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  1. Phuket rental agent fees

    What have you got in Phuket OP?
  2. Renting

    Thanks everyone for your responses. We have heard good things about Welta. We are thinking we will spend some time looking around ourselves and spend a day or two with an agent just to compare what is on offer. @phuketrichard Are you posting on TA forum too? Im sure we will find something we like. Just didnt want to be ripped off. We only want to pay whats fair (If that's even possible) Any other thoughts would be appreciated
  3. Need a babysitter

  4. Renting

    Hey forumites Just wondering if you can help with the intricacies of getting a rental property without being taken for a ride. I have been told the following and am just wondering if people could share their experiences. Im looking at 6+ months rental in South Phuket starting low season for a 2 or 3 bed fully furnished villa/house/condo. Min 150sqm with pool (shared ok). Not too old. Budget 45k per month 1. Dont use realestate agents on the web they charge way overs and are dodgy and that tend to charge upto 50% more. 2. Dont trust realestate agents they will rip you off (apparently Thai ones are ok) 2. Book when you arrive. (Seems common sense) 3. Its easier to drive around the area you like, call the number on the gate of the house for rent and deal directly with owners and then you can barter on price and inclusions. 4. Ask at local shops and restaurants if any of the locals know of any places for rent. So..... how accurate is this summation How hard can you barter in general for realestate are we talking 10% 20% 50% from the asking price. Obviously dont want to offend people by offering 30k a month for a property listed/asked at 60k for example. Are there that many properties for rent that its a renters market (especially in low season) and are people getting desperate to get their property rented. Should electricity and water be included in an agreement. Thanks for reading and thanks for helping with info.
  5. Car Rental Insurance Policy

    Thanks everyone for your responses. I can go ahead and book the car with confidence knowing that I will be fully covered in the case of an at fault accident providing We are under the legal BAC in Thailand. Top notch.
  6. Car Rental Insurance Policy

    Yes there is 5k baht deductible. I was more concerned about coverage for the other parties damage
  7. Car Rental Insurance Policy

    Excuse my ignorance. This will cover repairs to the others motor vechile or motorbike?
  8. Car Rental Insurance Policy

    Hey Im looking at renting a car in Phuket and have been sent an insurance policy. Was just wondering if someone can advise if it is in fact FIRST CLASS insurance. What do I need to look for to ensure the coverage I receive in in fact FIRST class. I want coverage for our and the other vechile/motorbike if I have an AT FAULT accident. I am told by the rent car company it is First Class but I am unsure what to exactly look for. Thanks everyone
  9. Sensive Hill Resort, Kathu. Rental

    Hey guys thanks for the responses, the Villa was 40k per month. We have since decided against it and will now find something once we arrive.
  10. Hello First time poster so sorry to intrude.... My wife and I have been looking at renting a villa at Sensive Hill Resort in Kathu for 8 month next year. We are looking at a 3 bedroom villa with house keeping two times per week. Elec charged at gov rates, water 500b per month and internet and cable 499b per month. We have done our research and feel the agent offering the rental is legitimate. We have also had a freind whom has been to the property to check it out on our behalf. (His feedback was positive) We have 2 children aged 1 and 3 and are aware of the stairs ect and are planning on renting a car. Our friend hasn't had dealings with the Resort directly and we were just wondering if anyone here could shed some light what this place is really like..... Online sites only show reviews from 2014 and their website doesnt work, nobody answers the resorts phone when I call so we are thinking it is for long term rentals. If anyone could help us with advice it would be good. Thanks
  11. Hello. We have been in contact with an agent in Phuket and have had a friend in Kathu look at a property in this resort for an 8 month rental nexy year over high season. The property is 3 bed 3 bath. 160sqm, is fully furnished and has house keeping 2 times a week for 40k baht a month. Has anyone stayed here or used an agent called Stephane Quazzola. We like the look of the place and locarion suits us. Has anyone had dealings with with either the resort or agent mentioned above and could offer us some advice on what both are like. We are an Aussie family of 4 with 2 small children aged 1 and 3 and will have car rental arranged. Thaks heaps