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  1. Will you please, please, please clearly identify Cambodian news items. Maybe a different colour code would not be too difficult. It is Thai-Visa NOT Cambodia-Visa.
  2. DavetheGreek

    Extending visa free entry

    Many thanks Happy enough and Ubonjoe.
  3. My son entered Thailand with a visa free entry to visit his son in Buriram. He intends to extend this for a further 30 days at immigration but needs a further 7 days before his return flight. Can he do this without doing an in/out border run?
  4. DavetheGreek

    Pra Khanong massage parlour raided for sex trafficking

    No but always ask to see ID card before considering other services
  5. I visited Huahin immigration today together with my wife and a witness to apply for a one year extension based on marriage to a Thai lady. I have nine previous extensions based on retirement. A very helpful immigration officer checked all our paperwork and everything was in order. However he said he could not process it as we rent our house and a new requirement was a copy of our landlady's house ownership documents as well as a copy of her house blue book and ID card. When asked why he said it was because too many people were renting out property and not paying tax. We then reverted to a retirement extension and the helpful officer chose an exchange rate which gave us the 65,000 baht per month required and gave us the extension. We asked the officer what would happen if a marriage extension was sent to Bangkok head office for agreement and was denied. The reply was 'you have to leave Thailand'. I then asked if you were told of this could you immediately apply for an extension based on retirement - assuming you had all the necessary paperwork - and the answer was ' No. You have to leave Thailand and start the visa process all over again. I would be interested to hear Ubonjoe's comments on this scenario.
  6. The problem is that 'influential' people own the plastic bag factories.
  7. When the Brexit referendum was announced I commented to a friend that the UK had the chance to be first into the lifeboat leaving a sinking ship. Turning out to be true even though the future will not be easy.
  8. DavetheGreek

    Thailand in the spotlight on CNN

    If you think Richard Quest's mannerisms are annoying you should watch Mr Hestlehurst on the BBC.
  9. Bull shit. I raced motorcycles but NOT on public roads. Crush the bikes and fine the owners and parents.
  10. 7000 baht a month is 84,000 baht a year so over 5 years the total bill would be 420,000 baht.
  11. Stupid old tosser. If you attack someone with a machete you get what you deserve.. He should practice jai yen yen.
  12. DavetheGreek

    PM Prayut happy with zero-dollar tour suppression

    You missed the point. Yes they spend but the money goes into the pockets of the Chinese 'owned' Thai family companies not the local Thai SME's.
  13. DavetheGreek

    Depressed Man Burnt Himself to Death

    Depression + ignition = cremation.