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  1. Get ready! There'll be Thailand 0.4 soon
  2. When one opens a bank account in Cambodia, what's the main/default currency of it? USD? If it's USD, does this mean that I can freely send USD to it? And when I'm abroad and there's an ATM with USD, I could withdraw USD from my card, with no conversion?
  3. what is "free visa/stamp" on arrival they're reffering? I've never paid for a stamp of arrival. Exempt visa or what?
  4. I can't find any info anywhere about that. I don't have anymore the info card I bought my sim-card with. *blah-blah-blah-# ---> is what I'm looking for
  5. Or even on stamp exempt. They need a 1 year-visa. Or your intention to buy a condo if you're on a tourist visa.