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  1. Wrong first week of April is more correct what school did you go to? The British Embassy and Kirsty is giving up on the place and moving on, like expats should also do. finally the locals in charge have joined China and Russia a communist brotherhood working together. Abba said Money money Money locals said in my pocket sod the rest
  2. They probable do as the Farangs who have a brain have left so some other idiots have or are purchasing the leftovers or second hand bargins
  3. Must have been Luxembourg you spent your years in mate? Do I have to spell it out to you?
  4. wakeupplease

    Pattaya’s ban on tour bus vendors a failure

    First visit to Thailand 1994 hounded by peddlers on the beach and every year since, no nothing changes here except the loss of freedom to express the truth
  5. Ho Ho Ho, what planet do you live on? Corruption always starts in the big cities, then the rural's have to get on board to compete, where the hell have you lived most of your life the Australian outback or Northpole?
  6. So who is the most stupid those on facebook who invested and doing the pointing or the girl sat hiding. The Facebook Fools is the answer
  7. Let me re-assure you you in 5 years time they will be pulling down those malls and building homes on those sites, now you see some shops with no customers visiting most days eCommerce will take over as it has in many countries, but there are those who will say they have to feel the goods first, come back in 5 years and ask the same question and the answer will be "I can get it delivered tomorrow at home at a lower price", money talks in the end and here money does all the talking.
  8. This guy must have seriously >issed off someone up high, did the backhanders not get paid or what. this story is stinking of corruption, I wonder what and who is behind it ?? ??
  9. You know what they say Corruption starts in BK and spreads as the others have to catch up with the trends
  10. Depends on what you where thinking, you are correct in the main thinking, i was right in thinking the way I was? Well done for spotting the correct way.
  11. It must be true what they say little things please little minds, come on would you allow your wife to let her bres>s hang out like that, please do not say yes if you have any morals. he is a pim just wait and see
  12. Surprised he has the time these days with his boot polishing and watch cleaning job and intimidating a farang full time job
  13. You said it mate but there are those who have sold their soles just to live here, it will not last the distance, hope the FA did it's due diligence on where the money came from
  14. God help us if they turned out turds like that
  15. When an accident happens in the UK almost everyone jumps into help until the emergency people arrive and take over, here they want to give a gold star for helping a farang out, poor old farang for living here comes to mind as back home they give their help free and don't need to be asked to do it, 3rd world education.