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  1. The girls could have worn bikinis , which would have made the report more interesting !
  2. What are the rules/law for watching adult material anyway ?
  3. ....and not a ping pong special show tout to be seen !!
  4. ''In Japan ALL roadusers drive the same direction on a lane...why is that too complicated for the Thai????? '' The reason why is because the Thai driver cannot be bothered to cross the carriageways or go to a 'U' turn further up the road and prefers to drive/cycle against the traffic flow !!
  5. They wouldn't do it on Pattaya's beach........ because there isn't one LOL !!!
  6. What a pity they can't 'strictly enforce ' the ban on drivers without a licence, insurance or tax. .....or motorcyclists without helmets, licence, insurance, having 3 or more on the bike or being underage...... and not forgetting the modified exhausts...... and driving against the flow of traffic... and lorries with dustbin sized exhausts and windscreens festooned with stickers and ecclesiastical knickknacks...... . But buy a can of beer ? .... shocking, absolutely terrible and an utterly despicable crime !!!! Can you imagine the disappointment of tourists, having flown 12 hours to get here, to find they can't have a beer ?
  7. I , and no doubt many thousands more, are fed up to the back teeth with this cave rescue. Let the kids get on with their lives .
  8. ''extremely difficult operation in which a single mistake could spell catastrophe. '' ....it did...... like entering the cave with insufficient air in the tank for the task.
  9. Make a movie !!! have these Ministries got nothing better to do ? Let these kids get on with their lives which were saved. Many more kids have been killed on the roads since this episode to rescue the thirteen and who gives a [email protected]#n about educating road users ?
  10. ...oh please..... not in the monsoon season again !!!
  11. ....well that should sort out the plastic bag problem in that area !!
  12. So when I go to the market to buy 3 kgs of cow afterbirth do I have to take a plastic bucket with me and two more buckets for the fish heads and bamboo soup.... ? Plastic bags are on sale in most markets !!! Anyway, nice to see this 'declaration of war' on plastic bags...... perhaps it might be as successful as the efforts to get motorcyclists to wear helmets , have a licence, insurance and be old enough to ride one.
  13. Musk :- '' a glandular secretion from an animal '' ...... says it all really !
  14. Humpy

    Street-racer crackdown nets 203 arrests

    These brain dead gofers are the same in every village and town throughout Thailand. How can one expect the police to 'crack down' on these hooligans when the police can't get riders to wear helmets. Surely local police chiefs should be ordered to get their men to do their job or be fired.
  15. Humpy

    Forum to discuss same-sex marriage

    Same -sex marriage OK , but adopting a baby is against the infants human rights .