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  1. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    2016 old hat move on please
  2. Goes on every day across the country otherwise how the hell would a copper on naff wages survive?
  3. They will look after there own as the paybacks to them will be sweat, with that much money it cannot be paid back unless you are a hooker of a policeman who did the job to cover your real employment down the knocking shop
  4. Freedom not on your life here, exit time
  5. Looks like a bit of entertainment for the keyboard warriors today, bored >hitless with their everyday in the hot sun, so head for the malls to comment on the blondebomshell. well done Boris will love you. Not a word of where he was had to look twice myself at the time table.
  6. I wonder what the Que will be like at the local ampor later this month, when the divorce's have to be signed
  7. Perhaps the truth is hurting you, if the Chinese say its bad, it has to be bloody bad for them to comment.
  8. Yingluck may hold press conference in Hong Kong

    Now she is saying where she is going and there is nothing Little p can do about it, the clock is ticking
  9. Another pocket getting filled with Thai money he does not deserve
  10. Yingluck 'trying to meet Japanese PM Shinzo Abe'

    Please do not talk about Steven 100 like this
  11. My two cents on ex-police chief Somyot 

    Local FA and FIFA all have one thing in common and it is not nice.
  12. The world has learn't from their mistakes this lot are still in Napier's
  13. Micky Mouse did not have a timepiece like those little little p had as he could tell the time off his phone
  14. For gods sake buy some uniforms that fit