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  1. This is why they don't accept USA credit cards, they exactly know that you can make a chargeback for any ridiculous reason with just a phone call or email.
  2. One more daily empty boat <3
  3. Who cares how much it costs. It's their stupid business model and they will fail.
  4. I hope that in a resort it's possible to avoid any muslim not opened to tourists wearing thongs to sunbath ?
  5. 1 week maldives from Thailand, what is the easiest flight and how much does it cost ? Thanks.
  6. Are you sure ? Thai told me uncooked. But restaurants selling it cooked.
  7. Only brainless people would travel by bus in Cambodia.
  8. abab

    Benefits marrying a Public Servant in Thailand

    Having a poor wife ?
  9. Ridiculous ! Nobody in this world should even be questioned for weed. Only old people who understand nothing about this world can talk like you do.
  10. PLA-RA can be raw or cooked. I wonder if most of the Thai eat raw PLA-RA ? The cooked version is not dangerous !
  11. Thai are not all cheap charlies like most farangs...
  12. Next time she buys a Benz. Everybody knows how unreliable are BMWs.
  13. abab

    Arrest over pirated discs

    Ridiculous cambodia on the way to be as ridiculous as thailand...