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  1. Are you sure they can spot the difference between a barang tourist and resident? Most tuk-tuk drivers start asking "need a tuk-tuk?" as soon as I step out of my car, which they strangely never see (why would I need a tuk-tuk if I have my own car?) so it hardly seems likely that a tourist and expat can be distinguished by them so easily. Of course tourists with dreadlocks and wearing singlets stand out as opposed to someone who wears more respectable clothing, but the only way of knowing the difference is by talking with them. Obviously if someone can speak Khmer, that will make them stand out compared to someone who only knows English. But then as soon as you hit the streets again, you'll become another anonymous barang again. I ignore every call for a tuk-tuk except in the unlikely event i need one. However, no matter that I ignore 100 tuk-tuk drivers in a row, offers of girls and marijuana still persist, day in and day out irrespective of the time of day, whether in Phnom Penh (especially around the riverfront area), Siem Reap or Sihanoukville. Therefore, I'm pretty sure every westerner in Siem Reap (and PP and SHV) has to contend with being pestered by tuk-tuk drivers, unwanted guides and other people, even if they've lived there for years.
  2. Not all of them have a choice. Also, the vast majority of the almost 3 million migrant workers from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia live on low incomes and have hard times everyday. Not their choice. As long as foreigners mind their own business and don't ask for handouts, why do Thais care about them? I don't think they are that judgemental, just as I try not to be in relation to Thais irrespective of wealth or social status. I might judge a Thai who drives like a maniac, but at the end of the day I don't care about that person because I'll probably never see them again.
  3. jimster

    Loan for Thai national?

    Middle class Thais are much more likely to repay their loans to a foreigner or a bank. Poorer Thais and bar girls? Not a chance. A larger percentage of farang get into relationships with the latter, hence why they assume all Thais are like that.
  4. Well Thai driving standards are, contrary to what those on bar stools claim improving over time. They are certainly better than 10 or 20 years ago. There is greater enforcement of road rules than there used to be, but still very rare. Too much effort is put into putting up speed cameras (only on some major highways) that can only catch cars, trucks and buses (but not motorcycles, because the cameras are rear facing) but almost zero effort is put into enforcing other more serious driving infractions like following too closely, dangerous driving (such as weaving in and out of traffic), driving against the flow of traffic (extremely dangerous), drink driving (some effort is put into this, but it's far from enough) and many others.
  5. jimster

    Business visa, questions

    I understand the rules changed in September of last year. I even asked in Siem Reap when I was there just a few days ago. What PhuketRichard stated is correct - 6 months EG visa is possible without any documents (for $162 or thereabouts, which is the same price as the EB extension is/was). However, within this 6 month period (or 7 months including the initial 1-month ordinary visa) either you have to find work and a willing sponsor or start a business. Otherwise, you will have to leave the country. I presume you could probably just get another ordinary visa and second EG extension and keep doing that for a while (in case you can't find work or want to hang around, work online or whatever). It's untested right now as the laws just changed, but given that many "expats" in Thailand did just that with tourist visas for many years and it remains possible to do so to some extent and keeping in mind Thailand's visa rules are much more stringent than those of Cambodia, I can imagine you could easily get away with doing this (ordinary visa + EG extension, visa run, new ordinary visa + EG extension) and repeat without any issues. There are expats based in Vietnam that do this, over there it's possible to spend up to 9 months in the country before needing to do a visa run. Some agencies can still issue a 12-month visa and there may be ways of extending this through an agency. Of course anyone with legitimate work and a work permit doesn't need to go in an out - I'm referring to people not working (or not working legally) and retired folks (as there is to my knowledge no retirement visa in Vietnam, please correct me if I'm wrong).
  6. jimster

    Siem Reap

    Correct, although there are always tons of westerners (farang) too, irrespective of time of year. Not just Chinese.
  7. jimster

    No direct flights from Bangkok to Sihanoukville?

    Not much demand for flights ex Bangkok to Sihanoukville aside from a few westerners who have moved on from Thailand to Cambodia. Perhaps eventually but for now it's mostly domestic traffic, though there is (surprisingly) a flight to Ho Chi Minh City (which begs the question, what attracts Vietnamese to SHV but not Thais?) and a number of charter flights from China (seems like Chinese tourists will go almost anywhere these days). There are now direct flights from Bangkok to Phu Quoc in Vietnam. However, this flight exists because Thais are more interested in traveling to Vietnam than a relatively run down place like SHV, with little to offer that differs from or is more attractive than a Thai beach resort. Other than Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloen (both quite nice, but not anymore special than dozens of similar islands in Thailand) even SHV beaches kinda suck. Everything except beer tends to be more expensive, driving/riding in SHV often gets you pulled over by the police (especially if you're driving/riding a car/bike from Thailand or Vietnam).
  8. True. Even after all these grammar lessons, very few Thais can form a grammatically correct sentence. The vast majority, even those who speak reasonable English still have trouble with tenses (for example, 2 car instead of 2 carS) and they say things like "I ever been to Phuket" a statement which doesn't make any sense in English.
  9. Not sure about that - there are regular posts here on TV about the police rounding up Africans on overstay and for illegal activities. Problem is that when one bunch are rounded up and deported, a new bunch come in to replace them. Also, Cambodia is now finally, after many years of dragging it's feet cracking down on long-term visas. The days of being able to extend your "business" visa at infinitum without any documents required other than your passport, a photograph and the required fee are over. Now a work permit or business license is required to get a one year extension. Without these, the best most foreigners can hope for now is a one time 6 month extension informally called a "looking for work" type G extension, after which you need to leave the country or have a work permit to get the one year extension. Still a far cry from Thailand's more restrictive visa rules, but it will weed out a large amount of the riff raff, gradually at least.
  10. So you're saying the US didn't do anything bad to Cambodia? Sorry but what the US did in Cambodia during the 60s and 70s is shameful and is something that should be condemned in the strongest terms possible. People still go on about WW2 and Germany all day long. Why is US involvement in Cambodia, which occurred for longer and happened more recently than the events of WW2 less significant in your eyes? Is it because you feel Cambodia is an "inferior" country? Says a lot about you and seems like a disgusting double standard.
  11. You make some good points, but men and women are different (despite what the liberal western media would have you believe). Seriously, how many western women prefer talking about politics and world affairs as opposed to what happened on the Bold and the Beautiful, posting baby pics on Facebook and talking about cooking and general gossip with their girlfriends? If you want to talk about politics as a male westerner, you're likely to find a good conversation partner in other westerners and sometimes Thai men. But not women, irrespective of nationality.
  12. Geez there must be a lot of riff-raff applying for Thai tourist visas the Vientiane embassy these days. Last time I needed a visa from there was a few years ago and I actually met a very interesting American fella. I showed him around Vientiane for the rest of the day on my motorcycle and we exchanged contact details. Haven't seen or heard from him since, but he certainly livened up the day for me.
  13. I've had the opposite problem. On occasion, while using a VPN Thai Visa doesn't open. Nearly every other website is fine. When I disconnect the VPN Thai Visa starts working again.
  14. Laws, LOL. We need more laws! Sorry, but the law won't help after the fact. Some countries have very strict drink driving laws yet some people still choose to drink and drive and kill others. And yes I realize that if law enforcement were strengthened it would deter drink driving more. But it wouldn't eliminate it altogether. What was lacking here was common sense. Common sense is VERY uncommon among a large segment of Thai drivers. That and a lack of judgment, as well as poor driving skills.
  15. There was a guy who drove at high speed into a motorcycle ridden by a Myanmar migrant worker a year or two back. The guy attended the funeral and gave the family 1000 Baht. The family was outraged at this pathetic gesture. I'm sure he also gave them a sorry "wai".