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  1. You have lost me on this Dave, I was on about a certain road >> network being built here and a plane going missing and a German company going bankrupt Maybe it did not happen as I thought.
  2. Anyone taking bets on who gets the first and only license?
  3. yes the Germans got a lot of>>>>>>> when building and when bankrupt due to it So I am told
  4. The Trump administration has recently complained that >>>>>>> has too large a trade surplus with the US Best wait till he arrives and give him the boot, nice wake up call that would be try looking at the import tax on US goods might help Donald
  5. The Germans lost out a few years ago, I wonder if the Chinese will suffer the same fate
  6. Corruption its been a way of life for many so what's another contract between friends
  7. Good to see praise where praise is due, well done that lady and shame to those who do not follow her mainly dressed in green and brown
  8. Sell b4 the court case only can this happen in LOL
  9. journalists in? Who would dare to be one these days?
  10. Come on David do a bit of twerking, then we can all watch the action? 9=9 please
  11. Nice to have friends in the right places >>>>>>>>>>>>> NOT When will this dam corruption end and life can start?
  12. officials worked hard to tackle human trafficking and would arrest more offenders, including masterminds and corrupt officers. All just surface cleaning to make the outside world think its being stopped but still in Tier 2 for another year, as lies are being played out as usual.
  13. Bancha A name to avoid from experience,
  14. Quality Chinese tourists, its about all that is left as the rest of them have seen it and moved on
  15. Flying local style its a must try event here so we are led to belive Condos of death in the hub of suicide