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  1. Finding Thai Staff Patong

    hi is there a link to where this is moved to thanks
  2. Finding Thai Staff Patong

    So is there a jobs forum?
  3. Finding Thai Staff Patong

    what would you call above average i looked on facebook and went the local job centre everyone offering 9 or 10k for this type of work advise would be appreciated but from my research we are above average
  4. Work Permit

    Just bought a business i wasnt going to work in however turning out like i will have to long story but looking at easiest solution to getting a work permit that isnt silly money
  5. Does anyone know of a good way of advertising for thai staff in phuket, we tried facebook jobs, adverts in the window and the government job centre but cant get anyone. We offering over the average wage, 8 hours a day 6 days a week but cant get anyone, hotel receptionist and night porter is what we needing
  6. Whats the quickest option to get a work permit that doesnt cost huge amounts
  7. Non o Visa

    what documents do i require to get the non o
  8. Non o Visa

    I know i need either a non o or a b for a work permit just wanting the quickest route
  9. Non o Visa

    wheres that please
  10. Non o Visa

    Hi getting conflicting info on getting married and getting a non o visa, i want to ultimately get a work permit i am getting married but been told getting a non o visa can take to 6 months is that right and the quickest route would be non b to get the work permit.
  11. Lawyer Needed

    yeh i have searched them thanks
  12. Lawyer Needed

    nice one. where is the company registration office in phuket then sounds a better plan
  13. Lawyer Needed

    Hi just about to invest in a business in phuket can anyone recommend a good lawyer to form a company in phuket.
  14. Medical Insurance

    great thanks will do
  15. Medical Insurance

    Thanks for that. but for some reason i cant go on thst site Norton stopping me. Not just your link i searched bupa thailand same result. Norton says malicious site. Will try again later