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  1. Start to think 2007 every 10 years we see a crash somewhere
  2. Toyota are one of the few who can do and say what they like as long as the wages stay low they will stay but if other country's start doing as Thailand does and add 300% import tax then a new ballgames comes into play. FreeTrade Thai Style You buy our rice and goods and add no import tax We buy your wine and euro cars and add 300% tax its only fair as we are a developing country. I think that will change very soon with the you tax us we tax you feel that is emerging Wait and see time
  3. Talk is cheap There is an awful lot of it around here with lots of great story telling in the Hub of deception.
  4. You are so right and still many do not know this, so maybe time to ban all facebooks and do as you are told as facebook and twitter + others are bad for you. in some people eyes. NOT
  5. When a Thai says don't worry, Bloody worry alot. And still there are those who say its a wonderful place to live but moan when it all starts to fail. You know where all this is heading I hope you have made back up plans like I did and guess what I made the right decision when I read some of the going on's via here I know I did the right thing.
  6. Then going to jail for it
  7. Confirms what we already know driving standards here are the worst in the world and intelligence is even lower. We know Poles? can move but not concrete ones even in this neck of the woods
  8. Maybe intelligence has been gathered that suggests Taksin has bought one.
  9. Top enforcer? Needs to go see a doctor like so many others around here. Mental Case thinks its a photo op
  10. Those a very nice new buses but alas falling apart already by the looks of things, life must be hard in some countries and others buy crap off them that fall apart in weeks. Mind you I could be wrong and those nice new buses are stored in the scarp yard already as deemed unsuitable
  11. Must be a nightmare for tourists visiting to know whats going on here, but most of them do not know the risks as they only read the TAT crap.
  12. Relevant does not come into it, but the payment he got for the speech would keep you happy for two years living the high life Part 2 Bt2.52 trillion from tourists but keeps on treating them as sH>> and sends them home in bodybags
  13. Yes we could if enough people made a complaint of he is a danger to other road uses. from his actions and his failure to accept court proceedings he is. But the question is what driving license is he using here as a Thai license means nothing here (not worth the paper its written on) and not accepted and an international has limited time
  14. I wonder what its like living in a country and you cannot read or see anything from outside the border NK I expect is the answer with all its citizens brain washed into thing they are the best. They are at one thing believing properganda that also endangers the rest of the world via their road map to hell?
  15. If we reveal what kind of instruments we’re going to equip it with, other [countries] might use more advanced technology against us That is not going to be very hard is it, I expect it to be a close friend of the wonderful aircraft carrier and just for the ego use