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  1. The Punjabi boys were caught three or four days ago. Hahaha.
  2. Doesn't count. Youtuber makes you a star. That comes with lots of benefits here. Check with your local Puyai.
  3. There is always that one hating on the rich.
  4. I have heard of "talking out of your azz" and of "picking figures from the crack of your azz" .I have not heard the word "buttocks" being used. Ah....well.....we all learn something new every day.
  5. Tell that to the system that elected him to the presidency. Yawn.
  6. Trump won an election. Will you let him be president just for a sec.
  7. Nothing bi-polar here. Won't hear this bi-polar nonsense in Ethiopia or Guatemala or Cambodia. They call it laziness in those parts and they put folks to work. Eight hours in a rice field or some corn field leaves very little time to play bi- polar games.
  8. Nah.....he's just a loudmouth.
  9. How about we go easy on that pipe.
  10. Is it 0.001% or 0.0001%? Where are you getting the 99.999% ? You got a crack somewhere where you picking these crazy numbers from?
  11. Putin is class. Top drawer.