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  1. Meanwhile, back on Earth. millions of people are starving and have limited access to fresh water. Mr Trump , the queues for the soup kitchens throughout the US get longer and you are happy to let these boffins waste millions looking for what ? Use the technology to enhance life here on Earth .
  2. '' Behind the wheel of a turbo Toyota van called the “flying pig” for speeds'' ....... without a seat belt ?
  3. Will the true total of those killed include those who succumb to their injuries sustained in those accidents ?
  4. I've seen 'Select low gear' signs at the top of steep hills to warn the drivers. Bus and lorry companies get a grip and educate your 'drivers'. Highways department sort yourselves out .
  5. Our local police are happy to see youngsters and teenagers 'ambush' passing motorcyclists with buckets of water during Songkran. ........ four on a bike, no helmets, no licence...... driven by a kid not old enough to have a licence. Perhaps the bus 'driver' had difficulty seeing out of his windscreen which, if it was anything like other buses, was covered in stickers and other paraphernalia . Many countries call on the expertise of other countries for advice on how they maintain their high road safety measures. Are you listening Mr DPM ?
  6. Humpy

    Video: Pattaya 1994

    An excellent video on how not to drive. So since 1994 there appears to be no improvement in the driving skills that I can see.
  7. Humpy

    Video: Pattaya will be Thailand's "Miami"

    I remember tons of sand being dumped along the shoreline and it disappeared in no time with the help of nature's tides !!!
  8. Humpy

    More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    April 1st already ?
  9. Perhaps he was searching for his wallet and ATM card !!!!!
  10. So how close to the 'incident' were the 'hundreds' of people ? Did they actually see the copulation or was it a simulation ? Who , other than Chinese tourists queuing to para-sail, would be on the beach at that time of day ? How many other perverts filmed the event and did they have a zoom lens to record more detail to prove the act ? The ' hundreds' who spent all of 31 seconds viewing this spectacular event must have been a little disappointed and perhaps would have wished for a longer performance . Was there any applause from the 'hundreds' who saw this news worthy event ?Detailed evidence would be required in a court of law to prove that sex took place.
  11. She can come and coach me any day !
  12. But was the ashtray attached to a 2 foot metal stand with a heavy base ? !!!
  13. Can somebody please produce a simple map of where this fire started.......... in relation to Happy-a GoGo !!?
  14. Just take a look at the overweight students sitting outside the school waiting for their lift home. Nearly all are sucking from a pint plastic bottle of coke whilst manipulating their iPhone with the other hand. Meanwhile, more students queue up at the many fast food stalls lined up outside the school ready for the exodus...... and across the road is the 7-11 bursting with hungry students. However, I notice that many of the overweight students still manage to scramble up the ladder to the roof of the school bus when it arrives . With the hours that these students spend playing with their iPhones is there any wonder why so many are obese ?........ too busy on their 'FatBook' ... as I call it !!
  15. Having read nearly all the comments on this terrible accident I notice no reference to the song thaew's windscreen covered in stickers. Perhaps a good many Thai Visa readers have much the same on their car windows and 'lucky' charms hanging from their rear view mirrors........ not forgetting the heavily tinted windows all round. I was in a slow moving traffic flow when a car was waiting to join from a side road. To get a better view of the tail back he wound down his heavily tinted window and he was wearing sunglasses. !!