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  1. brian2f2f

    Video: Ladyboys in early morning punch up in Phuket

    My bet is the ladyboys as they will gangup on the taxi driver. Like a pack of wolves.
  2. I see number 3 being the easiest to come true. But the rest feels far fetched and more of a dream.
  3. brian2f2f

    Motorbike gear

    Thank you. I searched around a lit and came up empty.
  4. Will still look down on Pattaya. Its built its name and be extremely hard to remove it.
  5. I was looking at a health plan from a bank last time i was here. It was like 1500 month for it and fully pays all hospital charges. Dose anyone know about that? For. Those who want it could be worth while to get and guessong be cheaper too. Ill probably get it myself if can find it or any other worth while cheap insurance just as back up. Since i rarely go to the dr and as cheap as it is here. I have no problems being able to afford the cost. As to why people that are older especially retired come and live here then dont have any kind of insurance is beyond me.
  6. Thats the sad part of all this. Things like this are allowed to happen. They have no business being on the bike in the first place. Well one thing if off road but on rd is the real issue at hand. Like in America kids riding dirt bikes off road and have dirt bike races and events at the 50cc level. Maybe if they started things like that here some of these young kids would be off the street and on the track instead.
  7. Thats not a bad idea. Well as long as they have to buy and the purchase is not an option.
  8. One thing regarding motorbike laws id love to see is for expressway. Like say big bike which by most malls thats 500cc and bigger. Are allowed to use the expressway. Since ive been back and staying here in mae sai motorbike riders have been good and not crazy like in bkk. Think i am the only crazy rider here in mae sai. Though i know my limits and i am not stupid about it either. I know when to back off. I dont trust others on the rd and expect them to do something stupid to begin with. But anything they can do to make the roads more safe ill support for sure.
  9. brian2f2f

    Motorbike gear

    I found a dianese shop in bkk. Though wanting to buy icon pdx2 rain gear for the rain. Dose anyone know of any places where can find icon gear here in thailand or if not the best place to order online? Also any other really good shops besides the dianese and red barron for. Motorbike gear especially in the chiang rai and mai area as that is where i currently live. I just dont like the cheap gear that find almost everywhere here. I currently have my agv corsa helmet and will later buy the pista gp r and k5-s as well. Then some other dianese riding gear. But i like the icon pdx best for rain as had that back in america. Unless someone has expierence with the dianese rain gear or another that just as good or almosy as good as the pdx from icon. I know it is expensive but rather spend the money and be safe especially if rain or take road trip.
  10. brian2f2f

    Marriage and study.

    Dose that apply to everyone or just thais as im considering a double major. Myself at that time with history and aranthopology as my. Majors. Though might have to reconsider if so and cant find one that allow me to study at by age 36 as ill be 36 then.
  11. brian2f2f

    Marriage and study.

    Thank you. I will let her know later on when bring the topic up again. She wants to get married but worries about lose her education. We live in Chiang Rai but in Oct we will go to bkk to look for an apartment for next yr. Be us and 2 or 3 of her friends all going together with me bring the driver. 555.i love driving so any excuse can get to drive ill take. Again thanks for the info. I thought that was right but wanted to make sure.
  12. brian2f2f

    Marriage and study.

    So I have been talking with my fiancée about marriage and she said if we marry she can't study at university. I have heard before that if major university true if before finish 2 yrs. But if smaller like say ramkhamheang then its no problem at all. She wants to study at ramkhamheang. If we got married dose anyone have any knowledge if that would keep her from going to university at ramkhamheang or not? I tried searching on Google and only kept getting how to marry and things like that. Hope this is correct forum and not the education one.
  13. brian2f2f

    Truth about this video.

    ok well I found out from someone who translated the video. And 3 thais did not make sure they had their stamp before entering laos. so they entered without a visa stamp. I myself always make sure I have met all legal requirements before entering a country so that I never encounter problems like that. Despite I have now got the answer to my question. What are others experiences regarding issues in this video. have any of you had situations or known others who have ended up where after get documents back you did not have the visa in or stamp?
  14. brian2f2f

    Truth about this video.

    Thank you. I am simply asking what really is going on in the video. If he honestly was done wrong in Laos or what happened.
  15. brian2f2f

    Truth about this video.

    This video was sent to me by my Thai gf. Of course I am not good in Thai yet so not as good about watch video or search online about it. What I did see when searching online. Is that they entered illegally. My thai gf says I do not understand and is mad at me. So I am coming here to try and find out for sure what is going on regarding this video. If it is something where I am right and he is at fault. Then if things keep happening like this then I will end up leaving my gf and find new. As I do not want to be having problems and things like this if she can not see past her own ideas and views. By the way I have lived in Thailand for a total of 5 yrs and currently in Manila and be moving back in September. So if I need to adjust my relationship be good if can figure out before go so can change where I move to in Thailand. This is actually the 3rd time she has said to me that she that I do not understand and stopped talking to me. Lastly I hope I posted this in the correct forum. Sorry for any not good structure of my post. I had only been up for about 5 mins when all this happened. This came about as I had asked her to go with me to Laos for when I need to make new visa. To make sure it is clear. I am not wanting advise on my relationship but information regarding this video and what really is going on for sure. So I can make the best decision regarding my relationship.