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  1. no one has mentioned that it's not allowed to open a second account in KK in the same region that the 1st one.
  2. 1) If i'm staying in a hotel or condo, will I be able to get an immigration certificate for 500 baht now? 2) if I want to extend my 2-month visa for 1 month, will i have to pay that fine of 1600 baht?
  3. how do they check if one really wants to buy a condo when opening a bank account?
  4. Or even on stamp exempt. They need a 1 year-visa. Or your intention to buy a condo if you're on a tourist visa.
  5. No. You'll answer their question and, if you're lucky, you'll walk into the country.
  6. Certain? The smartphones and computers are the same price as in KL. Also, in malaysia there's no 6% gst anymore. But in Thailand you can get your gst back when leaving via airport.
  7. I always wonder: where do you guys get those numbers? 2 by land, 3 by air and so on? The numbers always differ, from topic to topic. Is 2 by land absolutely and always true on practice?
  8. that's what I think too. in Bangkok they have more stuff members, more space and so on. In other airports -- where will they hold you if they decide to do so? After you have a conversation with an officer because it's your 2nd stamp this year -- "what are you doing in Thailand? Why for so long? Hmmmm", both being by air, with a delay of several weeks or months in between, I'll laugh at you.
  9. All being equal, is it easier to enter the country in the regional airports -- Pattay, Phuket, Surathani, Chiang Mai and so on -- rather than in DMK/BKK? Meaning - less questions, less scrutiny "why have you stayed for so long in Thailand?"
  10. You have too much of imagination. I've already tried that's why I know that you're talking gibberish.
  11. Right. I seem. The sky is blue. The grass is green. A dog can bark. gav-gav
  12. Then my only option is to move to any other region of the country and get a certificate there?