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  1. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    Like i said there's only two explanations for feeling up a lady in a public place; IYW's which is "part of the appeal" One is that you are a pathetic, sleazy loser. Two is that you are an immature schoolboy. You are which one?
  2. Wow sheeple, what an outpouring of every emotion, based on a story that has little credence posted by a news outlet that also has no credence, from racial slurs to tough guys who will beat up the father, hysterical hand wringing and breast beating et al. There was nothing atall to to suggest that the story has even a hint of truth as per the raging headlines! Okay the locals [as is expected] take joy in kicking the operators at every chance, because, and i agree than are a blight on the beaches, and should be controlled. Others who are so wrapped in cottonwool panic if their kids get so much as a head cold, and then the naive who have no idea about how these parasails operate here and have done for decades, with very, very few deaths at all. Geeesus the child had more chance of being hurt or even killed getting to Patong from the airport, and/or even crossing the road to get onto the beach, let alone living in China, with all its hazards of day to day living. Maybe its the rainy weather, twisting the minds of some people to post such nonsense on this non occurrence.
  3. Divorced last year, ex now crying foul

    IMO , with the never ending supply of threads like this one as evidence, it's more about the fault of the man than it is the "fault" of the Thai ladies. Desperation seems to be a major player.
  4. Seeing his/her quote in the Sun makes me feel that he has an issue with parasailing operators more than the concern for the child; “The parasailing companies around Phuket are very aggressive in signing up customers and as you can see do not care in the least who signs up as long as they are paying!”
  5. Sensationalism..Fionn gets paid to contribute this nonsense to The Sun. I wouldn't take my 2 yo on this ride, but it's up to the individual to make this choice IMO. The headline jumps out thus; Shocking moment terrified toddler, 2, screams as she is forced to go PARASAILING by her dad before being rescued by strangers on Thai beach I see no evidence of any of this BS in this video. Or this; "The child, believed to be two years old, was in distress when she was strapped into the harness and was quickly rescued by concerned passers-by" Screaming?? rescued by concerned passers by?? Bizarre!
  6. Ticket to ride

    There will always be a brain in the head, it's just that some people don't use it to the best advantage i figure.
  7. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    Hah..if your interpretation of fondle is the same as ogle, no its not beyond my comprehension at all, and is a lovely activity. If however in context that it means you like to feel up a lady in a bar, then that makes you a pathetic loser [IMO] PS i know that this is not unknown in bars etc, but anyone who feels the need to do so reminds me of a school boy sex learning curve....and, if you perchance,are not the immature schoolboy, then it is very sleazy.
  8. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    Oxy-moron[ish]; One who quotes; "It's fun to fondle" But likes "less sleazy"
  9. Hypnotherapy

    superglue Posted 2 hours ago I use CNX, BKK as do others. I don't want info about a hypnotherapist. So what do you really want?
  10. Ticket to ride

    In all reality the majority of helmets worn are very unlikely to prevent a split skull and brain damage any more than not wearing one. Probably give a false sense of safety to many riders also.
  11. New To Chiang Mai

    Did you watch the video? Can only be a good thing if it prevents you being catapulted over the bars in a collision,which is quite common. That aside, how and when do you need to dismount quickly in an emergency situation? I don't have much riding experience, and can't grasp this concept. Could you give an example please.
  12. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    Nothing has "happened". One can still do so if one so desires. Except of course the few who make a big deal about the ins and outs of doing so, and they are a minority outside of TV forums IMO.
  13. You can judge a mans age by his shoes etc ? Not sure what the relevance of age is here, but whatever rocks your boat i guess.
  14. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    "just think customers are pathetic losers who have to pay females to sit and talk to them " That line is total nonsense. The vast majority simply don't think that way. There may well be an exception as in your case Those words, after seeing previous posts of yours are, IMO straight from your mouth, not theirs.