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  1. But it confirms what French as a whole think of Macron... I actually definitely thought he was a total clown... not a clue how to run a country... and some people were saying that guy is the new "Bonaparte"... what a joke Further symptoms of the overall crisis of Power in Europe... there will definitely be more in the future even if this particular movement loses its momentum. The problem is that Europe doesn't really have a solution to this crisis of power and leadership, imo they will never find it.
  2. Are they afraid of 1789 all over again?... Protests over food shortages was how it all started back then.
  3. It should be noted that the West( the United States) started the Arms race both times... back in 50-60s and this time as well... and each time they try to sell the story like the Russians started it... In this case - If there were no USA - nobody would be having any of these problems. NATO officials were first to make the announcement - Putin only made the only logical reply possible under the circumstances - now they are pretending like he's the one responsible...
  4. Well I guess this shows that at least Israel is an actual Democracy - it's the only country I know where high ranking government officials are sent to prison on regular basis if they do something wrong... For some reason we practically never see that in any of Western Democracies It doesn't really matter that much... most politics of Israel are defined by the continuous tense security situation - but replacing government officials like this is actually usual business. When it comes to Bibi, I kind of definitely more like him than hate him... but if it's time for him to go, then maybe it is, I guess we'll just have to wait and see