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  1. Only 10000... I'm sure Thailand needs a few more.
  2. Has this Chestnut reared it's head again.
  3. Buy a blue "Niko" pen and put a decimal point in front of the 7....Job done...
  4. Frustrated About Traffic In Bangkok

    Geez...You sound like a cranky old expat and you're not even there yet.
  5. Four workers die in Bangkok sewer

    It might not be poisonous gases but the lack of oxygen.
  6. Ear Candles

    Excuse my ignorance but what are ear candles? Candles you put in your ears or candles made of ear wax????
  7. The mobile food vendors, those with a push cart or moto-trike, who ply the Soi should be allowed but those with semi permanent set-ups with chairs and tables blocking the footpath should go. I know of a few who have lock-ups built on the footpath to store their equipment after hours. After all they are street vendors not footpath vendors.
  8. Ormsin, female turtle, can swim now: her vet

    Any change in her condition?
  9. The traffic policeman was trafficking... Literally.
  10. I have seen plenty of snatches in Pattaya but not all of them I would describe as gold.
  11. "Daddy? When I grow up can I NOT be like you?"

    So???? I fear the "Nanny State" of the western world is coming to Thailand.
  12. I wonder how big a safe you could buy for 100000B
  13. British expat and Thai wife fight off mugger in Pattaya

    Might as well walk down a Soi with B1000 notes on a string around your neck.