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  1. I gave to gofundme once, mate of mine decided to walk the Sahara, he got sunstroke, liver damage and near sight loss. I sent him £50 quid. Thats my benchmark.
  2. Sorry but how does your "old rule" bare on this case? This is about child contact, your comments are meaningless.
  3. We are of course talking about two separate issues here, divorce settlement and, child contact. In uk the 2 are dealt with by separate courts as i am sure they are in Holland. I can say that in my experience, uk divorce courts are pretty fair but, the child access courts are owned by a bunch of lesbian spinsters calling themselves children experts. There is a saying that the most important role in life, you are given no training for. I have many children and have been bemused by spinsters court advisers spouting complete rubbish . Your point about having another bite of the cherry on divorce only, as i understand it, applies to significant undisclosed wealth.
  4. The law in england will ultimately go against the father. Especially if he is the worst possible thing in the courts eyes, white, middle aged and single.
  5. The boy is now nine and old enough to express an opinion with properly trained child workers or school teachers. I hope the Thai authorities have the wisdom to put the interests of the child first. The father has tried to short cut the system by doing just what the mother did but unfortunately he got caught. There are no criminals here and, the best interest of the child should be paramount.
  6. What a fine message that is from a counties PM.
  7. Corrupt state officials ‘face tough action’

    Inactive post on half salary for a month b**ch.
  8. Health warning as rabies spreads rapidly

    Our local vet came round last night and gave the dog his annual vaccinations. One jab includes rabies, parvovirus, leptospirosis etc. It cost 250bt. We were told to expect him to be a bit down today but he is bright eyed and bushy tailed as usual.
  9. By way of contrast, Spaghetti Junction in grubby uk. (feel free to delete/off topic)
  10. Not really, i can see 4 pointing hands but only one and a half faces, the facial expression is key.
  11. In reality, the P's and their trinkets are irrelevant in the Soros puppet master plan.