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  1. Keeping journalists at bay was another brilliant idea. They did everything just right. Kudos and thank you !
  2. AL


    FRENCH to FRENCH: don’t get a wrong idea about Thai loving French food. Very few do go to French restaurant and those odd ones won’t pick a fast food for a gourmet fare. We tend to believe the FRENCH prestige is still what it used to be. Better make a soft landing now than a crash later. Go ahead with your project, not easy but not impossible, but unless you are Louis Vuitton or L’Oreal don’t count on your broken English and an Eiffel Tower in your window for an instant success. Bonne chance !
  3. I am afraid the same applies to most pickups drivers : they don't see the pedestrians.
  4. The land snail shown on the picture is one of the 100 most invasive species in the world. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lissachatina_fulica The dead corals have been taken inland and used for thousands of years by the indigenous population with not issues for the environment.
  5. AL

    Urgent coach safety warning

    There are roughly 50 millions motorbikes, cars, vans and bus drivers who do not meet safety standards in the country. Addressing this issue is the priority.
  6. Hot ice cream sales girl Lumix TZ100