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  1. If one has an overstay of a few days, which will be the better option to leave Vietnam -- by land or air?
  2. from Utopao to Pattaya by bus?

    You're awfully right, buddy.
  3. agree agree! in each 7-11 I'm given a bag which in turn is put in another bag. And all that in one more bag, just in case.
  4. from Utopao to Pattaya by bus?

    I don't have a hotel, buddy.
  5. where is it shown who a seller is?
  6. from Utopao to Pattaya by bus?

    I meant, from Pattaya to cambodia
  7. from Utopao to Pattaya by bus?

    why so expensive? I can get a minivan to cambodia for 250 baht.
  8. Is there a bus? How much is it?
  9. Where would you buy say, a smartphone: at Lazada or at off-line shop? Why? Or it doesn't matter -- it's more or less the same? P.S. In Bangkok.
  10. once again: cambodian visa. for a year. which presumambly allows you to enter Thai as well. I'm not talking obtaining a thai visa at all.
  11. If I get a Cambo year visa for $300 will I be permitted to visit Thai? How often?
  12. then why does everyone recommend getting a new passport to mitigate the consequences of frequent visa run and a lot of tourist visas? have a new passport -- as you were to come here for 1st time from the officer's point of view.