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  1. Some think they are above the law, but it will catch up with both of them one day, Mr T was driven out so the rich can prosper and the poor get poorer, lets hope it does not take as long as Mugabe or Radovan Karadzic. As for little p's supporters here, just mind your not on that list.
  2. Boat show thats a joke its a look at us we are world laeder and defenders with our latest up to date Chinese crap sorry I meant vessels.
  3. They will make money every way they can and your idea is spot on
  4. OK down on our knees at midnight to night and pray very hard
  5. For heaven sake do not pick a fight with the USA as the last time we saw a fight, Cambodia kicked the ass of the locals.
  6. Instant answer is send them where they are wanted IE Turkey, but Thailand has to play up to their sponsors.
  7. Don't concern yourself a billion or a trillion, they cannot count that high so its all just a number plucked from a brain damage idiot.
  8. Removal of cadet’s organs ‘normal procedure’

    Utter rubbish guys and you know it. Organs removed without consultation with relatives to cover up in most country's, do they know how to tell the truth here, second thoughts do they know what the truth means?
  9. Always believe the oppersite of what this man says, that will be nearer the truth
  10. David some advice This has just happened but I will miss the bad bit out TV will not let me say that. A good friend of ours who is a bit shy saw what happened to me and decided he would do the same and went to Thai, met a bar girl went back 2 months later and married her. Then could not get her a visa to visit him but sent money every month. She went back to being a hooker and in the end caused him a lot of pain as he said he loved her. She would not wait until the visa was issued as it takes about 6 to 12 months and for an ex bar girl not issued so much these days. he has the required money to support her and a home. David, I married a professional, now a doctor in the UK and here in Thailand, she has proved to be a rock, so bar girls do yourself a favour give then a miss as they will hurt you in the end. We know of many cases like this and do you really want to play with a secondhand pin cushion?
  11. The more they push shit onto him the more the people will reject it if history is right and history is always right. The Burmese boys were convicted by a>>>>>>>>>>>> Thai court. you forgot Rubber Stamp
  12. Electrical wires catch fire

    I hope they are not pumping water on to electricity
  13. Suspect, 22, caught with 10m ‘yaba’ pills

    But it only takes one to tell the story which is great news, let the others get on with finding the next 10 million. That photo shoot took a whole day, so look at the man hours lost in fighting crime.
  14. So the video I saw with marching bands and representatives marching waste water is now a tourist attraction, mad as a hatter, stupid where stupid was born.