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  1. what if I told them that I want to buy a condo and therefore I need a bank account? Later after I have an account I might change my mind about buying a condo.
  2. I took a flight from Don Muang to Yangon and there hasn't been nothing related to bag checking whatsoever: neither weight, nor size. I haven't seen anyone's bag being checked at all. Not only on my flight, but at all. Funny, that I saw some people with pretty big bags. Is it better apart from web check in, load in a plan in the end of queue? Just in case they'd want to weigh my bags or measure the size?
  3. I have a usd card. Which ATM is the best one in terms of exchange rates and fees?
  4. Not really: no streetfood -> more people without a job and being able to make a living -> more ex steet vendor women would have to find other way to make a living -> some of them would have to become a prostitute, at least do it from time to time. How else can it be?
  5. You've confused cause and effect.
  6. I'll tell you a secret: you can ask them not put sugar and msg. No thanks.
  7. I think they should do it, the more horrible -- the better. they'll see the consequences of their regulations pretty soon -- decline of tourists, more poverty and .... cheaper prostitutes as a result.
  8. They clearly have too tmany tourists who love Thailand. It's time to get rid of them by banning street food.
  9. Can I buy a simcard in Yangon without presenting my passport and if yes, where and which?
  10. web check in, that is, check in in advance but without checking it a laggage, won't help, will it?
  11. right, but still there're some banks where it's easier to open an account regardless on a branch and city.
  12. In which bank, except Kasikorn, is it easy to open an account? That is, with tourist visa and preferably with a small deposit.