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  1. No worries mate. There are no stupid (silly) questions!......Wait.....there is one.....the one you did not ask!
  2. Yes, you can still use the form. Got back from Savannakhet last week using it.
  3. This sounds promising. I would be interested to how long is it ago that you did it this way?
  4. Could be as well like that. Was no problem at the border. The lady at the border ask where I am going and said "No Visa?". Anyway, got 30 days visa exempt to sort things out.
  5. Ok, thanks for the answers. Wouldn't have thought of that.
  6. Would you mind to give an idea why it would be wise to show less than 65k?
  7. Noticed. But I think this is far OT. I just joined this forum and I don't want to be refused again. Let open a new topic like "What Thai Immigration should doing" where we can express and discuss our opinions.
  8. Well, I tend to disagree. There are good and valid reasons to have a Thai bank account. Just take as example if somebody bought a condo and have to pay the month/quarterly utility bills. And they might come 2-3 times every year to enjoy life. They would loose a lot of money if the transfer the money for each and every single invoice and in addition to use atm when here. Transferring one or twice a year bigger amount using TransferWise would save a bunch of money.
  9. Nope he did not ask for anything in addition. Guess you are right, it's time for a new passport to get rid of the history. Thereafter going the clearer path based on retirement.
  10. Just got back from Savannakhet. My SETV application was also refused. Background: age 51, EU citizen Non-B in 2015 and before 2x SETV issued in Penang both extended for 30 days Single Entry Non-ED issued in Savannakhet plus renewed for another 3 month 1x SETV issued in Savannakhet extended for 30 days Now my SETV application got refused. By my calculation I stayed 155 days on TV and another 176 days on Non-ED in 2016.