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  1. Sumarianson

    Prayut still top choice for PM, poll finds

    I predict there will be severe unrest and mayhem should the party fail to run elections in February. Most people say enough is enough. I also predict that Preyut will be nowhere in the running in any dream world he can imagine.
  2. The funds I would imagine could be in Thai Baht if it is accompanied by proof of originating from outside Thailand. I am not sure of this but many people who had funds in Thai baht from an undetermined source, had to transfer out of Thailand and back in again in order to purchase property. There are rules about where the Baht came from and how much you can send out. That is the reason they had FET. To prove the amount you sent in so as you can send the same amount out again if you wish. Now there is no need of an FET just a Bank letter. If what you say is true then it is possible to use an FX broker in the UK to transfer the funds directly to your Thai Baht account or the Developers account for that matter. Would I be right in saying that? As that would be a huge saving.
  3. That was funny but no need for the personal attack. What I imply is that we have accepted the shit that the bankers throw at us without question. They are a big problem. Did you know that Usury (The adding of interest on to a loan) Was illegal for many thousands of years? I know that you are not borrowing, but you are paying a fee as though you are. That fee does not reflect the absolute 'no work' it takes to transfer funds these days. On average the bank takes at least 1% of your hard earned money when you transfer. That represents $10.000 on a $1Mil transfer. Do you think that is a fair price for that work? It may take you several years to transfer that amount, but when buying property in Thailand that can diminish in a single transaction. I don't think that is honest or fair. You are after all paying taxes in this country through what you buy @ at least 7% if not 17% or more. We on the other hand cannot choose who runs the country or taxes us! I don't say that this only happens in Thailand, what I am saying is the system is rotten and needs to be changed. However this is the only voice we have got in Thailand with no vote and no automatic right to residence no matter how long you stay here. Unlike Europe.
  4. Sumarianson

    Alcohol sales stop at 13.50

    I think that the system of restricting alcohol purchases during the day is mad. I often go to do my shopping at 3pm or so and cannot buy alcohol which is a pain. I do not buy to consume at that time. I never drink b4 9pm. However it is a pain to have to go out just specifically for alcohol. I was brought up with thes stupid religious based restrictions which I resent having foisted on me. I am not religious and do not see what religion or religious beliefs have to do with law which should apply logic. If Muslim laws were applied because there was an overwhelming population of muslims then that would also not be fair. Religious belief is personal and should be kept that way.
  5. No. It is the owner who stays on the bill. When ownership changes ( not rental) then the deposit that is paid for the meter gets refunded to the seller and charged to the buyer. Rentals do not give ownership of the meter or condo.
  6. It's a bit like saying, 'my master lets me keep the crumbs from his table'! Oh so kind. Sent from my SM-G935F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. As for banks being fair? If you were charged 10,000 baht every time you made a simple transaction in Tesco Lotus you would be pissed. Transferring money electronically is simple and involves no trucks carrying money from one country to another. Why should you not get the same rate as any bank or individual. The banks make s fortune off the money you deposit in a account of any kind in the bank. The Fractional Reserve System allows banks to only have 20% or less on deposit of the money they lend out. 80% or more of the money they make huge interest on, does not exist. It is created in a computer. When money id created by the "private" banking system, they charge interest on the money that is created; However when that money is created the interest charged is not created nor any interest levied by other entities along its path in the form of bank loans, house loans, business loans etc. In other words if everyone paid back their loans now, there would not be enough money in existence to pay them back. When President Andrew Jackson (US) abolished the federal reserve in 1833, he warned that the banksters would try again to introduce the Federal Reserve System, and they did. If anyone thinks that the banking system and interest (known as usury) is fair. Then they should look up the Federal Reserve System on you tube or read about it. Knowledge is power. "Question everything, especially those who would rule over you". Sent from my SM-G935F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. There is no regulation on the amount of money you can bring in to Thailand but there is going out. There is an amount over which you have to declare it yo customs on both sides and have it registered with them, I believe it is 10,000 Euro. Sent from my SM-G935F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. You will not be charged when the money is in Thai Baht. Only when an exchange has taken place. Sent from my SM-G935F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. If it is possible to pay the developer. How is the amount transferred agreed, ie what rate? Where have you seen this being possible? Sent from my SM-G935F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. An FET is no longer required. There is only a requirement of a letter, so maybe? Sent from my SM-G935F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. Sumarianson

    Thai baby lie?

    Invoice says card fee 30Baht. Nothing sinister.
  13. I apologise for including the wrong rate on the exchange of £20,000 It should be 10,000 to 15,000. The loss in relation to a condo purchase of £100,000 I had been thinking on which would be more in fact, 50,000 + Baht loss and more.
  14. They will only allow you to negotiate after the money has been lodged and you will not get a good deal as they already have exchanged your money. I refer to the "spread", when I talk about negotiation. The spread can be agreed beforehand. That is the difference between the inter-bank rate and what rate they give you. To answer a other poster. Yes you can negotiate a rate at which you will sell your currency, when the market reaches that level the exchange automatically takes place. I get a sense that either there are many ignorant people on here (regarding the banking system) or there are trolls. The banks in Thailand and elsewhere Charge high rates to their customers while giving low deposit interest rates to their customers. They make massive profits on "your" hard earned money. In Thailand we get no interest on the money we keep in the bank. The bank makes a fortune from those deposits. Banks make interest on money they don't and never had. This is legal. Has anyone looked up the "Fractional Reserve System" ? If you havn't then I suggest you do.
  15. Should Bank officers be forced to wear a mask when robbing their customers? If you have or are buying a condo in Thailand and you have or had to transfer the money from outside the country, then you will know to what I refer. There are only two legal ways to bring the funds for a condo purchase into Thailand. 1. By transfer into a Thai Bank account. 2. By taking the cash in a bag and declaring it to customs and exchanging it in Thailand. This looks very cosy for the Bankers who make Trillions from foreigners in exorbitant exchange margins and tranfer costs to boot. Of course the government in ""collaboration" with the banks brought this method of transfer in for security reasons? While we cannot use an FX company who would give a far better rate and would be able to choose the time and the rate. I have looked into this with the FX department of Bangkok Bank and they will not set a rate for you or tell you what their margin is above the banking exchange rate. There is a reason for this, they are making a packet load out of foreigners and dont want you to realise it. On average if you transfer £20000 to cover your retirement in Thailand. The bank will give you 30000 to 50000 less than you would get from Superrich if you went in with cash and they are already making a profit on the exchange. FX companies will give a similar rate to Superrich and will afford you the opportunity to set your rate to exchange and you can agree the spread. However with the banks you have no chance, they are highway robbers in suits. When you need to buy a condo your losses multiply exponentially. 5 to 100 million for a condo or a house. The profit for the banks, well you work it out. So unless you want to risk taking a big bag of money into the country declare to customs on both sides and risk being robbed. Then you have to put up with being robbed by the banksters. I truly wonder what the government gets out of such a policy? Of course like any good confidence trickster they will smile as they do so, in the land of smiles. Our funds especially the English pound have seen a 30% drop over the last few years, yet they still pursue this blatent policy of extortion. Is anyone else frustrated and angered by this? Sent from my SM-G935F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app