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  1. Should not be any problem as he bribed him self out, no court, not deported, no record.
  2. That will be up to the local Amphur, when I got married two kind ladies that worked there acted as witnesses.
  3. Thaivisa.com is not a newspaper or news agency, Thaivisa is a news aggregate and only publish news from other sources.
  4. Montclair Red & White / 5 L or 8 L ??

    The eight liter is exclusive for Makro. Rumor is that a hefty tax increase will come as it will be taxed as real wine soon.
  5. They will not accept anything without a embassy stamp.
  6. Briton captures iPhone 10 thief on Samui

    Good work John.
  7. Google "Santika fire", violating building control act should have severe punishment, unfortunately it's not the case in Thailand so nobody cares. The Big tiger aka Bangkok hilton only have guest serving more than 20 years,.
  8. Motorbike Rental Scam

    Don't know the UK rules but in Scandinavia your are allowed to drive a moped without a licence. A moped is classified as max 50cc
  9. Penang can issue multiple entry non - O, but require proof of 400.000 baht in the bank
  10. Ehh, not possible because of the cliffs, see KhunPer post.
  11. You will not have an exit stamp in your passport.
  12. You must use the road in both examples. You can walk from Chaweng to Bophut in 45 min.
  13. You will need to set up a company with 4 million baht capital and eight Thai employees to get work permits and appropriate permission to stay. You can only own 49% of the company, 51% must be own by Thai citizen.
  14. If he had a re-entry permit he would have been stamped in for the reminder of his extension, not 90 days. Without re-entry permit his extension ended when leaving the country and he would only get 30 day visa exempt stamp. Seems to be some confusion here