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  1. Whenever I have left at Koh Kong I've always entered there - they normally just lift the gate as soon as I get my documents back from them. I guess they noticed you weren't getting your documents back hence why you were hit up for a fine. I would have left from Pailin (Prom - Pong Nam Ron) instead. Indeed Poipet-Aran is easy. Just drive across the border, no questions asked, no one even sees your car or cares, because there's so much traffic there.
  2. Rickudon, I got news for you = satellites didn't exist in the 19th century. Not sure about the accuracy of claims about sea levels in Amsterdam in the 17th century. Besides, only in 1992 was a decision made at the Rio Earth conference to come up with "global warming", before that it simply didn't exist. It's politically motivated, pure and simple. I've spoken about weather variation in a number of places around the world. I don't have time to compile a list of every single place in the world - my examples are good enough to question the narrative of the faith based cult that is "climate change". I need figures, documents, evidence, testimony, scientists speaking on record. Oh wait...I already have all that. On my computer. And all of it paints a dubious picture about the evidence of "climate change" particularly with regards to man-made "global warming".
  3. 1. Documented by whom? Who has been measuring these sea level rises since the 19th century? Global warming scaremongering is simply a scheme to set up a global taxation system. Many scientists disagree with the concept of "global warming", which btw is now called "climate change" because "global warming" can't explain all those record low temperatures experienced in Europe and the USA in recent winter seasons. Even in Thailand and the rest of SE Asia, there have been some record low temperatures experienced, from the icy winter of 1999 where min. temperatures plummeted down to 1 and 2 degrees Celcius in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, respectively and 9.9 degrees in Bangkok, then in March 2011 with temperatures plummeting well below 20 degrees in Bangkok on 2 occasions, then the cool 2013-2014 winter season and even the low temperatures experienced during December 2016. Not to mention until the 1970s and 80s, all the mainstream media was talking about "global cooling", it was only starting in the 90s that first the "greenhouse effect", then "global warming" and finally "climate change" came onto the scene. If no one was talking about this before about the 90s, nobody was measuring these sea level rises that you speak of since the 19th century. 2. Maybe, but don't you think that if you compress the sediment, groundwater will rise due to the pressure of the weight of the buildings and other structures on the soil? Another factor is the pumping up of groundwater which causes the ground to become lower. 3. With the political will and right engineering, Bangkok can be sheltered from the worst issues resulting from sediment compaction, seasonal flooding and storm surges. Luckily, Bangkok is sheltered from cyclones, hurricanes and tsunamis and has a lengthy dry season. If the city were subject to year round rain, it would obviously be in a more precarious situation.
  4. jimster

    PM defends Kingdom’s conscription system

    Well that's good - as I expected, money solves the problem. That's why this country is so much better than any western country, where everyone is forced against their will do as the government decides with no option of buying your way out (well, unless you are a member of the elite).
  5. Look at her name. It's Arab. Or perhaps Pakistani.
  6. Why would Elon Musk come to Thailand. The Thai word เสือก comes to mind.
  7. Is this border open to foreigners yet? Looking at the picture, I can see a Lao car with a yellow plate looking to cross, seems that cars (at least those driven by Thai and Lao citizens) can cross here but no idea about foreigners. A big hoopla was made about a new Thai-Cambodian border crossing that was supposedly upgraded to "permanent" status a few months ago but when I went there I was told neither foreigners nor cars can cross, though I can ask immigration to be sure. I wonder if it's the same at this checkpoint. Also, I don't understand the need to point out the road connection to China - hardly anyone crossing there is interested in that. You can't drive a car to China without going on a tour (and since 2016, the Chinese can't drive to Thailand without a tour) besides, unless you are an adventure traveler mentioning or promoting this is pointless - this crossing is useful for trade and for ordinary travelers who want to go to Luang Prabang. I've never heard Vietnam or China find the need to promote accessibility with Thailand when they open a new border checkpoint with Laos. I don't understand what Thailand gets out of this nonsense.
  8. I went to China recently crossing the border at Boten/Mohan. Didn't notice any Chinese manufacturing firms lining the highway, but plenty of trucks (Thai/Chinese) the latter hauling construction materials, the former mostly participating in Thai-China trade. Lots of Chinese owned businesses, mainly in agricultural related projects, lots of hydropower and otherwise restaurants. Strange that Chinese restaurants with Chinese signs are all over rural areas of northern Laos - imagine if that happened in Thailand! The border crossing at Boten is a mess - you want a high clearance 4x4 otherwise you are going to destroy your undercarriage. Lots of naive Chinese driving sedans and the like into Laos not knowing the terrible road conditions there.
  9. Sure it does. It's China that doesn't allow foreign registrations in (except Lao ones driven as far as Jinghong).
  10. jimster

    PM defends Kingdom’s conscription system

    The draft needs to end. No way my male children (who are Thai citizens) will be soldiers. Speaking of which I heard it's quite easy to avoid the draft. Anyone know what needs to be done? Pay a fine? This is Thailand after all.
  11. So the male model survived the fall but died due to drowning? Tragic...but goes to show that Thailand urgently needs to teach it's citizens to swim. I find it embarrassing that in a country with so much ocean so few people can swim. Thais always comment on how well I swim - I'm like...it's normal. Don't they teach you that in school?
  12. Well they get a visa on arrival. Same thing, just they have to pay money for it.
  13. "Fake news"? What are you on about? Completely irrelevant to this topic. But while we're on the subject, "fake news" is a euphemism for anything the government doesn't like. In reality, mainstream media is the biggest purveyor of fake news. They're just scared of losing the narrative hence why anything they don't like is called "fake news".
  14. There was never a law to ban people from the back of pickups (or limit their numbers), just a proposal for one. It hasn't been implemented so far and shouldn't be, in my opinion. Workers in the back of pickups don't cause accidents - stupid drivers do. By your logic, passengers riding inside cars should be banned to, if too many of them get injured in accidents.
  15. You're mostly right but there are some stunning places in China - mostly in Yunnan and other western provinces with low populations - Tibet, parts of Xinjiang, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and western Sichuan come to mind.