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  1. Visa required for 30+ days

    Better get a tourist visa before travelling. You airline can refuse you to board if you not have a visa or flight out within 30 days. There are lots of consulates were you can get a visa in the US
  2. Max 365 days / year.
  3. All extensions costs the same, 1900 baht. Only alternative you have is to make it to the border and re-enter.
  4. Non-O (Marriage) Extension of Stay

    You can get a 60 day extension to visit your wife for 1900 baht. You can do this once per entry. You can not make a border run when you are on extension of stay, it will only give you a 30 day visa exempt stamp.
  5. Previous report says the Thai numerals and roman numerals don't match.
  6. Koh Phangan Gets Spendy 12-Day Music Fest

    Troll post removed
  7. That is the new bridge route travel time according to Google earth
  8. Immigration on Samui wants two letters, one stating the amount on the account the other showing all transactions past three months. Be sure they stamp both, had to go back once because they forgot to stamp the transaction list.
  9. As Jack Thompson said. No 30 day extension allowed on non-O, 60 days if you bring your wife.
  10. Consulates outside thailand are under the ministry of foreign affairs, they have no access to immigration database. When you enter Thailand your old passport and new one will be linked and it will be up to the officer to let you enter, does not matter if you managed to pay for a visa before.
  11. Phuket and Samui are rough immigration offices that demands the 400k for three months. At Samui they claim it comes from regional HQ.
  12. As this has gone off topic it's