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  1. Jonnapat

    Leaving Thailand after 13 Years..

    I've read a great many comments, some interesting and some downright depressing. After 18 years here I would say that the last few under this military dictatorship have been the worst. So many bad policies and so many of them anti-farang. In fact I'm always quite surprised that so many people choose to live here. I've run out of options but this is not the country it was when Ii first decided to settle here and I'm certain I'm not alone in this respect.
  2. Surely not only mishandling Russia. Everything he touches turns septic. Never has the US been held in such low esteem by one man.
  3. Trump is disrespectful to everyone except Fox news who bow to his every whim .
  4. If you need to ask that question you need to do just a little research. You'll find answers everywhere you look. Bottom line is that Britain does not like despots and the fawning May should never have invited him.
  5. I've read only good things about this super Airbus online. Would love to fly it.
  6. Jonnapat

    Thai business owners who think they own the public road

    As I've said before Thais can be very vindictive people. Take extra care if you cross someone.
  7. Yes, GO, as far away as possible
  8. Not Trump's business. Keep your nose out of UK affairs. And every other countries for that matter.
  9. Self promotion as usual. What more could you expect.
  10. Jonnapat

    Using a 2 Year Thai Driving Licence abroad

    In addition to the Thai licence you will also need an international driving permit easily obtained from the Thai driving licence centre. 500baht, NO tests, NO hassle. Just a photo. That was my story from a couple of years back.
  11. One large group of people, namely the NHS will be s happy gang today
  12. Jonnapat

    British foreign secretary quits in protest over May's Brexit plan

    Another toffee nosed idiot bites the dust. Good riddance!
  13. Let's hope Johnson is the next, but doubt he would have the guts
  14. Watching on tv I must say the stadiums are superb, the pitches great for football and the atmosphere has been terrific. Well done to Russia.