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  1. PoorSucker

    Tattoo translation

    Here's some nice, that not include Thai script. https://tattooblend.com/50-incredible-lotus-flower-tattoo-designs/ http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/lotus-flower-tattoo-designs/
  2. PoorSucker

    Tattoo translation

    Whatever you do, do not tattoo a Buddha image. Considered offensive.
  3. PoorSucker

    Guns on the street in Thaiand

    We had a shootout on the beach here on Samui a couple of months ago. Two rival families involved in jetskis, two dead, both had carry licence.
  4. You do realize that Penang does not issue tourist visas to anyone that have an overstay stamp. This started a couple of months ago, so everyone telling an overstay stamp has no implications are living in the past.
  5. No problem, just bring your icehockey gear. L2p4qpK-1.mp4
  6. Zico is closed, it's now a Chinese seafood buffet.
  7. Advance Passenger Processing System or APPS
  8. Is there any reason for not getting the Non-O in Canada to start with?
  9. PoorSucker

    Proposed Lao dam ‘a threat to Thailand’

    "There was no mention about the dam developer on the MRCS website, but information in earlier reports indicated that the Lao government has granted a 30-year concession to develop this project to China National Electronics Import and Export Corporation and Sinohydro Corporation."
  10. 300 baht fine, no prison term. Where did you read that...
  11. Many, many have refuge status along the border to the Shan state.
  12. PoorSucker

    2018 World Cup wall chart with Thai kick off times

    Here you go.
  13. Had two visits here on Samui over 10 years.
  14. PoorSucker

    How do I get retirement visa in koh samui

    For first application for extension of stay it's 2 months.
  15. Did you just say that an Israeli was allowed to travel to KL?