 & SS2. Wanted to see N.Ireland match tonight but SS2 disappeared today! Now changed to SS1 & SS4. Scotland match it is then. Want to see Honduras v Australia on Saturday 5am & New Zealand v Peru Sunday 10:15am.
  2. Facebook is full of fake profiles, set up by Nigerians with pics of white farangs, asking for money transfers and deposits for non existent goods & services. Ive came across 3 different profiles here in Thailand with the same White farang pic, all selling non existent cheap items. Facebook should concentrate more on shutting these down!
  3. Liam Gallagher Coming To Bangkok In January

    The only singer worth seeing in Thailand during the past year or so compared to the usual dross. Still not worth the ticket price though. Well overpriced!
  4. The woman in Chicago obviously didn't have a sweet tooth, exactly why all McDonald's & BK's have the option of diet drinks. I personally only consume diet drinks & if not available, water. Why should this preclude me from enjoying fast food on the odd occasion?
  5. Absolute nonsense. Do some research before commenting please.
  6. Footy on the Telly

    Bein sports Arabia, unsure if I've ever seen that. Google says only available Middle East & North Africa so assume it'll just have to be streamed here?
  7. I get Diet Irn Bru, Vimto & Tango from a local shop that imports it, but the big stores only have Pepsi max & Coke Zero. Its even difficult to get simple fresh orange juice!
  8. Suspected German pedophiles arrested in Pattaya

    Whereas transnational pedos within the UK, are mainly Asian, Muslim and from Pakistan. Do not know if the Thai police racially profile white people from certain countries in their operations. but I'm sure they target others.
  9. Farang sex tourists bring vital money into the country, providing thousands of Thai families with food on their tables and a roof over their heads. Nigerian Drug dealers take vital money out of the country, leaving thousands of Thai families without food and destitute on the streets.
  10. Best automatic scooter ?

    Have to agree. I have occasionally had big bikes but have always owned/ridden scooters for the past 27 years. I have toured Europe on 3 occasions on a scooter. At this moment, I own 7 scooters but the best scooter I have ever ridden is the GTS. I owned a GTS300 back home and currently own a 150. Why is it so good then? It's a Vespa, simple. Yes OK but there's so much more to it than being metal, with that classic design & shape. The GTS is a large frame Vespa so commands presence on the road yet with it's wide 12" wheels, it can easily slipstream through traffic and can practically balance it at a standstill at the red light. It has front & rear disc brake with ABS and anti slip traction control for muddy/sandy/wet roads. It has twin adjustable rear shocks so any speed bump or pot hole can be negotiated without your whole body shaking. It has large enough storage with 2 or 3 bags of shopping under the seat & also a hook for few bags more. As well as being ideal for city shopping, it is also a long range cruiser. I did a 200 km day trip not long ago & returned home still eager to continue further. I had it up to 124 kph that day and it still didn't hit the limiter. It is fun. You don't need a reason to ride it. It's not a chore to ride to the shops or to work. Will it last forever? Maybe. I still have my old geared Vespa I bought 2nd hand 22 years ago, running and on the road. Negatives:- Cannot fit a full face helmet under the seat.
  11. Before working/holidaying in any country, it is always advantageous for oneself to familiarise with local laws and customs. In most countries, what has happened in this story is normal day to day activity including UAE, although on this occasion it has transgressed due to one persons personal perception. You can appreciate the poor guys thoughts afterwards of "What has just happened?"
  12. I've seen men walking through shopping malls in Dubai, holding hands. Whilst women are 10 steps behind!
  13. Worked there for 3 months. Never had an issue drinking beer in hotels. On the street or in shopping malls then yes, but in hotel premises, no. Arabs would come to my hotel & drink/party in the nightclub. Indecency laws are bad. Can be charged for kissing in public. Dubai was not for me. Everything man made. Would never live there.
  14. It's a difficult situation for Bangladesh. If they accept the Rohingyas, will this result in terrorist attacks upon their people, similar to what's taking place in Myanmar?