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  1. Probably the worlds greatest liar and dreamer no brothels end of tourism as you know it but 10 out of 10 for pushing the bulls>>>
  2. Talk is cheap in this neck of the woods actions speak louder than words and money deliver results and that's where it will end as it always does on this part of planet lies. Something will show up very soon and this will be forgotten for another 5 years. Investors I hope you take notice of the trust value here 60 million locals cannot
  3. So you will not see a member of the bib for awhile then
  4. I am surprised Thailand has not learned it lesson as it become a dumping ground for Chinese junk for a few years now. Anything you buy these days from there seems to have a sell by date of 3 months if your lucky, but they are good with backhanders
  5. I hope they have a lot of staff as they are going to need them, but as usual the top nobs will get off scot free
  6. There are a few about so which one do you mean
  7. So time for the WTA to investigate who has the worst and best beaches in the world. I know where my vote for the dirtiest will go.
  8. Well done Mr taxi driver, I hope this is not just a fad and people in this neck of the woods are turning into honest citizens. Yea Right dream on
  9. Well look on the bright side gave us something to chat about and the driver must have got off as that would not stack up in any court, Oh look at where it happen it may here>
  10. The only people to blame here are those who issue the laws and police the country. They either do not understand their own peoples previous actions or do not care about what they have done in the past. Create a Sex offenders list and ban anyone from jobs that have contact with the likes of tourists, children and females But I suppose the country runs on sex so that's a no no. Most people who visit have been lured here by false advertising and do not know the risks as they where told its the Land of Smiles and should have been told about the scams. Its only a small problem to many when a female gets raped yet other countries put the rapist away for life in some cases.
  11. How many so far this week? Sorry I seem to have not been able to find out where this took place said a man who goes to bed at 10pm and nothing bad happens in his lovely seaside resort. That must be the answer get to bed by 10pm and all is well Goodnight off to dreamland then
  12. People need to realise FB is a con man"s paradise, so many stories we hear about FB and dating websites "send us some money to pay for presents I sent you", is a con and has been for years. Ezzra you are so right The N's are the big ones who claim to live anywhere but Nigeria where most of them actually live. Sad to say when this offer comes in most Thai ladies and many others just loose it for a few seconds, but then the cash has gone. Ladies if they ask you to send cash via a transfer its a con FORGET IT The only thing thats free is the air you breath, For Now
  13. One thing is for sure Money being paid seems to be TB so someone here is filling his pockets again with slave labour.
  14. Start to think 2007 every 10 years we see a crash somewhere