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  1. Pattaya to become marine leisure hub of Asia

    Like a degree in brownstuff is that what you meant?
  2. Can't make up their minds if they are male or female but can steel, lie and kill like a male, Thais lady-boys in a world of there own
  3. Phuket beach dog bitten, not shot, says Soi Dog expert

    Bitten or shot says alot for those in charge, if they cannot tell the difference, no wonder there are two Burmese in jail for koh tao murders. What else would you expect for this place.
  4. Is that all they took probably 10x that if the truth is known, corruption around here is mind blowing taking from the poor and less educated its a way of life here disgusting.
  5. Sorry you did not have time to read a report on sex scavengers who get excited and come to the end of a cycle in 30secs or less, so 3 mins i gave them was for there ego not mine. Where HIV is concerned its in all our interests to know as its a killer and an expensive medicare problem. SO NOT POINTLESS Hookers not in my vocabulary only fools pay for it.
  6. About 1.8 million cars used expressways each day

    Well spend some of it on repairing the roads and do away with the killer potholes, you have the money so you claim but not the brain to realize what maintenance does.
  7. And there was I thinking a frog turned her into 3 number plates after the results of the DNA test, silly me. But probably more feasible than some of the crap I have read of late, next she will have left by Checkpoint Charlie or Alien abduction. Enjoy your day YL and don't wet yourself laughing.
  8. I watched a TV program the other night on Hells Angels, formed back after world war 2 named after a bomber squadron and mainly ex vets the 1%-ters who did not want to conform after the wars they where in turned their heads. They where hard men with that background. Must be some seriously old American bikers floating around here or a bunch of wannabe's doing a copycat impression, the later I expect.
  9. Move on mate does it matter now where she is or who she is with? NO should be the answer, women, just like a London bus there will be another along soon and if you are lucky no family to support, so go forth and enjoy your life with your son and let this women out of your head for his sake.
  10. We have know for years here when you play with fire you get burnt and still those with one thing on their mind play. 3 mins of pleasure delivers a lifetime of pain, just think of the ones that went on to marry bar girls and still don't know what they have or care as long as little jack gets a workout.
  11. The DNA tests results just in shows after an encounter with a frog she was turned into 3 numberplates Case closed.
  12. Other countries send this sort of scum to jail, lets see what happens here?
  13. Yingluck cleared over 2011 flooding

    The magpie? Investigating Him ? He is yellow so immune like all the other time waters whose name start with a G or S
  14. Nationwide protest against EU fishing regulations

    Yes you are correct Thais way of making goods from other countries too expensive to buy so competition to local producers is non existent. I just wish the EU would do the same as the Thais then the S>>> would hit the fan. after all what does the EU get from here that cannot be purchased from more friendly countries. Tax Um at face value and do it now EU.