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  1. Full credit to Thai ladies for seeing through this slapper. Nice to see you saw through her get rich quick plan.
  2. Looks like all foreigners are disliked, must be scared of intelligence? I wonder who will do the jobs after this
  3. Reading through your posts only confirms to me that Farangs out here are tolerated (Money deposit Wise) until maybe 60-65, then with insurance disappearing its time to leave one way or another. So a short life in the sun, is it worth it? I really hope you guys have a back up plan like I did. Hope so as I read of far to many people dying or being told to leave.
  4. The facebook scam we where talking about last night when someone said facebook is real business and means a lot to many here and did he not say B2C Then he goes on to say I am the scammer for trying to warn people of using just facebook and I am on his radar. All I was trying to say is be very careful of facebook and offers from advertisers as they can set up a page with doggy info so easily, run a scam and do a runner. Hey and guess what we do not charge for this advice its free as we do not want those with little money losing what they have. With facebook just think its a scam until you prove to yourself it is not then its up to you but always becarful. Facebook came on the scene in 2004 and even in 2008 and 9 had very few users here. A good honest business will also have a website if they have any sense and the money to pay for it.
  5. Used to be a great place from Cha Am to Hua Hin and further down, loved every minute I spent there. But what a shambles the north side is now Those condos and 6 star hotel (Joke) looks like a slum the last time I was there Energy something god knows what it will be like in a couple of years. Keep the developers out of Hua Hin and it may survive but even on my last visit I was thinking this will be my last visit sadly. Back in the day it was beautiful now just a shadow of its former self.
  6. Perhaps he bought them on finance in the UK and shipped them to here, thus did not read his HP agreement as that is called fraud.
  7. Headline does wonders for racial harmony and the big joke is there are a few dark skinned faces on that staircase to
  8. Does that mean they die young, Hope so
  9. Justice that's a joke take the assets b4 the courts have finished what a country this is, they will do and say anything to discredit people and as for lying it never seems to stop.
  10. Set up a petition and get all the Brits to sign it in all countries, you only need 100.000 and it has to be debated in Parliament. But But do not take no for an answer as change only comes when you keep on shoving it down their throats. You have a chance in the UK but not here but again keep trying then one day maybe no 90 days reporting again push the British Government to make the locals give fair treatment or stop them going to the UK until they do become less racial.
  11. Oh Mr Dark Lord do you now get the feeling you ain't wanted here?
  12. Well he ain't giving up power soon is he, must be fed up with the local talent in BK as it worn out maybe
  13. She will make the money as so may gullible people around, then one day she will get lifted as police say its just a scam What a Slapper she is