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  1. The world’s most beautiful woman visits Bangkok

    How much for short time ?
  2. Buying things from Amazon what do I need to expect.

    Ordering anything expensive is just a chance to come back to cry on the forum later... Everything is available here and buying abroad to save few $$$ is plain ridiculous.
  3. Nation on edge

    Yes, this government deserves the worst shiiite to happen ! How can people accept to be oppressed like this ?
  4. No problem at all !I could even pay someone to hit the whole family !
  5. Hey ridiculous people here, tell me that just as Red bull heir Yingluck should have stayed and went to jail ? Just as you would have let your son or mother go to jail also ? Am I right to guess how smart people on this forum think ?
  6. Koh Samet

    Ridiculous. Speedboat is 1500 for the whole boat, night and day !
  7. Koh Samet

    Are the soldiers still around ? Or is it peaceful now ? Bars can close late again ? Anyway this island is the biggest scam in the country. Overpriced everywhere !
  8. Not difficult to have a return ticket and plan in advance enough to deposit money is a bank every month, right ?
  9. An alcoholic can tell us what to do, for sure !
  10. Teenage daughter.. issues.. please help

    Nothing wrong with her if she is Thai ! Just normal !
  11. dengue fever

    Wrong ! He is still there and still as stupid as when he was born !
  12. dengue fever

    Going to hospital for dengue when you actually just need to wait in your bed ?
  13. What is the risk if you cannot pay her way out ? And how much was the bail ? Wish you the best, but it seems that we do not know the complete story...
  14. They also have a nice dictator there !
  15. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Maybe you can get a discount for Thaivisa ? Thank you.