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  1. Ridiculous Cambodia. Wish you the worst, if it hasn't happened yet...
  2. Perfect Thai way ! Asking explanation to someone who knows nothing. but anyway, the reply is not so important for Thai, so it's ok...
  3. Hello, Do you know how much costs one ligation ? Is is a small walk in surgery ? Thank you.
  4. Just bad luck, you could pass daily without never being stopped.
  5. Luckily more and more people grow it. Just a way for the losers to remember that the war is lost ! FOREVER LOST !
  6. Any solution but for sure they wouldn't have left with any of my belongings...
  7. The only evidence is that people swimming in the sea are really slow to understand...
  8. hello, Any photo of the packaging ? Where to find it at homepro / thaiwatsdadu ? Thanks.
  9. Yes ! Invisibility also ! The less I speak to anyone offline the more happy I am and my life easier !
  10. Hello, Which resort / bungalow is easy to reach at KAO YAI ? Where do you know ? Any hotel near a river ? Thank you.
  11. How much did you pay for root canal ?
  12. The world is now safer ! Thank you mibs !
  13. But it seems that people are allowed to work on Non-B...
  14. haha so true ! Thank you for telling him how much he is wrong.
  15. Just like you I used to be unable to understand some smart things. Then I improved. It could happen to you, don't worry.