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  1. Alright, i appreciate the advice, hopefully next time will get it, i must say its a horrible feeling having to go through such lengths to prove im NOT a criminal who will stay there illegally, being treated as a liar on sight.
  2. hmm ok , but let me ask this , how do they get that information ? cause they didnt even ask about property ownership that day or anything like that, am i supposed to initiate the talk about this subject or...?
  3. Israel, Philipinnes, singapore twice. From the interviewer questions im quite positive im the problem and its understandable, even when friends of mine apply from back home in israel, theres a 50/50 chance they get it. my question is should i go through the company setup, getting a work permit for this ? would it do any good ?
  4. you guys making it sounds like a lost cause damn, just want to travel. is there no point of getting a work permit or thai based company ? it wouldnt help to show stronger ties?
  5. Me and my wife applied together, we had the interview together too
  6. I see where youre coming from but this isnt the case, i have 0 ties to my home country(Israel), even if i went back, other than may family i dont own anything there, dont even have a bank account there and dont want to. My life is here in thailand and unless something major will change in the future , it will stay this way. My concern right now is what if i go through the whole process of getting a work permit and then for some reason still not get the visa , the thought of it makes me feel sick.
  7. Hi all, im a foreigner living in thailand on a marriage visa. Me and my wife really wanted to go travel and finally see the states for the first time, got denied at the american embassy for not having strong enough ties to thailand. I can understand the reasoning behind this but didnt think it would be an issue since this is just a tourist visa, we only wanted to travel and have no intention of staying there, but i guess they cant really know that and need to filter those who are high risk of staying illegally . My question is whats my next step ? my line of work is E-commerce, all my income sourced abroad so a work permit for my job isnt an option in thailand. The first question the interviewer asked me is about my work and where my company based and if i have a work permit in thailand so i guess thats what i need. Im actually thinking of setting up a thai company for the sole purpose of having "stronger ties" to thailand, even its a real headache and will of course cost me, question is - would setting up a company, getting a work permit , can create a problem for me as a digital nomad? will it put me on the radar of sorts ? im lost as to where to go from here, will appreciate any input.