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  1. The bikes are as bad as the 10 ton lorries with their dustbin sized exhausts. The bikes and lorries can be heard for at least 2 km before and after passing through our village. As usual the police do nothing about it and the locals are afraid to complain.
  2. Promote that officer immediately....... for his sense of humor !
  3. Humpy

    Phichit man drowns in concrete jar

    The 'jar'or 'container' is known as an 'ong' here in the NE .
  4. My local police chief visited my house yesterday to take pics of me and the wife and my passport and retirement visa......... Other guys around here had similar visits......... anybody else had visits ?
  5. So what was the name of the hotel ? Good reporting, let the public stay there and find out for themselves how crappy the place is. No doubt H&S have been informed...... what H&S I hear you cry ?!!!
  6. Rightly deserved..... enjoy your stay in prison. ''Well respected '' ... who writes that garbage ?
  7. ...''won't meddle ''........ what with... some other Army Major's wife !! ?
  8. Don't go to London, unless you want to stabbed, have acid throw in your face or mugged or be frowned upon for calling snowmen 'snowmen' instead of 'snowpersons'... OK ? Sun Newsrag and Which..... get a life.
  9. Humpy

    Pattaya specific advice, please...

    They banned smoking in Go-Go bars years ago....... but you still leave smelling like an ashtray. Smoking is a bit like homosexuality ie to be conducted in private between consenting adults !
  10. Humpy

    ‘Big Joke’ to continue with crackdown

    I just wonder how the guys that use the '' No savings, No income, No problem'' Visa agents ,are going to manage when they next renew their Visa !!
  11. ''Men warned to be alert when visiting pubs and clubs''...... why ? Surely there are plenty of Lerts around Thailand already !!
  12. Had the British seen fit to 'visit' all those years ago the Thai standards of English would have been on a par with Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India etc etc . I wonder why the British decided not to 'visit' !!?
  13. ....and could 7/11 please switch off the annoying '' Bing Bong '' which welcomes you enter and as you leave. I feel sorry for the cashier who stands 1.5 meters from it for the whole of their shift. Tesco Lotus Mini's ''BING BONG'' is even louder !! H&S where are you ?
  14. 'Govt implores youth to use their skills constructively' and not to poke the baffles out of their motorbikes !!