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  1. Keep away from Chaweng area unless you want to be bombarded with noise
  2. Blame the idiots who are supposed to be in charge of these negotiations. Totally clueless in every respect .
  3. 4 killed, 7 injured in head-on crash in Kalasin

    Trying hard to remember the last time I heard a story like this.
  4. Well done Mr Frazier, not the first and for sure not the last to stand up against this racist bully who occupies the White House. Leader of the free world? I could p--s myself laughing if it were not so serious
  5. Totally ridiculous as usual. When will this country ever turn their attention to important matters instead of being so juvenile. The mindset of the supposed leadership will ensure that Thailand remains at the bottom of the pile in Aswan I'm now coming to the conclusion that even Thaksin was better than this lot and that's saying something!
  6. 10,000 are expected to come for Yingluck ruling

    Nothing better to do, like working?
  7. Ban on ‘divisive’ Shakespeare film upheld

    Pathetic decision and not for the first time .Idiotic country.
  8. We can look forward to more of the miserable Mourinho quite soon now. Who will win the title next May? For me any team other than Manchester United
  9. Thailand in 2 words, no discipline, no self control.
  10. Thai kids are taught at school that they are the kings of SE Asia and this complacency and stronger than necessary sense of extreme nationalism follows them into adult life. Some teaching a about the real world wouldn't go amiss. I agree with other members in that if things don't change drastically this country in in for a rude awakening in the not too distant future.
  11. Oust him by all means, he's a right wing zealot.
  12. Took a ride in one once Bangkok to Nakhon Sawan. Once was enough, NEVER again.
  13. Sad news, a pretty good country singer back in the day.RIP
  14. Look for the ""Thai chicken"" which will not have lost it's head and are usually free range although you will probably have to cook it yourself. Found at most food markets