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  1. zombie bug, must be
  2. sand th

    Help to find BKK Clothing Supplier

    pratunam( platinum) , sampheng jj market , plenty of wholesale or google clothes + "ขายส่ง กทม" then contact the shop owner
  3. sand th

    Average Thai woman shoe size?

    what the hell so vary can be from4 34-42 (EU)
  4. sand th

    Lazada Thailand

    been using lazada and paying by internet banking( scb) for 2 years, never one have a prb. nor return stuffs kerry been very good service since day 1 til now, never heard of Angola dont even how that come up
  5. me and friend looking for condo around sukhumvit rd. area, met the foriegn agency from various rental website, i dont know whether if he s indian or pakistani or whatsover, the way he talk to us was so trashy rude uneducate and insulting. How these ppls be able to work as agency, are they have any work permit or can we trust them. He happend to ask some personal document tho. Should i go talk about this with the police.