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  1. Never found an aircon not delivered with shiiite stickers. Maybe these people who also put shiiite stickers on their cars think that it's nice ?
  2. Yes, but there are things that are not an opinion and that are facts. This restaurant has few dishes and most people will be disappointed when going there. At least it should be clearly written.
  3. Hello, anybody knows what is the cheapest delivery service within Thailand ? It seems that Kerry Express want to kill them all ? Are they really cheaper ? Thanks.
  4. Hello, if already in Thailand, where to meet elite to put the visa in the passport ? And do you know if it's possible to pay them when meeting them ? Thanks.
  5. Sorry but I feel weird after reading your reviews with a lot of useless text and far to be strictly fact. This "restaurant" is a cheap viet "restaurant" with less than 10 dishes in the menu for people who want to eat noodles for 60 thb. I would not even call it a restaurant. It's like indoor street food. If you want a real vietnamese restaurant dont go there OF COURSE. The place as the owner and people working have are not something about what anybody would talk. Of course they say hello when going there, but that's all, not especially friendly. About tables layout, why anybody would care, it takes 2 minutes to move the tables that are now joined, and I don't think that it's a major change or anything of interest. Result: I wont go again to this totally useless restaurant, as I can eat cheaper noodles anywhere else.
  6. Yes, street food sellers are the ones that you should trust the most ! It's obvious ! :-)
  7. I wish him ! He didn't kill anyone intentionally. It's an accident, This case should be closed and forgotten already, but UNFORTUNATELY he is rich and the world if full of poor and jealous people !
  8. Why work harder ? Other people working in the kitchen get 10000/month, so you can have many many slaves :-)
  9. AS if he didn't have many passports from many different countries ! funny you !
  10. So easy for him to just never come back or wait that a better gvt take power !
  11. Wish him the best ! I hope that he will be able to clear this shiiite definitively and show all the low so that he is still the boss ! Bad luck for him that Thailand now has a gvt that pretends to care justice and law.
  12. What a drama ! fish sauce in your dish ! And if you believe that Thai respect the vegan rule strictly even when it's veg festival, the one who knows nothing and seem proud of being retarded is you. The only real vegan food is the one you cook yourself, anybody with a brain usually knows this.
  13. Hard to accept the truth because you could be one of them ? I perfect agree with the quoted reply, so true and really need to be taught to people who strictly know nothing in this life.
  14. Hello, People from Europe know that the only real mozzarella is the fresh white ball, but I am not sure for the rest of the world. Is for you the white wet ball the only real mozzarella that should be used in Italian restaurant ? Or do you consider acceptable to have the dried mozzarella on your expensive pizza ? Actually pizza should have both, but a lot of the fresh one should be seen on pizzas, do you agree ? Do you know where Italian restaurants in Thailand buy their mozza and how much they pay it ? Cheers.