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  1. Take a look at the 'sidewalk' restaurants around Pattaya. The cafe on the corner of Pattaya 2nd road and soi Diana has erected a wall along the kerb so as to give more seating !!!
  2. 'SCB research centre predicts 650,000 jobs taken over by robots in the next 12 years' A bit like the 650,000 drones buzzing around delivering the week's groceries !!!
  3. Whenever the election happens and there's no entertainment all the Thais have to do is get a few crates of beer in , get stoned and forget to vote ....simple.
  4. So this chap has been living in Thailand for 30 years. So arriving here aged 32 he had sufficient funds to live on for thirty years. Must have had a good job back home !!
  5. Are the cop's pink shorts part of a new move towards neutral gender uniforms I wonder ?
  6. I wouldn't walk around parts of Swindon after sunset. I lived in Pattaya for 10 years and have been in Isaan for 10 years and have not seen any violence.
  7. Yet another inked up dork........ came here for a 'bike week'...... how jolly of him. Amazing how a retirement visa can be had at the drop of hat at these 'visa' shops.
  8. Noisy Motorbike Exhausts

    Last year a village headman went to ask the parents to get their son to stop making the loud noise with his motorbike exhaust . The headman was hit on the head by another family member and died. Perhaps this is why the village headmen are reluctant to make any attempt to stop the anti social behavior of these brain dead gofers. The police have no interest in stopping these idiots.
  9. Subaru Buy and Owning in Chiang Mai

    Check out the 3 ltr ISUZU range of SUVs first ....... better performance all round .
  10. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    .... but it's OK to ride a motorbike with three on board , no licence, no insurance , no helmets and silencer with the baffles poked out !!!!....or drive a car with blue front side lights and broken rear light clusters..... and the list goes on. Tourists around the world are going to have second thoughts about visiting Thailand. Ban the Go-Go bars and then wait for the drop in tourism revenue. No doubt the PM will be raising this very important issue in his weekly TV chat !
  11. Dangerous ? what do you mean dangerous ? !!!!! Time for these bus drivers to be sorted out and the kids shown the dangers of hanging on the rear of buses or riding on the roof ! Perhaps a picture of 6 kids in wheelchairs after being crushed by a rear end shunt might make them think twice. OK, maybe not....... TIT.
  12. Get rid of tinted widows, ecclesiastical nick-knacks dangling from rear view mirrors , windscreen and rear window stickers of all sorts blocking the drivers view . Rear view mirrors for all motorcycles and only two persons with helmets, on the bike. Road safety instruction in all schools. Better signage at roundabouts well before the roundabout and not on the roundabout ! The reason for the double and broken yellow road makings must be made clear. A 15 second TV road safety 'advert' should be shown with clips of idiot drivers and riders ... and the crash results including the mangled and lifeless bodies . (The TV road safety tips should not shown during the PM's weekly chat because very few watch it !!)
  13. She is showing less flesh than that which can be seen at the beach or the scantly clad girls outside the go-go bars in Walking street. I'm the PM's weekly TV hit show will include comment on this important issue !
  14. Not doubt the brain dead gofers , roaring around the highways and village roads on their motorbikes with the exhausts cut off, don't fall into the 'hooning' category !
  15. How and where do I apply for an International Driving Licence ?