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  1. Call me cynical, but surely the onus is on the policy holder to know whether their insurance is valid [out of date] or not. I certainly do.
  2. GuiseppeD

    Wife won’t leave the apartment.

    Did you ever advise your friends that there's a big wide world outside of Patts, Patong and Bang Chang?
  3. Apologies for totally off topic, but is TV going to report the news about the four kids that 'fell' off a balcony which was all over the news this evening? Some strange stuff going down with the family live on national TV, too. Seems like luk kreung kids with possibly Swiss dad.
  4. GuiseppeD

    Wife won’t leave the apartment.

    Yes, in Pattaya or Patong. Do your friends ever venture outside of these dumps?
  5. Who knows? Clerical error, maybe. But if you read the story, this guy's insurance was definitely invalid. Anyway, would it make much difference if the insurance company had not given the green light in the first place?
  6. I was sort of interested in the concept of Airbnb years ago but decided against it after reading so many horror stories. Okay, you might get your money back but that's not much consolation when you've got to book up emergency accommodation at top rates. I'll stick to our usual international hotels that know how to do hospitality.
  7. GuiseppeD

    VIDEO: Beg-packers descend on Hua Hin

    I was going to laugh but thought it inappropriate. Really, are you serious?
  8. GuiseppeD

    Wife won’t leave the apartment.

    Where did you find all four girlfriends with exactly the same mental instability. This is some sort of record, surely?
  9. Seems like a nice guy and very positive. Though would appear that his insurance was invalid on this occasion, hence the insurance company not paying out. It is what it is.