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  1. Ahhh the bliss of the unaware.
  2. Man after my own heart!
  3. You are good at criticising with hindsight but you fail to understand the initial economic theory.
  4. Why can I ask, would an economist laugh at a basic supply and demand model.
  5. You are missing the big flaw, other countries filled the gap so there was no under supply, simple as that.
  6. Thank you for clarification and having read your post 123 I can see what you are saying. I would hope that this was a well meaning economic policy in the start which got corrupted along the way.
  7. Correct me if I am wrong but at the time, Thailand was world No-1 in the export of rice. The scheme was for the gov to pay for the rice and hold it to force an under supply and so drive prices up. (as OPEC did in 1973). In the event, other countries upped their production and so broken the under supply and the plan collapsed. I dare say there were skimmers along the way but as an economic policy it is basically sound.
  8. Did you ever try to get your head around the 1973 OPEC crisis. Shut the tap and prices go up. What Yingluck didn't factor was India and others upping production to fill the gap.
  9. How can I suggest that when it has already been proven at Court. Do you have faith in the Courts? If you do then good for you.
  10. Whatever her intel, she clearly made the right decision.
  11. Where is the dignity in attending a court which you feel (and has since been proved) to be stacked against you. Retreat and fight another day.
  12. Find Yingluck, says Prayut

    We seek her here, we seek her there, We seek her everywhere, Is she in heaven? - Is she in hell? That dammed elusive Poopernel
  13. Maybe she thought that being innocent wouldn't be enough.