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  1. Speed and responsibility are nit the same thing. If want to say going slow is responsible. Then lets take someone driving down the highway at normal highway speeds. Then someone pulls out onto the highway driving 30 dose not look or anything. No the person on the highway is in a wreck. How was going slow being responsible. As they were going slow but had ji care for their life or anyone else's. Hence why they pulled out onto the highway going 30 and never stopped to look before pulling out. Now have more then 1 person dead. Responsibility has nothing to do with speed. Responsibility is purely ones ability to navigate safely on the rd and not cause harm to themselves or others. Lastlt if you want ti bad mouth my driving fast which im not sure if that is your intention or not. I have had many, wrecks yes. Yet at the same time every single wreck was at 30mph or slower. Not once have i ever had a wreck going 100 or more. But that is not the point here. Responsibility is. If you can not handle a 500hp car and you buy 1 even you never speed. Then have a wreck and die. How is that responsible. Its not as you were buying amd drivinf something you did not have skills to be driving. Thus no responsibility. But your choice to lack the comprehension of what responsibility is. Last part responsibility, legal and safe are apl 3 different things. We can do things responsibly and still be dangerous.
  2. I had a 02 gsxr 1000 with a full drag build at age 24. Bought second hand and then put factory swing arm on it. I loved it and rode fast most of the time 160mph or more. But i always watched out for every little thing and always prepared to stop and adjust in advance and as soon as any danger beyond my speed came up i imediately slowed down. I knew how to ride and was responsible enough to know when i could go fast and when i couldn't. Also priour to that i had onky rode for a month. And 2 of those weeks was a rd trip from Indianapolis indiana to LA and back doing 16 hr days on the bike. Do i advise others to ride fast not at all. As i know most are not responsible enough nor have the skills to do so.
  3. My fiancée asks me questions about English all the time. Mayne 10 or more a day. Sometimes i have to takr time and look up the answer as i dont know how to answer in a way she will understand. I dont mind it. I enjoy helping her improve her English. Especially since after gain my thai citizenship we eill head back to america for a few yrs.
  4. I cant speak for others and only myself. As for myself i have found i can only learn a new language in a standard 1 on 1 language class. Thus why i still have very little thai language skill. I have many other things that my money gose to first. Such as getting a car or truck my soon to be wifes college next yr new phone for for both of us lasik surgery and lasrr hair removal for myself and eventually lasik for her. And other expenses such as sin sod to her mom. I just dont have the extra 100k for thai language classss. And for the record my facical hair when starts to grow out and have it both irritates my face as well as hurts her. So yes i have very fine and corse facial hair. So the laser hair removal is essential for myself. But when i can afford the extra just to study thai i will learn.
  5. If i can i will rent a car or bike and take myself around as that eliminates the worry of transpirtation scams.
  6. I have critized thailand countless. If times but it is still my home in my heart. As no place is perfect so we will always have complaints about the things we don't like. Such as for myself the attractions that don't follow the dual pricing laws and charge the forienger price despite meeting the local price requirements. If go back to america few easy things to point out. Cost of food female states and more.
  7. They had so much restraint. Ive been in situations like that and they turned violent with me puttong6my hands on the driver from the back seat. But then when i try to be nice and polite and that dose not work and the only thing they understand is violence then i have no. Choice but to go that route. In my case i would have been there already. Pulled up the fence taxi laws and so on. Showed them then stated ehat is going to happen as well as everything i will do in response as well. Then proceed to do exactly as i stated. Luckily once i have stated the local laws things end quickly but 2 times its turned physical. Never a good situation but have very few times where their desire to scam out weights the laws and having them put in their face. Though again pulling up the local laws and showing them 95%of the time will end it right then. Hence why should Always get a local sim with internet before leaving the airport.
  8. brian2f2f

    Head unit.

    Thank you. I will look for that pioneer head unit.
  9. brian2f2f

    Head unit.

    Hello, I should be buying a truck or car either this month or next. I listen almost strictly to FLAC files. I took my flash drive to a shop and they tested it to see which head units support my FLAC songs. The only ones that did were the local Thai brand priority. Does anyone have any knowledge about them? Like are they any good, are they reliable and dependable, how about the sound quality from them compared to like a Kenwood Pioneer or Alpine? Also if they are not worth buying or even if so does anyone know of any brands and models here that support FLAC files? I live in Mae Sai in CR but if need be can drive to BKK to get a head unit and installed. OF the cars I test drove the Mitshibushi Attrage supports it with the factory head unit. But I would prefer a truck for long-term use for both working, family, traveling, and moving.
  10. brian2f2f

    HIV+ soldier accused of raping 75 boys

    So sorry to hear that. Yes i agree that people like this deserve to die but a simple one no. They need to suffer same their victims during their death. They very part of your post that your sisters murder is free and could kill again is reason to kill them. With 1 exception. If they show honest sincere remorse for their actions. They can live but after jail they have to spend the rest of their lives serving the public. Such as cleaning the streets and so on. All police supervised and when not serving in a locked facility. Not a jail though with 24hr armed security. Yee would be expensive. But then how many will honestly feel bad and have remorse for their act of murder too.
  11. I am. No place like thailand thats for sure.
  12. I went to jail after I ran away and she claimed i attacked her. Yet om bleeding sing from a knife cut. The back attacking was outaide our apartment after she chassed me out of it attacking my spine with her fists trying to break it. As she even admitted in the police report. At first she jumped onto my back and started punching me i got up barely and ran for the door. Thats when she ran to grab a knife and my finger barelt got caught as i was almost all the way out the door. Yep Indiana one of the womens states where its near impossible to prove innocents against one. The only self defense i had was twisting my body to break free from a bear hug. So no physical aggression towards her. Hence the reason i ended up moving ong to thailand on oct 29 2011.
  13. Wow. I got attacked with a knife back injury and sent to jail after i got home from a halloween party and the kitchen was trashed and simply asked why it was like that. Keep in mind it was spotless before i left. And she was on the couch stuffing her 240lb face with food st the same time. Yes an American ex wife.
  14. 3 yrs ago in nakhon pathom on nee years eve i complained about noise this was ay 2 am already and thr noise so loud i had a headache. Tje police went out and did nothing. The person making the noise the nakhon pathom governor or whatever they are called here. So because of that he got away with illegal norise levels. I had to go find a hotel for the night. Cost me around 2k because had nothing cheaper availble in the area. Was so mad about it. By the way we are talking about the music so loud that i can't sleep and have headache from it and they were on the next street over. So you couldn't even see the house from where i was living at. 1 thing i miss about america. No free rides even if that position. Police will arrest regardless.
  15. brian2f2f

    Video: Ladyboys in early morning punch up in Phuket

    My bet is the ladyboys as they will gangup on the taxi driver. Like a pack of wolves.