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  1. Hi Jaybird Which International broker would you recommend?
  2. Pattaya Go-Go clubs and bars targeted in new crackdown

    Respectable people - pray tell who are you talking about??
  3. MaCartney has always been known as a great musician and songwriter. He also has a reputation as being a complete tightarse as well!
  4. Is he not rich enough already?
  5. What are the proposed benefits of this new visa compared with a retirement visa?
  6. Organized Golf Tours

    Greetings Where can I find information on organized golf tours around Thailand and beyond ! I know that the Outback Golf group in Pattaya puts together such tours, but there must be others doing similar trips Does anyone know of them?
  7. Doubts over Brexit as vote backfires on May

    Britain is in terminal decline , and now nothing can stop its descent !
  8. Its gotta be the one coaching Norh !!
  9. You may have lost your password , but have you lost your mind too ? Do you really think that Londoners would not be alarmed at the prospect of terrorists living among them. Do you really think a poll is necessary to answer this question ?
  10. Oh, Yes he is !!
  11. Geriatric And what snake oil is that ? My last comment was that radical Islam is a threat and something - I am not sure what - needs to be done about it . I do know though that the time for lighting candles I think is now well and truly over !
  12. Baboon and you said Trump's statement was provocative and inappropriate !
  13. Baboon I reckon she believes every word that she speaks on radical Islam - as do the increasing number of people who realize that something must be done about terror and its clear and direct link to Islam
  14. I agree with Trump - Khan's response was pathetic. Londoners need not be alarmed at the increasing police numbers on their streets, but they have every reason to be concerned with the reason for the police presence - and that is the increasing number of terrorist attacks targeting ordinary people.
  15. Hi Boomerangutang That Burmese town sounds like an interesting place. What is the name of that place??