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  1. Only applies if the employer is a BOI company. Non BOI company employees do not get seven days automatically and must apply for it.
  2. Maximum penalty for working without a WP is five years.
  3. PoorSucker

    Koh Samui cost of living.

    Living room, bedroom. Kitchen outside.
  4. PoorSucker

    Koh Samui cost of living.

    You can get a two room bungalow for as low as 8000 baht, rare find but they exists. I know three bungalows for that price in Chaweng, all currently occupied. Met a guy the other day that just moved here from Bangkok, rents a studio for 8000 baht in central Chaweng.
  5. PoorSucker

    Updated Honda PCX for 2019?

    It's still an ugly bathtub, just more expensive..
  6. Hi Stefan. Actually Thai immigration will not have any problems with your plans. The problem comes with your airline that can deny you bording without a visa or ticket out of Thailand within 30 days.
  7. In the OP. "Isabel was not yet working and had been studying language at a school on Samui" So probably a non-ED.
  8. PoorSucker

    Don't ride your bicycle in Chiang Mai

    Cement truck wins.
  9. Gave him a home for Christmas. Found abandoned road side, taken to Samui dog rescue centre. Adopted him 23 Dec, with approval from my 7yrs son. Would like opinions on parents breed to feed him right.