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  1. im really confused now maybe im getting this all wrong i want to buy one from the dealership, i called KTM thailand, they say that can preorder the 2017 model and get it on february, wouldnt that mean its a 2018 model ? i wanted to buy one now, not wait for 3 months to get it so the new model isnt out yet ? i mean this one https://www.google.co.th/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwi_sMu79_7XAhXENI8KHYVlBqgQjRwIBw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.indiacarnews.com%2Fnews%2Fktm-bikes-in-india%2F2017-ktm-duke-390-new-model-13367%2F&psig=AOvVaw2STVy4xq83_7STjPQIH7By&ust=1512977744816450
  2. I started moving my online business funds into thailand, i do so in order to purchase bitcoins which i need to keep my business running, am i going to run into issues with h bangkok bank? My tansfres are between 1000-3000usd per transfer, on a daily bases, should i talk to the bank before continuing to do so? Will they have a problem with it? Am i better off doing it through my thai wife bank account?
  3. Doronazl

    Looking for advice about insurance

    i will check, thanks a lot
  4. Doronazl

    Looking for advice about insurance

    ok thank you im looking at gocompare.com if i choose a backpacker insurance , its ok right ?
  5. Doronazl

    Looking for advice about insurance

    just to make sure, im looking for travel insurance ? and this is only for me ? for my wife its better to go local in thailand ?
  6. Doronazl

    Looking for advice about insurance

    i know about insurance in israel but just like everything else its expensive, like a 100$ per month, looking for other cheaper ways why does it matter where the company based ?
  7. Doronazl

    Looking for advice about insurance

    my home is Israel, can i use that even the company based in the UK ?
  8. moving back to thailand with my wife next month she's thai so im on a marriage visa. what should i do about insurance ? im talking health insurance for if i get sick or maybe have a bike accident god forbid can you give me the ballpark on how much is it going to cost ? and maybe recommend a company that does it ? also id like to do insurance for my wife as well...
  9. il be landing in bangkok next month, where can i withdraw USD ? in the airport ? or are there atms that i can withdraw from in other places too?
  10. Doronazl

    60 days visa vs multiple entry

    so im left with applying outside of thailand? Is there a limit to hihow many times i can do that?
  11. Doronazl

    60 days visa vs multiple entry

    Serioisly? Since when is it like that?
  12. Doronazl

    60 days visa vs multiple entry

    Hello, can someone tell me the difference between the 2 visas? I already do one visa run to laos, it wasnt so bad, just a little boring up there, would a multiple entry visa save me some time? Would it be just going in and out of thailand without staying there for 2 days to visit the thai embassy? If so i would prefer to do that but is there a chance i would pay the application fee and then get rejected? Im gonna visit the embassy for 30 days extension to my existing 60 days visa in the next few days.
  13. ive been living here in phuket for 5 months already did one visa run to Laos, went smoothly i would like to know please if theres a limit to how many times u can do it? i went into laos, deposit my passport at the royal thai embassy, picked it up the next day and got 60 days which i will extend for another 30 before i go do it again would like to know if i would run into problem in the future if i keep doing this ? if so, what other option i have?
  14. Well a few months before it happened, she filed a complaint saying i threatened her, no one would believe me, thats how police are in my country, a woman saying that means its the man fault until proven otherwise, the next time she tried to do the same i got it on tape, so the first and second case is still being decided what to do by the police.
  15. hi im new here, both in phuket and this forum been living in phuket in the last 4 months on a tourist visa had planned to sign up for thai lessons and get a ed visa through the school, will save me the time and money to go on visa runs lately found out i still have an open police case because of some stupid shit happened with my ex by no mean i will get in trouble for that as the case is only open because they still need to decide what to do with her( suicidal psychotic bitch who try to send me to jail by stabbing herself and planned to say i did it, lucky for me i got everything on tape with a hidden camera i put in the house) to my understanding when getting the student visa i have to get them police clearance from back home, i asked around and an open case will show up in there, it will take some time for them to close it as these things move very slow in justice department there. so i have 2 questions, should i try get the police clearance anyway ? will i get the chance of explaining myself if thai immigration have a problem with that ? or just get denied no questions asked ? will a business visa(starting a company) require the same thing ? thanks in advance