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  1. Sri Shina

    transport from Chanthaburi to Suvarnabhumi

    Thank you, gomangosteen! You helped me get here last year and I liked it so much I returned this year for a month. That is a great photo. Do you know approximately how long it takes to get from Chanthaburi to King Kaew? If I get the 8:00 a.m. bus do you think it would arrive by noon? Also, is this stop a possibility with the 999 bus? Good questions from the OP. Thanks again!
  2. When I was at the bus station in Chanthaburi I checked the schedule with the 999 bus company to Suvarnabhumi. I had taken this bus last year at 11:45 directly to the airport and it is a great bus! I was told, and even had it written down, 09:00 & 11:45. I had someone double check for me this morning and try to make a reservation for the 09:00 and am really bummed to learn that the 09:00 does not go to the airport. I would have to go to Ekamai and shuttle from there which would not give me enough time to catch my flight. Can anyone help me with an alternative? I need to arrive at Suvarnabhumi no later than 13:00. I am currently at Chao Lao. I have heard the dreaded minivans are an option but my very last choice, and I have not seen them at the bus station in any case. A private taxi from here to the airport is 2500 or more. I now have only a day and a half to figure this out. Thank you for any help or suggestions.
  3. I'm at Chao Lao and there are also jellyfish of a variety I don't recognise. I did some research online but could not find them. They have brownish spots and wide tentacles with cat - like spots on them. I saw one of substantial size yesterday, at least 8 inches in diameter.
  4. Sri Shina


    I pick up garbage almost daily on the beach. Sometimes there is more than at other times. About 10 days ago was the worst I'd seen. I was so pleased to see a local man picking up garbage, the first time I had seen someone not affiliated with a hotel doing so. UNTIL I realised he was adding it to a burn pile! Plastic, rubber, everything was being burned. Might as well be a tire fire. I am so disappointed by the lack of education around this subject. Also, it is a full time job raking leaves, trimming bushes, etc., at the many hotels and resorts. Why is this burned rather than being composted? In this heat it would take no time at all to have a wonderful product to improve the soil. I am obviously thinking way too much.
  5. I have searched and searched but cannot get any information for bus times from Chanthaburi to Bangkok. I am sure there are many but am interested to know what choices are available to Suvarnabhumi and Ekamai? Thanks for your recommendation, Gomangosteen, of the 9:00 a.m. government bus. Yes, still in Chao Lao!
  6. I am at Chao Lao and have been here for nearly a month. The water is calm and quite clear. The beach is relatively clean. Definitely no rip tide. Of course one has to be smart when swimming anywhere, lakes included. There can be snakes, eels and leeches in fresh water. Just use common sense and you will be fine. I do agree about the motorbikes. Will not get on one. That said, you also need your wits about you when walking! Plenty of obstacles all the time, not to mention the dogs! I will take my chances in the ocean.
  7. I guess I am one of the last dummies. Why is it stupid to swim in the sea?
  8. Sri Shina

    transport to Chao Lao

    Great photos! Mine aren't quite that good. Don't you love the spotted rays? I am still here and really liking it. Paid for a month! Someone else checked in at the same time but only stayed two nights because of it being too quiet. Different strokes, as they say. It is busy this weekend of course.
  9. Sri Shina

    transport to Chao Lao

    Thank you Gomangosteen. I truly appreciate your offer! I am here in Chao Lao now. I really like it. The songtheauw ride was 300 B, so you were right on the money with that one. There are actually many resorts for only 350 B. Fab has a sign out front for 500 but the super owner said he'd discount to 400. Unfortunately the bed was miserably hard. I am glad the taxi waited and took me to a couple of other places. I am at Tonwa. The bungalows are very nice and clean, big fridge, A/C, king bed and terrace for 400. And it is closer to the center of things. I thought the bed was slightly better than some of the others but not. Then this morning someone checked out of a smaller unit and the bed is much better. I may be able to sleep tonight. It is nice that a beach town caters to all budgets. I will stay for a week or more. Yesterday there was a market near the roundabout. Very happy I came. I can't thank you enough for your help! Have a wonderful weekend. Looks like a scorcher coming up.
  10. Sri Shina

    transport to Chao Lao

    Thank you both for replying. Gomangosteen, you have really gone to great trouble and can't thank you enough. The picture is fantastic and you have given me a sense of orientation. I do want to visit the aquarium. I don't have a reservation and am a budget traveller. Chao Lao seems sizable so am surprised there isn't more available transportation. I guess being a primarily Thai resort most visitors have their own vehicle. I did read somewhere that there may be minivans going from an area near the university but that sounds too uncertain for me. I am hoping that if I go midweek I will find a reasonably priced guesthouse off the beach. I found Fab Hotel on Agoda for $11 and has some excellent reviews. One guest stayed a week and another 3 weeks so how bad can it be? I am usually able to get a phone number or even better, an email, and contact the hotel directly but in this case I have had no luck. Do you think there are others in this price range? Do you have any suggestions on how I might look up a phone number online? I will try to find someone to write the address in Thai for me. The prices quoted for a taxi seem reasonable but will I get an inflated Farang price? I am in Trat where I have been several times before. The songtheauw mafia here is alive and well. It has to be the worst place in Thailand for this. Thanks again!
  11. Sri Shina

    transport to Chao Lao

    Is there public (shared) transportation to Chao Lao from Chantaburi? I have read that I would need to hire a taxi to go there. I am totally unfamiliar with Chantaburi other than the bus station. Thank you.
  12. I will be back in Trat this weekend and wondering if there are celebrations for Chinese New Year? If so, when would the main celebration be? Would arriving on Sunday be too late? I know there are at least two Chinese temples. I have been in Trat on a couple of occasions when they set up special stalls in the large park near the government buildings (this was for western New Year and a fair of some sort). Thank you.
  13. Sri Shina

    SETV in Sihanoukville

    Thank you all who responded. This was my first time applying for an SETV (and my first time ever parting with my passport!). I had concerns that the TR meant Transit, so special thanks for the clarification. I read a post recently where someone was issued a transit visa which was not what he wanted. With all the explanations I am feeling confident this visa is indeed legitimate. I do hope this helps others who want to apply here in Kampot. Anny Tours and Travel by the old market. BUT Anny has to be there. I had to provide my airline ticket and one photo but was not asked for a bank statement. It took 5 or 6 days because it went from here to Sihanoukville then on to PP and same in reverse. As I said, I went to at least 12 other places and they still charge between $55 & $60. Where is the money going? Do they really not know the fee was waived and it is kept by the Thai Consulate? Courier? Agent? What is Mottah, finny? Is it another place in Kampot?
  14. Sri Shina

    SETV in Sihanoukville

    I got my passport back yesterday with the Thai visa attached. I don't see anywhere on the visa that it says 60 days. It does say "tourist" under type of visa. Under category it has "TR". I have no idea what this means. I do hope all goes well when I cross the border next week.
  15. Sri Shina

    SETV in Sihanoukville

    This took an amazing amount of perseverance and patience. I found ANNY TRAVEL here in Kampot which I am told by the owner Ana that it is the same as Ana Travel in Sihanoukville. I went to 12 travel agents before finding her. I was given the $15 price that you mentioned, Richard, but that was after she made two phone calls which makes me wonder. I returned the next day, then the next and next, sometimes going twice a day, because the staff is unable to perform visa services. I was almost ready to give up but about day 7, there she was! Paperwork was done yesterday and I do feel a little nervous. I will post again when I have the visa.