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  1. No. The standard price - is the price which majority of people pay which is thai. No matter how you slice it, those farangs who justifiying the farang price being higher are morons who love being ripped off and have no respect to themselves.
  2. gibberish. According to you, in Thailand a discount is given to 95% of people -- thais. and the rest 5% -- farang, have no discount. what's the point of discount if it's given almost to everyone? It's not a discount then.
  3. There're special prices for farangs in Thailand which are about 20% higher than ones for thais. Don't get offended, it's normal, nothing personal... it's because you're an ATM handsome farang Alright. Are there countries where there're special, higher prices for thais as well?
  4. Kasikorn bank card. Penang, hsbc atm. I've used hsbc's atms in other countries including Penang -- no problem. This time I inserted the card and .... tadaaaam .... everything is in thai! No button to switch the language! Only 2 buttons -- balance and withdraw as I learned later. Why? Because those who possess a thai bank card must be thai and thus understand thai! I've gone mad. I used other atms in the hall -- the same thing. I asked a manager -- "no switch a language functionality".
  5. Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi named among the world’s worst airports this will attract even more tourists to Thailand.
  6. yes, but there's a tiny detail here: it has to be controlled by a human. which allows a human to have a job and be paid for it. whereas AI won't require a human's control at all.
  7. show your view. by government I meant the high class; by people - the middle and low classes.
  8. UBI -- sure. 1) At the moment the government needs people because they do jobs. 2) At the moment people needs the government because it pays them money. They both needs each other. At the moment. 3) When the government has robots who will do all jobs instead of people, why on Earth the government would want to pay people UBI? For what reason? becuase it'd suddenly become kind and just? The government won't need people anymore.
  9. yes, more time to watch cats on youtube and eat junk food who the we? are you sure you'll be given access to those robots? at best you'll have basic income which will be just enough for you to buy food so you won't die. and robots will serve elites.
  10. have we ever had AI? AI - isn't a stupid machine which is controlled by a human.
  11. suppose, machines have replaced thais. whom those machines will create value for? who'll need their services? who'll be able to pay for them? unemployed thais with no jobs and money?
  12. arrived. I left Thailand in the evening and it arrived right the next morning to my hotel.
  13. I ordered a small parcel from my country. It left it a few days ago. I could track it while it was in my country by a track number, but not in Thailand. I've tried, but it wasn't found Maybe it's being shipped via Hong Kong? I have no idea. The thing is that I'm leaving Thailand in a couple of days. Where to look for it and how to speed it up?
  14. The website How come it works in Thailand, as well as in other countries of SEA, allows posting free and paid advertisements but ... there're no contact details, no name of the company, no nothing. Probably there's no company behind it. Is it allowed to work like that? Is it legal?
  15. Is Tiger's herb sold somewhere in fresh markets? I've seen only in JJ for 30 baht. Too expensive and rare. I want to buy it a lot and on a regular basis. Where can I find it?