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  1. Not only are they leaving but apparently there are hundreds of positions still vacant because nobody wants to work for this administration
  2. The tip of a giant iceberg , the same as the idea of extra checks. Nobody has the b...s to get to the root of the problem.
  3. Students v NRA , NO chance!
  4. Very well said and very true
  5. The same laws that are in place in most European countries and Australia, for instance. When did you last read about such atrocities in those places?
  6. As long as the NRA is in control of so many politicians there is zero chance of any change. Search online for the list of politicians receiving upwards of 3 million dollars for the 2016 election campaign from the NRA. You would be amazed, or perhaps not!
  7. Deal with an outdated Second Amendment first. This has always been the root cause of the many massacres and it does have something to do with Trump. Is he also iñdebted to the NRA as so many others are?
  8. Must be in need of a few easy dollars
  9. Every American citizen should be appalled by this latest of a very long list of mass murders. Even more appalling is the fact that no one will do anything about it. It's high time that the sacred second amendment to the Constitution allowing any Tom, Dick or Harry to roam freely with a firearm tucked into their pocket was rethought.. So many politicians in the grip of the ÑRA, so nobody should expect anything other than the slaughter to carry on unabated Very, very sad. A
  10. And is a possible next PM. That should make all Brits shudder at such a thought
  11. Quite possibly the worst week yet for the White House inhabitant
  12. Not exactly the place to come for a ""dream holiday""
  13. PM rolls out ‘Thai Niyom’ scheme

    Is this man for real? Never read such a load of nonsense.