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  1. I am looking to live thailand soon permanently. Need to find good medical cover reasonable priced done a few searches online but they seem ecpensive
  2. I appreciate what your saying and thanks for the information. If the way I'm planning is not a good way what other options do I have if any end of the day I just want my gf visit uk for 6 months whatever way I can without getting her into any kind of trouble. If for example she did get through and did stay 6 months instead of the 2 weeks would she have an issue leaving the country and would it harm her chances getting a visa again. I stay Thailand generally 6 months of the year so want her to be able come uk 6 months every year without hassle
  3. Yeh she got mortgage on the condo. She won't be saying she coming 6 months but will be stating it's for 2 weeks. However they give out a 6 month visa so she may aswell stay 6 months. She won't be a burden on the uk tax payers cos I will be taking care of all her living expenses and will buy her travel insurance. Like I said if I coukd sponsor her I would do it that way however my circumstances won't allow it. So have to go down the tourist visa route or could I do a spouse/marry visa i guess though that's the same as sponsoring I need proof of earnings
  4. She would give up her job. She we no intention doing anything illegal she woukd stay uk 4 to 6 months then back with me Thailand. Just wondering best way of getting her a visa without my sponsoring her. How much does she need in an account
  5. I like travelling no good if she stuck at work 12 hours a day
  6. Many thanks for the replies. I had a business that went bang I lost everything had to go bankrupt so my situation would not look good to sponsor anyone. I have no interest in her working just a holiday visa would be fine. She has good job and owns a condo so would that be enough reason to come back in the eyes of customs. She no intention of of over staying but potentially would stay 6 months then I would go back to Thailand with her once visa ran out.
  7. Hi sorry you probably heard it all a million times. But I have a thai gf she works airport duty free I want her come uk. But I am unable to sponsor her. She owns a condo and has a good job what are the chances of her getting a visa and which company is good to use. Thanks