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  1. H508

    What makes Thailand so unique?

    I've been to Thailand 4 times in the last two year and have visited 14 different provinces (most throughout Issan). Those 2 videos do not inspire me to visit those places at all. As a direct focus of those advertisements, I have to say TAT failed miserably in their campaign... Decent drone footage, horrible text overlay, uninspired stories.
  2. I live in the US and my fiancé is getting a US visa - the divorce decree I had to submit to USCIS had to be an official version, not a copy. I still live close to the same county the divorce was filed in so I ran up to the courthouse to get 2 official documents. You can also pay more to buy it online and mail it to you if you can't go to the county courthouse. No idea what Thailand would need, but I would imagine official version as well as a document that you have to get translated in Thai.
  3. H508

    Khon Kaen or Udon

    I stayed 3 days in each just this month and preferred Udon :) I found more things to do there (or driving an hour outside of town).
  4. So, I know the cousin of my gf works from 8am to 5pm at a local grocery store for 260 baht a day. That is less than the previous minimum wage... wonder how that works.
  5. The second part is the real problem. In Maha Sarakham, a 20 year old girl relative works in a grocery store - works 29 out of 30 days a month (she takes 1 day off without pay), works from 7am to 5pm with a short lunch, and makes 280 baht a day. Makes me ill.
  6. Name? Location? - nevermind; found it in another thread.
  7. Thanks! Phu Tok was on the list as a possible thing to do if we get up early enough.
  8. I guess the lack of a handheld bidet that everyone else has in thailand should have been a tip off on what the 2nd thing was for :)
  9. His & Her toilets? You two are very close. Does she only get to flush when you're done (assuming the bigger basin is for the guy). (I'm sure there is something I'm missing and those aren't actually 2 commodes....)
  10. H508

    Best Dealership to Buy New Motorcycle?

    Yeah, that's the name of the place I priced for a PCX - Mityon was cheaper by 1,400 baht with the out-the-door price with 2 years theft insurance & TTL. This is why you should call around as any shop can be cheaper or higher on the day, I guess. I even had my thai girlfriend try to haggle (Mityon rounded down the price down 600 baht, Asia didn't do anything and wouldn't even meet Mityon's original price after all was said and done with insurance/tax). The hometown place in MS wasn't even close and didn't even offer 2 year theft.
  11. H508

    Best Dealership to Buy New Motorcycle?

    For our PCX, we priced two different Mityon's, the place that used to be cheaper in Sri Racha, and the hometown honda dealership in Maha Sarakham and Mityon was the cheapest by a thousand or two baht.
  12. H508

    Bar recommendations in buriram

    http://www.thailandredcat.com/nightlife-and-thai-girls-in-buriram/ http://www.buriramtimes.com/nightlife-in-thani-alley-in-buriram/ Speed for club or Tawan Daeng for bar/show are the two I went to that were fine.
  13. Ended up picking 2 nights in Phetchabun. I'll drive up to Phu Ruea in the morning and stay for a bit, then over to Loei city to spend the night. I'll go to Erawan the next morning, then back to Huai Karthing in the afternoon, then up to Chiang Khan at night to spend 2 nights there... So, crisis averted; no speeding cars or packing too much in those days :)
  14. Yeah, that day seemed tight which is why I thought about either cutting out Phu Ruea entirely, or using up another day in that area - see Phu Ruea, get a hotel in Loei city, then do huai krathing and erawan the next day before driving back and spending the night in Chiang Khan. Erawan is just out of the way from everything but I went to school for mining engineering, so I like rocks and caves :) I'm just going by google map directions which lists 1 hr 6 min... https://imgur.com/a/ssEIU I wonder if I shouldn't be using erawan cave (loei) and instead there is a Erawan cave in Nong Bua Lam Phu that is further south and 1 hr 12 min (both sites show the same pictures)
  15. Amphur Muang Loei - I'll be driving through there and will be sleeping overnight just up the road so I'll check out those places to eat. Thanks!