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  1. Rotator cuff tear surgery costs

    Same here with excellent treatment
  2. Rotator cuff tear surgery costs

    Had this surgery 12 years ago at Piyavate hospital (private) ,keyhole surgery with screw inserted. Cost was around 90,000 baht in those days with 2 night hospital stay
  3. Thai pettiness never ceases to amaze me, particularly where tourists are concerned
  4. Can someone tell me where they all are?
  5. Prices continually rising

    Me as well , particularly the prices in Aldi and Lidl.
  6. Prices continually rising

    A little below the belt I think. Not everyone is so fortunate
  7. Prices continually rising

    Just bought a pack of almond nuts for 335 baht. Two months ago was 240 at Makro
  8. I think that flooding this year , although bad is only in some areas. Where I live in Nakhon Sawan at this time in 2011 there was 2 metres of water on the road, this year is completely dry up to now. So I do think that things are not as bad as 2011, only for some areas.
  9. Expect to see the usual envelopes passed around as the election nears. Nobody has the power or will to stop vote buying, that's why it will never be 'free and fair's.The fattest envelopes usually win.
  10. A bit late now for flooding on the 2011 scale. That year Nakhon Sawan was inundated in the first week of September. Coming to the end of the rainy season now so chances are that although some areas are seriously affected it hopefully won't turn into another disaster. A certain amount of river overflow is always needed to top up the many irrigation channels which farmers rely on during the long dry season
  11. American man falls to his death at Patong condo

    Alternatively if you were in the US you would most likely be shot dead by a maniac with an automatic weapon
  12. Stupid, stupid, stupid. A country ruled by the NR A and their very powerful connections.