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  1. I think that they have no concept of how much money is generated by the girls at the low levels of economic poverty. They should just speak to the banks about ATM withdrawals in the major tourist resorts.
  2. Pra Khanong massage parlour raided for sex trafficking

    However if they are under 18 it is exploitation.
  3. Not in Pattaya, where it is impossible to get a meter taxi. I I don't know anyone in visited or stayed here being being able to do the same.
  4. Traffic authorities claim success as deaths down 11%

    "However, Sirichan said the higher arrest rate contributed to behavioural adjustment and encouraged drivers to be more careful and respect traffic laws when they were behind the wheel. " Now theres a surprise. "He added that officers had to strictly enforce traffic laws throughout the year to make people afraid of the consequences of drunk driving, as Thailand’s roads were still the most dangerous in the world and drunk driving remained a prominent factor in road accidents throughout the year." So if they do their job all year round things will improve? No shit Sherlock. I would like to see the regional breakdown. I have seen hundreds of farrang (with some Thai) being targeted in Partaya for helmets license and even heard about pee tests. But how does this deal with the speeding and carnage on the expressways? Also we hear the largest victims of this are motorcyclists. This is easy to believe for so many reasons. Stupid driving - yes. The fragile nature of a cyclists compared to a large crazy driving truck. No licenses. Poor road safety awareness of all vehicles. But typically the motorcyclists will usually be the victim first.
  5. I thought the same as you. Number 1 should read "after" instead of "before" to be opposite.
  6. Search Pattaya Taxi on FB.
  7. best place to exchange british pounds for baht

    TT Money exchange soi Jomtien typically IMO has the best rates. Also not every TT gives the same rates. Still better to shop around. I would always recommend friends to bring their local cash and change here. Much better rates than banks and ATM's.
  8. This will always be the case, however in a civilised less visibly corrupt country we have systems to complain about poor police behaviour. Called the PCC police complaints commission. Whilst they are being investigated they will be suspended then probably dismissed if the offense is serious enough and maybe even prison. Here it needs social media outcry for anything to be done then they are transferred to inactive duties until the media dies down then they can return to work. The punishment must fit the crime.
  9. Although I don't personally like Bangkok and choose to live in Pattaya. When I have visited BKK and wandered around the streets at all hours I have never felt threatened in anyway. The only safety concerns would be mostly either traffic or infrastructure poor maintenance. Not a good survey IMO.
  10. Not always possible. I have lived in Jomtein for 2 years now. You ask the taxi and he wants 200 baht for 1.5 km. you try to negotiate and get nowhere. The only other taxis nearby are his buddies all waiting to do the same. So they keep their own prices high.
  11. Someone repeated a story to me the other day about the person in Europe responsible for the Blue ribbon (or equivelant for clean beaches) saying the water in Pattaya was so dirty that he wouldn't even want to put his boat into it.
  12. Normally they come in search of dirty Beaches. ;-)
  13. My experiences with metered taxis are shameful. Worst one being. :- I had to travel to the airport so booked my Bus from Jomtien station for the next day. The Morning of travelling I went the hive 2nd road opposite Atlantis condo in the pouring rain to book a taxi for 2 km to go to the bus station 1 hour later. Agreed the 200 baht begrudgingly. Waited for my taxi which never turned up and had to go out in the rain again to ask where was my Taxi? had to use a different taxi but at least this time they arrived at the door of my condo. Arrived at the bus station 5 minutes late for my paid for bus ticket. Then I had to pay 1800 baht to get to the Airport. I could have travelled direct to the airport from my Condo for 1200. Hence the reason I share the same level of annoyance of Extremely lazy Pattaya taxi drivers. There is almost always 5 drivers sat there at any 1 time and this is not a busy shopping centre. They are probably waiting for Chinese customers from the Pattaya Beach Hotel. I don't believe though it is the taxi drivers that are choosing not to use their meters. I think that it instructed upon them by "Their Godfathers".
  14. If anyone even slightly believes anything will change then we are all very mistaken. The Government said they would fix this 18 months ago. I even saw some police and a camera crew at the Soi watboon Roundabout making a video about meter taxis. Nothing changed and ever will. I have used Uber once to travel the length of Theprassit an illegal working baht bus wanted 200 baht Uber want 90. Where is the website or email address to send your taxi complaints to??? If they want an increased fare rate so be it but use the meter. All they want to do is sit around all day and wait for a unknowing farrang to charge minimum 200 baht. Bring back UBER. In China they use something similar to Grab Cab and it works well. Only problem I can't use it because it is only in Chinese. Del amitri "Nothing ever happens" !!!
  15. Dangerous place if you p!$$ off the wrong people. My gf is always warning me about my occasional road rage outbursts.