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  1. Utter incompetence leading to the death of a fine creature.
  2. I think you are missing the point.
  3. "Doctors diagnose scam" - not correct but I like it!
  4. Agreed on all counts, but I shudder when I see the self righteous attributing blame on the innocent.
  5. So your point is,, despite being in the right by all the rules of the road, the MC is some how complicit in his own misfortune for not driving in the way you think you have been taught in your own country.
  6. Sounds like you have totally bought into the Thai mentality of, forget road rules, my own perceived common sense has it that my vehicle is bigger than yours so up to you to get out of my way.
  7. "Pick up refuses to stop" I didn't hear a request to stop emanating from the ditch.
  8. Father showing great courage and dignity in the face of tragedy, very sad.
  9. Is there a home for the blind nearby. Just asking.
  10. Doesn't say whether the truck driver was breathalysed.
  11. I like the notion that workers should avoid the political and economic uncertainties of Britex by moving to Thailand.
  12. At the time I don't know the farang ID was a different colour so he may well have assumed I was talking about a blue card. So my on the ground research is pretty inconclusive. One other thing occurred to me whilst reading a broucher at the bank about the governments deposit protection scheme. The scheme excludes non residents. Not sure what constitutes a resident but if you have a pink ID card I am guessing that you would qualify under the scheme. This could be important if your local bank has its licence removed.
  13. I obtained a pink Thai ID card from my local Amphoe in esan yesterday having been given a yellow Tabianban a few days ago. Whilst at Krabi last week we went to Poda Island and I paid 400bt national park fee and wifie paid 40bt. I asked a park ranger what I would be charged if I had a Thai ID card and he said 40bt. My question is, has anyone tried to use a pink ID card to get the thai price for national parks?