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  1. The negotiations have been sabotaged by the pro Euro group and the negotiators. They dont want to loose the UK and it's money. That's why they dont want a deal and wiuld prefer to damage the UK economy and it's people and investors to attain their selfish goal. Leave with no deal. The UK will do very well indeed without Europe. They did in two wars.
  2. Sumarianson

    Brexit turmoil hits the pound

    I hated Margret Thatcher but I must say, she would have solved this by now and got the deal she wanted and not Europe. Exit without a deal and pay no more money to them
  3. "Carted up country" where the price of dog meat is higher?
  4. Yes, and it is quite ok to view the same at the very many strip clubs and shows all around Thailand. Maybe because the police are not getting their share of the booty!
  5. Sumarianson

    Is Talat Phlu a decent area?

    You are most welcome and good luck in your deliberations.
  6. Sumarianson

    Online 90-Day Report Process

    This so called "service" has never worked for me in 6 years. I have tried so many times and had the same rusults as the OP. Waste of time. I spent over 5000B on a printer for this purpose, now because it has not been used it blocked and the head is beyond repair. Waste of money and time. The immigration office should be sued. But that is like saying Immigration officers and Police should be honest.
  7. Sumarianson

    Dengue and alcohol

  8. Sumarianson

    Is Talat Phlu a decent area?

    Thalad Phlu is just a few minutes drive from the new super mall complex Icon Siam which just opened 2 days ago. I have two Condos here and am very happy living here. The Mall ( although dated) is around the corner and will be extended and refurbished next year. There are many fairly new and new condos going up here. It is right beside the BTS station Talat Phlu and the main bus station. There is a good Wednesday and Saturday market at the rear of the new Supalai Loft and the Mall. There is also a good food and goods market every day across from The Mall and Supalai Loft Condo. The area is up and coming and is certainly not a sleazy part of town. It has a large affluent resident population and many of us farang live here. I have lived across the river also when I came here first in Charoenkrung beside Asiatique. If anything that area looks more downmarket. I would advise that living in this area is a good choice as you have direct and easy access to Silom, Siam and Sukumvit without having to be in the hustle bustle of the inner city. You have to pick your condo for rental or buying with care. The Parkland Grand, Ideo, and a few more on Ratchapreuk road are worth consideration. The new Supalai Loft is ideally located a short walk from all amenities including the Mall as is Whizdom if you can afford the price tag. Thumbs up for this area.
  9. If the subject is "crime" I cannot believe that Turkey is in even the top 100. I do not believe that France is up there either. This looks like bullshit statistics.
  10. Was the murderer put down like a human?
  11. The most basic and annoying thing about Thai drivers is that they have no concept of lane driving. They fix themselves in a lane and be damned if they will move from it regardless of their speed, the three empty lanes to their left and cars overtaking on their left. They were not taught good lane manners and sense, namely that the left hand lane is for driving and any other lane is for passing out. As soon as you have passed out you get back into the driving lane. A TV and cinema campaign on road rules and manners would make a great impact on driving in general. More box junctions, more roundabouts ( without lights) and more tv cinema campaigns on how to use these wonderful inventions. Stricter driving tests that involve motorway driving and rules. Nuff said.
  12. Typical that Thai cyclists and some motorcyclists go without lights at night. The fact that there was a red plate does not mean the guy was at fault. Millions of Thai's ignore that rule. Why should you be restricted? It is after all your car and their stupid rules. RIP dead man. The lesson here is wear light colours and lights back and front with reflectors to the side as recommended in any western country.
  13. Whit Trash As you know taxis are reasonable in Thailand and there are tuk tuk's and motorcycle taxis that are very reasonable, so there is no need to take your car to the pub. It is so callous and irrisponsible for you to think that you have any right to get in to (what will be) a "lethal weapon" without your proper faculties. I hope the police catch you sooner than later for all the victims of drink driving's sake.
  14. Get rid of street traders, get rid of prostitution, then we can properly see the tumbleweed and further impoverished violent nation. Welcome to the Wild East.