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  1. Manchester United

    if madrid were to come in with decent money wouldn't surprise me if murry were to let madrid have him, 2 me romero looks more than capable
  2. Manchester United

    yeah atm it looks a bad decision by the powers to be at the bridge. but on the other hand letting a player move on to a club of his choice CAN work for you when it comes to dealing with other players.
  3. Manchester United

    a very pleasant and revealing reply so if you just want to argue/ find fault rather than talk football probably best you go away and argue with someone who takes you with your little moronic cross seriously
  4. Manchester United

    so who will be first choise given he signs , which imo he probably will ibro or lukaka ?
  5. Football Quiz.

    i'm thinking it was a chav, hoddle ?
  6. Chelsea Fc Thread

    yeah , i thought about the deli ali scenario and i'm of the opinion money WILL talk, but 120 WILL NOT BUY HIM and atm i really dont see him leaving, palying at wembley for a year in the champions lge and then at a new stadiam with his mates and THEY ARE MATES, look at the reaction when they score,something NO prem team can match , will keep him engaged for a couple of years , and by then levy will have the revenue to compete. but as for you this close season so far i'de say you were significantly weaker than last year, you've got rid of the bench and lost a GARUNTEED 20 -25 goals in costa and replaced them with a hopeful and we've all seen good stat'ed euro strikers f up in the prem, costa was a street fighter and tailor made for the prem on top of that you've given man utd your direct competiotor arguably his missing link, that team is starting to look like a muury team,, not the smmartest of moves but hey as you say 3 weeks to go, and we will c, but atm imo you are significantly weaker than last season
  7. Football Quiz.

    ok time up it's the mighty EXETER CITY !!!!!!! and it'll go open gentleman.
  8. Chelsea Fc Thread

    here's a prediction, conte's gone by xmas, I thought spurs window was/is weak, but yours has left you borderline short of a disaster.
  9. Tottenham Thread

    i know its only the mirror and they speel shit , but i'de love man utd to come in for rose, shaw plus 20 mil should do it ,, i'de be a EXTREMELLY hapi bunny.http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/tottenham-rose-interest-united-inter-10947994
  10. Liverpool F.c.

    and att he was as highly rated as vvd. just this one's 40 mil more,,,
  11. Liverpool F.c.

    fox tv reckon a liverpool representative in discussions with barca, 120 mil was the figure talked about , edit, sori to be the bearer of bad news
  12. Football Quiz.

    no to donny
  13. Football Quiz.

    not pompey
  14. Football Quiz.

    no not man city. looking at the list again luton are 4th 54 ???????? 53⚽️: Spurs 50⚽️: Sheff U 49⚽️: Luton 48⚽️: Norwich 47⚽️: Fulham
  15. Football Quiz.

    aas a bit of a clue tottenham are second with 53..