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  1. hahahaa..you only managed 24 mins away, before coming back and posting more nonsense...stalkers?? amature?? trolls ....you really are mad max 2.. PS Bet you'll be back again, contrary to you words "so i will not post on it again,"
  2. ^^^ Looks like things haven't changed much regarding Patongs sewerage system. In days of old, even if you triple flushed the waste, it would still resurface and taint the surroundings. Still happening today.
  3. The "other poster' seems to have gone to play elsewhere now and this newer one now has opinions that are so far off the mark, that you need not entertain him either. Those who insult etc only do so because they have nothing to contribute. Keep the up to date reports coming and ignore the few fools that go against you.
  4. Another troll you don't need to feed xylophone. Your much appreciated ,up to date , telling things as they really are posts give the true picture of Patong goings on. Keep it up.
  5. IMO most counties don't release so much info on this sort of thing. Another very valid point is that if this very forum [which has a far flung reader base, didn't make a point of showing every single suicide as a "News " item many of us would not get to hear of these tragedies.
  6. etc,etc,etc, your only interest in life seems to be Patong, which is not Phuket and what's going on there, all the expats i know are not particularly interested in Patong and have better things to do with their lives Name of thread; Patong - The Wake
  7. "Looks like the Thai guy realized what was happening just before lift off, but too late as there was too much tension on the towline, then proceeds to try and rescue the Aussie guy by grabbing him with his legs" Nothing on any videos presented that show anything remotely like that happening.
  8. Its coming?....only 6 years ago, this month that it was announced that it was coming!
  9. But, if it was clip failure [ by whatever means] and he was separated from the towline how did the chute, with the crewman then stay up?
  10. Like i said, nothing new on this. Maybe the best "presented" explanation for those who couldn't understand the crux of the matter presented on other threads.
  11. Yes, if you drink the oil..as a kid i remember it was the goods for constipation. One treatment was all it took..i never ever told my parents again if i was constipated..foul tasting stuff! The exhaust fumes smell from race vehicles on the other hand is a real treat.
  12. Nothing new here. Has been explained the same on the other thread by several posters. Does confirm in slo-mo though as a friend of mine said, that the Thai guy actually looked at the harness being under instead of over the shoulder @ 4:34-35.and did nothing. Thats plain weird. As for the comment on here after explaining about Rogers arm being strangled which is correct, they then say that he appeared to wave to people and therefore created the end result. Thats crazy..the guys was simply trying to relieve the strangling effect. Until pics and/or info telling if he was still in the harness or not,this is all just theory, albeit some plausible theory.
  13. True about Castor oil. But before this Wakefield Co who were pioneers in oil development started adding a bit of castor oil to ordinary oil to alter the viscosity,and later changed the name of their product to Castrol,and went on to develop many types of lubes. Castrol R [Racing] was/is, i believe 100% castor oil and we used to use it in the '60's on racing bikes...the smell of the burnt oil is associated for me as how cars and bikes racing all smelled back in the day.. great! It can not be mixed with other oils,and is not a 'long life' oil. With all the tech nowadays that it is not used in modern racing, but you can buy it and classic cars/bikes often run it to add to the nostalgia/smell of the era as it was part of the whole package in the days gone by.
  14. You should be able to get it here; https://www.happycow.net/reviews/baan-suan-pak-chiang-mai-6398