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  1. Unfortunately for you, you are not in position to decide anything for me, so I do what I want, and I could even pay and elite visa because 500k is kind of free for me. So as you can see, the one who will first shut he door behind him is you, not me...
  2. But anybody can use it ? Even someone who never worked in Thailand ?
  3. I do not know about bikes but for cars it's clearly the best car wash that I have ever found in whole Thailand. Not just a banok car wash managed by someone who knows nothing and made by people who also know nothing, like 100% of them in Thailand.
  4. I also put IP cameras at all my properties and find it fun !
  5. Cheers, do you know how much a jobless Thai person has to pay for a health check in a public hospital ? Thank you.
  6. Is it the same price for a Thai who does not work ? How much to pay monthly ? Thank you.
  7. And before that I was 15 years on a tourist visa ! Love the rules here ! they are so easy to fuxx ! Only people who follow them get troubles !
  8. I comply with what I want and certainly not with stupid rules. Yes, I have something between my legs that many foreigners seem to miss in this country. And yes, I also don't care to have to leave the country if the rats are becoming too noisy.
  9. Are you sure ? It is like this for all court hearings ?
  10. Hello, Does the government offers a good health check for Thai ? Something cheap or free for unemployed Thai ? Do you have link of checks list or first hand experience ? If you just know that government does not offer anything good and that it's better to pay somewhere, please also tell me. Thank you.
  11. Depends on what you use at home :-)
  12. The only respectable burgers are the one that you cook at home with the best ingredients that no shop in this country will ever use. The sht meat they use, I do not even give it to my dogs.
  13. This government is not able to seize anybody accounts except for important cases. It almost never happen, and I feel sad for the OP to have met such a stupid person who have told this.
  14. Yes and you perfectly read all the posts from the people who had to spend a full day at least at immigration for something that should be done in 10 mns. I also do not like that any uniform visits me or even speaks to me when I have not decided. Life is so much easier by just leaving the country for a short trip 4 times a years. I never and will never report anything, better live in Cambodia.
  15. Be careful if you come from a smart country/state where it's legal: with the current stupidity in this country, I suspect that they will do more and more roadside urine tests to know if people drive after having smoked a joint 2 weeks ago ! Prepare your cash.