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  1. All power to the elbow of these brave people.
  2. Have you tried Big Square or are you holding out for Jack to fund a bike you are too old for.
  3. No, you are reiterating a uk type system, that has been developed into the psychic of the masses over decades, that will do nothing overnight in Thailand other than cause chaos, it needs to start at the beginning with proper licencing.
  4. I take it that is Leicester, was fried eggs, chips and beanz the teams staple diet? Could do worse.
  5. Laws Can't Solve Road Deaths: Interior Minister

    It prospers beyond the dreams of avarice where it matters, and that's not with the av Thai.
  6. In uk we say "sunny side up" which also doesn't exist in Thai cuisine. The OP pic is how the Thais like it, heavily fried both sides.
  7. On the basis that they don't show up to do anything, one desk can serve all the inactive post holders whilst they can continue to draw their salaries and focus on their main business interests. Its win win.
  8. Named for the noise it makes whilst cooking actually.
  9. Bubble and squeak, for the uninitiated.
  10. Chon Buri 'ghosts' treated to movies

    And so commenced the zombie apocalypse.
  11. 418 dead on the roads as reported so far, what realm of fantasy would cloud such an appalling loss of life?