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  1. If you ask a thai about a route to somewhere he's unaware about, you'll tell you how to get there. The fact that a place may be in the opposite direction and you'll waste your time and effort doesn't matter to him.
  2. Sorry for what? Ok, you've been forgiven :)
  3. it's been 500 baht for thousands of years already
  4. In general. Where is it easy, where has it become hard?
  5. Yes Which office -- do you mean a city it's in?
  6. I heard there has been a crackdown on getting a documention for your address confirmation from immigration for 500 baht, if you're a tourist. Meaning, you'll have to bring with you some additional documents from an owner of a condo where you're staying, or from a hotel. Something like that. Is that the case? Or can a tourist still easily get an address confirmation document for 500 baht officially, in 1 day, as before, with no effort?
  7. Is one who has working visa deemed resident of Thailand?
  8. chado

    Business visa, questions

    I'm not retired and not over 55 this year? A youtube blogger shot a video a couple of months ago. And the fact it was well possible to get 1 year biz visa easily by paying $300. He's knowlegeble in this very topic.
  9. chado

    Business visa, questions

    I'm not retired. What do I need to get the biz visa?
  10. chado

    Business visa, questions

    1) Is getting 1-year biz visa as easy as paying $300? I pay and I get it, all legal and official, no additional documents, right? 2) After I've gotten it, what my status becomes: a cambodian biz/company owner or still a tourist? if the 1st option, do they give me some additional biz documents? 3) Do more bank become inclined to open an account for me if I have a biz visa?
  11. where did you get that diagram from?
  12. Is there such a bank in Singapore? Without a hell amount of money for a deposit. I need fresh info, for 2018. And not a theory that it's possible.
  13. how can beijing be only 65? it's one of the most pollutated cities on Earth.