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  1. Thanks! I'm reading a lot :) Not a knock against your work or lawn. I truly believe it is probably a good lawn in Thailand between the dirt, heat, and rain seasons and you work hard for it. I would just be too depressed to work and spend money on the lawn if that is what my effort gets me. Considering my minimal effort now leaves me with a perfect fescue-only lawn after pulling maybe 4 weeds a year on the edges of my property all season long... Compared to the dirt patches I see in my gf's pictures, your lawn is an oasis, haha.
  2. Coming from the US midwest, If that is what counts as beautiful grass, I'm putting landscape rock everywhere when I eventually have a home built. Rocks, fruit trees, raised beds for veggies. Done.
  3. Crazy how one can have completely different experiences. I'm 39 and have traveled in over 20 countries. I've spent 50 days in Thailand since Nov 2016 (Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Samui - and I can promise I'm not staying in my hotel or only traveling during daylight in these places...) and will spend 30 more in Aug/Sept in Pattaya and driving myself around Isaan... I would state in a heartbeat Thailand has been the safest country by far for a lone 30-ish year old male traveler. I can only think of 1 time I was even slightly nervous and that was walking from a club to my hotel in Chiang Mai when me and a girl I found had to walk by four 20 year old thais at 3:30am that were just hanging out. They definitely eyed me, but didn't say a word to me or the girl. I've been lost on the skytrain once, something has slipped out of a bag or my wallet twice... all returned to me on the spot by a passerby. I can't even think of a single time someone even started to act tough or say something to me on the street in Thailand. I mean, can many people name a single city in the world that would duplicate the feat of the corner Buddha shrine in Bangkok where no one steals the figurines from it? I can't think of a single city in the US where all those things would be gone within any 6 hour period of the day. And for the people that were 'scammed'. I can't even imagine how that's possible unless you're massively unintelligent/naive; but I would be willing to bet you'd also be scammed in your home country just as quickly with telemarketing scams or home remodels. I had to lookup what the jetski scam was - so it's just like car rental places in every country saying there was a ding that wasn't there before? Yeah, take a picture, that isn't unique to Thailand, but I guess I can see that happening and it would suck. Usually I have a local girl with me so maybe that's why I never feel hustled like some other posters with scams.
  4. Khao Kradong Soccer match/Car race if something is happening when you visit Phimai (may be bit of a drive) Wat Khao Angkhan then Phanom Rung/Prasat Muang Tam (may be a bit of a drive) They have some bars/discos (a few with ladies) like Speed, Bamboo Bar, Curve, Tawan Daeng, etc. (http://www.buriramtimes.com/nightlife-in-thani-alley-in-buriram/)
  5. Nice write-up on Tohsang Khongjiamagindfidnfidgniad. I got it for $58 a night after taxes for 3 nights (but that's in September, not exactly prime-time). Also good news about finding the town nearby. I can relax and enjoy a bit of scenery in the daytime, but I'll need an escape at night so the bar area you wrote about will at least let my eyes wander a little bit. I was thinking about staying 1 night in Sirindhorn, but I guess I'll skip that and just get an extra night in Ubon. Usually when I travel to cities, I'll pick one hotel for a few nights in one area, then 2nd hotel for a few nights in another part of town. However, throughout my hotel searches for Ubon, everything seems to be pretty well centered west or southwest of the airport. So far, I think I'll grab 2 nights At Come-Pang and 2 nights at V Hotel. I didn't think Rapeepan Ville or Suree Grand rooms looked as good that I see mentioned on here, and the locations are all within a 2-4km of each other in any case.
  6. Yeah, I do the breakfast alone thing from time to time. And then the gf says 'it's so hot' 20x that afternoon because we have to do things at 2pm.
  7. I'm leaning towards Tohsang Khongjiam. Also, I figure on the way out of Ubon city, I'll stop one night around Sirindhorn to look at the dam/reservoir so might as well stay the night out there instead of driving back and hour and then driving to Tohsang/Orchid resort. Any recommendations for Sirindhorn?
  8. Any consensus on Tohsang Khongjiam, Khong Chiam Orchid, or another hotel around ~2000baht on the Mekong in Ubon? I don't want to drive all the way up to Mukdahan, but more north or south of Khong Chiam is okay. I expect to spend about 3 nights out there.
  9. Hmm... steak, along with Mexican, I have found to be very very hit and (mostly) miss. Even the Australian beef is pretty shit compared to the US. I went through 5 places before I found a decent burger, I'm not willing to risk the inflated cost for an awful steak if the ground up stuff isn't even up to par :) Good thing I like a lot of Thai food; chicken strips or fish & chips would have gotten old quick.
  10. Thanks for the good advice. I was going to either wing it for each hotel except the one on the Mekong or not book until much closer, but I'll look for a room in Buriram now. Edit: Amari is already sold out, looking currently at Tulip Boutique ($32), Buritel Hotel ($22), Klim ($22), and Cresco ($53 - I don't mind spending the extra money, but looking at the pictures of the other rooms, this will probably get cut from the list). The ThaiGF has only made it up for breakfast a single time in like 35 nights of being with her so that is not a consideration. The pictures of Tulip & Buritel look pretty good and has the most review at Excellent marks on agoda. Klim is up there as well, but I don't think their rooms look as good as the other two. Picked Buritel on agoda - came to $26 (900 thb) a night after taxes.
  11. I think I got up to 20 and was bored silly by them. I was following an itinerary I got off the internet for Chiang Mai and cut out a whole day of wat-seeing not even half way through the first day. I only want to see the ancient ones/ruins at this point now.
  12. I'm torn on deciding to try to stop there or not. I read your post on an earlier thread that SantiSuk linked and the pictures look okay, but it seems like a lot of trouble to visit just for a vista view of green fields.
  13. Okay, you have Mexican food credibility now with being in Houston and knowing what TexMex is. Back on the list. And yes, same place on Soi 7 in Pattaya - Tequila Reef Cantina - it's the only Mexican place in Pattaya probably. So. Bad. It's like they tried to guess what Mexican food was by (trying) to recreate it by looking only at pictures.
  14. I don't think I can stomach trying Mexican food in Thailand ever again. Went to one place in pattaya and one place in Bangkok and well...it wasn't Mexican. It wasn't even edible. Don't think I'll be going to Outside Inn, but I grabbed the list of other places in case finding a place through google reviews doesn't treat me well when I am in Ubon.
  15. My favorite post I've ever read on thaivisa. I'll make a trip report thread when it's over and tag you on it to let you know what happened :) I am not a lonely farang that is easily swept away by the young, cute thai girl. I'm sure you describe the majority of fellas that visit, though, so I don't blame you for your warning/post.