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  1. Work to begin on Thai - Japan "Bullet Train" in 2019

    Must be the American 19th century train system you are talking about.
  2. Long, we know. Happy? Got to be on the inside.
  3. You forgot that boring drivel propaganda BBC,Al Jazzeera and the king of all earthly propaganda, CNN!
  4. And CNN and Fox News are not propaganda? ROLFMAO!
  5. Over-stayers have turned to insurgents! Gents, someone been smoking.
  6. Calling an entire nation dim based on your personal preferences shows more dimness on one's part. Saying Thais are dim because they play "takraw" means I can justifiably say Americans are dimmer because they play "American football" and "Ice hockey". You have to be pretty dim to watch and let alone play such violent sports.
  7. The boy might have a point but lets face it, most countries including those where most of the posters here come from is riddled with ignoramuses who have no clue whats what outside their countries! You don't get more coconut shell than an American from Idaho or Utah for example. From Utah + religion and you get yourself real block. Many videos on YouTube showing Americans, Brits, South Africans etc failing to answer basic world geograhy questions and even failing to name their leaders! Thailand has its share of ignorant people but which country doesn't?
  8. Wasn't going to be long before somebody turned it around. Like clock work. This train is never late.
  9. Guess Laos is filled to the brim with NES. Lol.
  10. I refer you to the original post. Lol.
  11. EF is a dodgy and useless company that can't run a simple online English teaching program. They are trying to seek relevance. Just another Farang run company seeking to trash then gain. You can read the NES crowd here on this thread. They think only them should be teaching English in Thailand. Its funny how people who can speak only one language like to pontificate, to wax lyrical about how to learn a new language! Ban Ki Moon, the ex SG of the U.N. spoke dodgy English but was top of the food chain. Nobody cares about pronunciation!
  12. He keeps at it. He will regret it. Western do gooder trying to make Thais lose face. Western country this and western country that. Getting old.
  13. Here is their two cents about TV. It's hilarious! "Similarly, on one online English-language expat forum renowned for its bar stool legal expertise, armchair online crime scene investigators, and ‘hanging-em high’ juries, the outrage and criticism has been equally fierce, the topic billed as ‘Millions view shocking school violence as teacher appears to attack student". Hahaha. The truth right there!
  14. Maybe the student said something vulgar. Maybe the student disrespected the teacher's mother or wife using vulgar words. In Thailand that can send you to the crematorium, student or no student. Nothing is going to be engraved in memory. They will be too busy on their mobile devices to remember this beating.
  15. Maybe unlike the do gooder brigade on this thread, they are in the know of what caused the mess. I don't know where you are from but where i come from, vulgar words about one's mother can get you beaten up pretty bad. It might be the last thing you will ever say. A student, grown up, cat, giraffe or any living thing that utters vulgar about one's mother should expect a thorough beating where I come from. Nobody knows what this student said or did.