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  1. Just fixed a two room bungalow with furniture for my friend close to Bangkok hospital for 6.000 per month, that's a bargain. Sorry, there was only one vacancy.
  2. Think my total time power has been out for me is 2-3h for 2017
  3. You can not get 30 day extension on a non-O visa entry. You can apply for 60 days as married to a Thai. From Police order 138/2557 2.24 In the case of visiting a spouse or children who are of Thai nationality: Each permission shall be granted for no more than 60 days. 1. Application form. 2. Copy of applicant’s passport. 3. Copy of household registration certificate. 4. Copy of national ID card of the person having Thai nationality. 5. Copy of a marriage certificate or copy of a birth certificate.
  4. Penang will be closed on 24,25 and 28 of July.
  5. They want to see the original book.
  6. Had some from Chiang Mai this week, excellent. BTW is there a English word for Lam Yai?
  7. Recently, OZO Chaweng Samui, together with the Marine and Coastal Resources Department, led by Thanyaporn Ajalawichaku, Koh Samui Municipality, and the Tourism Association, has joined a pilot project to install 100-metre-long nylon nets in the sea in front of the hotel. http://www.samuitimes.com/ozo-chaweng-samui-joins-pilot-project-protect-tourists-jellyfish-chaweng-beach/
  8. the signs are on maenam, the nets on Chaweng. It seems that puiyai baan for Maret has different priorities.
  9. It's not rainy season in the Gulf of Thailand, it's in November.
  10. My wife looks on the soaps through my android TV box or on her Phone.
  11. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/index.php?/topic/992382-Briton-survives-three-days-in-the-jungle-after-Samui-waterfall-plunge Briton survives three days in the jungle after Samui waterfall plunge