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  1. Too young to think about financial stuff but looking for stability ? So finally the only real reason to leave is that you fear the future ?
  2. How hot are your HDD and SSD getting

    How many percent of buyers need more than 256 or 512 ? But still stupid brands sell stupid HDD that are the cause of 90% of windows and computer OS failures. It's so funny that some sales persons at computer stores don't even know the benefits of SSD, ridiculous them. Then some people ask me why I refuse to talk to any seller in this country, before having made my own choice.
  3. I want to buy a good mattress.

    Also correct. Nice to meet someone who understands this world. Doesn't happen often.
  4. Benz Typical Discount Percent

    Impossible with a new model. Maybe with an older one, but still I don't believe.
  5. Ridiculous. And I am trying to be polite.
  6. I am so happy when someone has enough balls (or not enough brain :-) ) to break stupid laws. I hope he has a lot more money and is rich enough to pay his way out !
  7. Hello, anybody knows if the first ferry at 7am in the morning to koh chang will be crowded on saturday and sunday ? Thank you.
  8. What are they doing to their customers ?
  9. Police check combined with an accident

    Farang volunteers ? I don't even open my window until someone with a real life come to talk to me.
  10. Police check combined with an accident

    It's just that the weekly policde check in front of the high-way police station @Sukhumvit 73 has moved to Sukhumvit 87 Where exactly ?
  11. How hot are your HDD and SSD getting

    Someone is still using HDD in 2017 ?
  12. Benz Typical Discount Percent

    In your dreams.
  13. I want to buy a good mattress.

    Or you can use Bangkok personal shopper service.
  14. This is the only smart solution but it seems that many still don't understand, Let alone Thai :-)