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  1. Not bad news, let him suffer as long as possible.
  2. Could it be that those thousands of empty condo's the built and still are building, don't add to the expected customer base? I believe that foodland bought that land many years ago, when all those condo projects were started, with the assumption that all those condo's would be sold and occupied by now.
  3. Since the website is Thai only, and all I can notice is AIS karaoke and tiga kids and gmm, can we assume that are 100+ Thai channels then? The only English language channels I can find on the website are the limited selection quoted by JaiMaai. Of by the way, on Kodi it includes as well 1000+ channels in a western language
  4. 899 for that limited selection is a rip off, especially considering all those channels are available free in Kodi.
  5. From the thread As previously mentioned 1080p 8bit colorspace output issues. Dark video output is the result. MINIX supposedly has a permanent fix with upcoming Firmware. This is an issue with every S912 device so far, and one of several reasons why I avoid them like the pest, and so far not a single manufacturer has been able to fix it so I doubt Minix will. Another issue mentioned. No Amcodec video acceleration shows up when using SPMC (Jarvis) - this would solve all PVR client deinterlacing issues. I think Minix wanted to play Smart Aleck here and left that setting out on purpose since enabling the Amcodec, as should be, cause flashing screen colours and kicking out of Kodi. So it is clear that even the Minix U9-H has to be avoided for the reason it has a S912 processor.
  6. Yes, if this is new to you and you consider yourself a noob regarding IT, then it indeed can be challenging. Feel free to send me a PM if you need help.
  7. May be they removed the Thai channels, but you will not see this since I'm on your ignore list
  8. The IlikeHd app is pretty good for Thai life tv as it has all the Thai digital channels in HD, and they all work.Other than that there is Israelive addon in Kodi which has many Thai channels that are aactually working.
  9. I didn't realise that Benjamit was a place frequently visited by tourists, I rather doubt that tourists are aware of the place, and low season usually starts after Songkran. I smell a bait thread
  10. But they are pretty useless, since they measure total chlorine and pH, and what you want to measure is free chlorine.
  11. I understand that Encid, but for that Sata has no advantage over USB2, because the transfer speed USB2 can deliver even at it's lowest possible is plenty to stream those files. And that is also the point I made in the post Jeffrey picked on. The other disadvantages of the limited selection of boxes with HDD tray, I already pointed out in an other post.
  12. You really think these people could run this without Thai involvement?
  13. In the playlist with the 2000 channels both Dave and Quest are available in HD, you will understand that the playlist is only available as a whole, not just 2 channels. But as I said they are also available from several free addons in Kodi, you only need to play around a bit.
  14. I understand where you're going, but I'm still not convinced of the usefulness of a internal or even external HDD. As you will know a set top box is connected to the network, otherwise it would not be able to stream online, and that also mean that it can stream everything that is stored on other devices connected to the network. As there are PC's and NAS servers, which have a lot of HDD's inside.