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  1. you only see "I" and not "YOU", so obviously i am speaking "for myself"...you being a big time Platinum member i would have expected a reply greater than that of a 5 year old. ah, maybe 7...
  2. "hate speech" is a label invented by the libtards/progressives to shut down free speech using a very wide brush...i have read many articles of people so labeled and have not noticed hate, certainly divergent social/political views tho... I believe what this woman said is more rage related and shows her latent feelings surfacing about the mass immigration of the third world into the western based white Canadian society...humans are basically tribal and anyone who looks or speaks differently is automatically suspect...anyone who denies this is only playing the pc game
  3. Hi all, I have a cyst on my throat and really need a specialist evaluation as to a course of action...i really don't have any idea who might be a good choice... I am hoping someone here can give me a bit of guidance...i live in BKK and would prefer somewhere other than the high end hospitals, as i don't have a fat bank acct and no insurance...please help!!! thanks much?
  4. So, i can come and go as much as i like until June 2019 without a re-entry permit, as long as i return within that one year period...if i return on the last day before expiry, i will be granted another "extra" year, but during that year i will need a re-entry permit each time i leave...otherwise i lose my O-A visa... i do appreciate your detailed info? thanks much!!!
  5. i guess i don't understand the process...you say you submitted your 90 day report on the 90th day...then you had to come back a week later and submitted an extension of stay...what has that to do with the 90 reporting?? i'm a bit confused, sorry
  6. thank you for your reply? i thought i am supposed to do the 90 report somewhat before or after the 90 days...if after, how much time after do i report? my visa expires June 2019...do you mean i can come and go as much as i like until then, without providing any special form to Immigration at the airport?
  7. Hi all...i hope someone here can give me some guidance... i just recently returned to Thailand with a OA visa acquired in NZ, altho i have made many many trips here on a tourist visa for the last 5 years... my concerns now are... 1) how and where do i do the 90 day report...i live in BKK, just off Pattanakarn Rd, Soi 25 2) my Thai wife and i are in a rented apt for the last 2 years...it seems now that the owner will need to complete some form for immigration?? 3) my OA visa is multiple entry, but i think there is a form to need to supply to Immigration when i depart back to NZ periodically... i'm looking forward to helpful replies... cheers

    Apply for US social security

    Same here?...a first for me, so more than special!!!...i'll certainly not have any excuse for being one of those bored old guys? if you take a look at an earlier reply, you will see much of the criteria...the only doubt i might have is for a person living in Thailand with a retirement visa...not sure if that qualifies as an official type residency...in my case i will be applying from New Zealand which i am a citizen as well...

    Apply for US social security

    newborn is my case as well...and yes, it seems SS child benefits are available if you meet the criteria...the amt is 50% of your monthly SS retirement benefit...good luck!!!

    Apply for US social security

    my young daughter has US, NZ, and Thai passports...i will ring SSA now that i have a bit for info...again thanks for you help?

    Apply for US social security

    Hi Pip...thank you for your help...as i read the residency requirements, since i am a US citizen who has lived in the States for 50 years and am resident of a country(NZ) which does not have an SS agreement with the US, it would seem i do qualify for dependent child SS payments... what do you think?? cheers, James

    Apply for US social security

    Hi UbonJoe...as i will shortly be in the position to look at collecting SS children's benefits, i am wondering why it is not easy to collect here in Thailand... i hope you are able to give me a "heads up" regarding this... cheers