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  1. What a loathsome individual, hope justice is prosecuted to the full against this man/person. RIP Miss Theppaya.
  2. What is the "Coolest" Bike Made in Thailand?

    Sounds like you got pretty smashed up in the accident and I am very sorry to hear that. Keep fighting back and proving the medical profession wrong! I have been riding big bikes all my life and would love to have one in Thailand but ........ wife wont go on it and most days are too hot for biking, and then there are poignant posts like yours. I have to accept that I am too old to be sliding along the tarmac.
  3. Okay, thanks for that, they know me at Sakon Nakon so that might explain the quick turnaround.
  4. So long as they stand there without protecting the head and not distracting with the left jab before swinging the right hay bailer then I am happy.
  5. I live in Kalasin province and my immigration office is Sakon Nakon. I used the national website so don't know if it went to the provincial office. In any event heard back within a couple of hours on both occasions.
  6. My first attempt online today was rejected as I used the start date of my visa and not the end date. Resubmitted and got approval. They were pretty quick in responding,
  7. I used the IE Tab link you sent and the website responded and I managed to complete the 4 steps. The pull down options are very hard to read and I choose nationality as BRITSH hk at first and couldn't understand why it would not move to the next page. Once that was sorted I went through the pages okay. I have a TM ref number and now just wait for the email. Thank you again for your help.
  8. Why should Thainess be seen to tarnish a nation when the principle is highly applauded. Anyway I have not joined this thread to trade insults so I will politely give my goodbyes and let you get on with it.
  9. "Thainess" is never ever going to change so to live here you need to mix that into the soup.
  10. Yes I believe in Thailand, I am happy here. Why else should I stay here?
  11. Garlic and Black Pepper Cured Bacon

    2 or 3 kgs is still pretty big, I buy 2 kgs of belly pork and remove the skin which might lose a third and then cut it in half so I have 2 pieces around 600g. I have rigged up a smoker and can buy jasmin wood chips which works fine. I like unsmoked also but a bit more risky. And I do bake my own rolls also.
  12. I have been following this thread and reading with interest real life stories, many of which touch a nerve. It is so good to hear these experiences and to have circumstances eloquently explained. Too often we only get the 3rd hand tales of relationship disasters and those are usually someone who thinks it will never happen them and then they quietly slips way. Well done those who have opened up and told it as it is, you know who you are. Thailand law and society is geared against us farangs so we need to take such measures as we can to mitigate loss. I still believe in Thailand as my home and I love my Thai wife.
  13. Garlic and Black Pepper Cured Bacon

    Sounds like you are well ahead of me. I am prosecco and, it sounds like you have nailed prosciutto. Really difficult curing meat in a hot country, how do you get over that. I rely 100% on the fridge.
  14. Forget that, this guy obviously has in his possession a seriously good amulet.
  15. Final paragraph says it in a nutshell.