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  1. I presume that the necessary 8-10 metre strip that is required is all ready to be used. A long while since i lived on Phuket, but i cant think of any multi lanes roads as depicted in pics with a median strip anywhere near the width shown.
  2. Yes,spot on and basically as i said in #111. Some people just don't get it! They seem to get "target fixation" and keep on raving on about that.
  3. Wasn't aware Chang Klan was also susceptible to flooding. Really ? This pic from a couple of years back, but it does flood most years.
  4. Your tailgate rant may have some merit if the guy had rear ended the pick up truck, but he didn't. Through his own fault tho' [inattention or lack of ability] he hit the brakes and fell off. In the video he is at least a car length behind the pick up when he went down. There may have been something slippery on the road surface because its not easy to make a scooter lock up and skid, and moreso, two up.
  5. So, the Danny guy has issues . This thread is about the kind gesture made by the truck OWNER [not the driver]. Give him some credit where credit is indeed due. He didn't have to make this payment, you do realise ?
  6. No need, maybe i'm just not as desperate as some others might be.
  7. Had seen other info that they weren't getting along together..BUT i don't really think that there is any connection with this thread. How long before one of the lurkers come out with a "planned death" story.?
  8. haha ,Okay, my bad, how about i say "unattractive" bimbos.
  9. yep, where? Don't know what the Thai word for bimbos is, but these sure do fit the western definition.
  10. If you did say that and are now reiterating it, it makes you look quite foolish considering all the FACTS that have been made available on this very forum alone that show that the truck/ truckdriver was 100% blameless. EDIT As an aside, i'm not too sure why the truck insurance is going to make payment..strange.
  11. What a great gesture by the owner,... another example that there is still some good people in the world. Kudos to him.
  12. What part of this incident, was, in your mind, dangerous driving?
  13. No, i most certainly am not, because we all know that he just did not move into the path of the truck in any way, shape or form.