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  1. Or dollars. She could have cleaned him out and left him out to dry. Not justifying his actions.
  2. If I was this fella, I would quit while still ahead.
  3. You got me there Cadbury. Sorry for saying you high as a kite. Accept apology from a humbled man.
  4. You must be as high as the figures you are spouting. Vietnam GDP is not double that of Thailand. It's the other way round.
  5. You must be new. Happens every day on the forum court.
  6. Remove the other 24. Replace that with a 7. Delete the word "everyday". There's a good boy.
  7. How about we hit the nail on the head and say he looks like a punk.
  8. This will cool down the chicken hawks for a while.
  9. Back to the same page. Night Dorothy.
  10. No wonder you teach in Thailand. With that kind of thinking, you are a match made in heaven. The good thing is that most Thais are waking up to this swindle. Thailand acceptance of the NES nonsense as a qualification doesn't make it less of a racket. Every NES teacher i have met knows its all about money. The exception might be if you are working for a university and getting paid less than a Thai anuban teacher. What a laugh.
  11. A university lecturer making less than 400 000 baht a year is the definition of a racket Susan. University lecturers working in the five so called "native speaking" countries earn at least 1 800 000 baht a year. Tell us Susan, if you are so qualified, why aren't you making the big money? Look, even Thais know its a swindle. No hyperbole from you is gonna change the fact that NES is not a qualification to teach anything! Awaiting incoming rambler....teacher.
  12. Pinch me, please. Am i real?
  13. Bet you are confusing facts and opinions Susan. Your rambler was anything but facts. "Native speakers" are not teachers! " Native speaker" is not a an academic qualification. It's a racket qualification. If you think you are qualified to teach English because you come from England then every Thai is qualified to teach Thai! Like a typical "native speaker" you didn't forget to blame the school director. I am eagerly waiting for your rambling response.....teacher.
  14. Looks like you got a point Mike but is this rambling another round about way of saying the whole "native speaker " thing is a racket to pick pocket Thais. Your explanation suggests exactly that.
  15. Is that a round about way of saying your want 50 more years to get it right?