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  1. The "amber gamblers" are everywhere now. People running through red lights (2 or 3 seconds after changing). Motorbikes going before the light is green. Expect severe carnage.
  2. Danny Mac is a presenter on Pattaya TV. So I would find it hard to believe that he has no WP. Also he speaks fluent Thai and has had a YouTube blog teaching English for a long as my wife has been watching it.Probably the reason he got the job with Pattaya TV. Fair play to him for having the balls which so many people on here don't seem to have to use his status in Social Media to highlight what many people know is bad about Thailand. I hope that it ends well for him.
  3. But what would your measured punishment response be in this instance? Physical assault.
  4. Bartman1369

    Survey reveals little faith in Thai justice system

    A justice system is only as good as the police force making the initial prosecution. When most offences can be "bought away" they never even reach the courts
  5. There is a big difference between willing and coercion.
  6. There is a monstrous difference between a man of around 18 years okd having sex with a 15 year okd girl and a middleaged man paying for sex with a 15 year old girl. Anyone who can condone any action IMO is as sick as this man who is niw in custody.
  7. Maybe 15 years is the age of consent. But 18 is they age of consent for selling sex (unofficially because this is illegal in Thailand )
  8. Bartman1369

    Help police catch this thief!

    Do you mean the same as the ones wearing uniforms?
  9. Bartman1369

    stop feeding street dogs

    Wait until someone gets bitten by one of these ferrule muts and contracts Rabies. As if statistics are to believed 80% of have it. I have had to avoid many agressive street dogs. Especially at early evening or night time when they form into their packs and energetic. The are left to fight among themselves and some will experience painful deaths. I saw one street dog last week with half of its mouth hanging off, presumably from a regular territorial fight. Probably now dead in a ditch from infection. Many of these dogs have these battle scars. How is this being compassionate? ?
  10. Most taxis in the world are fitted as standard with central locking. Preventing the passenger running without paying. This cannot be bypassed by the passenger.