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  1. But what would your measured punishment response be in this instance? Physical assault.
  2. Survey reveals little faith in Thai justice system

    A justice system is only as good as the police force making the initial prosecution. When most offences can be "bought away" they never even reach the courts
  3. There is a big difference between willing and coercion.
  4. There is a monstrous difference between a man of around 18 years okd having sex with a 15 year okd girl and a middleaged man paying for sex with a 15 year old girl. Anyone who can condone any action IMO is as sick as this man who is niw in custody.
  5. Maybe 15 years is the age of consent. But 18 is they age of consent for selling sex (unofficially because this is illegal in Thailand )
  6. Help police catch this thief!

    Do you mean the same as the ones wearing uniforms?
  7. stop feeding street dogs

    Wait until someone gets bitten by one of these ferrule muts and contracts Rabies. As if statistics are to believed 80% of have it. I have had to avoid many agressive street dogs. Especially at early evening or night time when they form into their packs and energetic. The are left to fight among themselves and some will experience painful deaths. I saw one street dog last week with half of its mouth hanging off, presumably from a regular territorial fight. Probably now dead in a ditch from infection. Many of these dogs have these battle scars. How is this being compassionate? ?
  8. Most taxis in the world are fitted as standard with central locking. Preventing the passenger running without paying. This cannot be bypassed by the passenger.
  9. The biggest problem here is that different immigration centres don't share information. I give my detail at BKK then go to make a 30 day extension for 1900 baht in October at Jomtien. They said that my home owner hadn't registered me as staying there. I had been there 5 months already. So they looked on their computer and I was still registered at my previous address despite being through BKK ON several occasions and declaring my new address on the arrival card. For this I was fined a further 1600 baht. In December I had to extend my visa again but this time I was in Bangkok. I went to the immigration near Don Mueng. They didn't even ask for proof of address. Different rules for different areas!!!
  10. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    OMG. What's next??? A pool table license. Closely followed by a license to breath Thai air? 555
  11. Maybe a similar name to someone else who is on the reject list prompted the question. To which as, someone quoted earlier should have been no for such a minor offence 25 years ago. Then if you get caught out you plead ignorance. Now he is on the deportees list it will be more difficult to get in next time. Did he have a proper tourist visa or only Visa on Arrival. Applying at his local embassy first should clarify if he is ableto enter the country or not.
  12. No situation gives anyone the right to drive in such a way to endanger other people's lives. Speed is one thing, dangerous driving as seen in this video is a completely different thing.
  13. I think that they have no concept of how much money is generated by the girls at the low levels of economic poverty. They should just speak to the banks about ATM withdrawals in the major tourist resorts.
  14. Pra Khanong massage parlour raided for sex trafficking

    However if they are under 18 it is exploitation.
  15. Not in Pattaya, where it is impossible to get a meter taxi. I I don't know anyone in visited or stayed here being being able to do the same.