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  1. Machiavelli

    Country shocked as rejected men resort to murder

    I smell laziness in feel good yarns. They don't get these "fatal disorders" in ,for example, Malawi, where boys/men have to wake up at 5 am to try and make a living. What did the shrink say to the guy that he couldn't have thought of himself?
  2. Never get high on your own supply. Oldest rule on the books.
  3. Just one more group left. The kiddy diddlers. The lowest of the low. The pedos. Scum. Those should be found and thrown into nastiest of the prisons and made to do the hardest time.
  4. Life lesson rule number one! Pick a story. Stick to it!!!
  5. Machiavelli

    30,000 bipolar patients currently undergoing treatments

    "bi polar" and " depression". Nothing a hard days work can't cure and I mean real hard work. Talk of these fantasy illnesses in Malawi or Cambodia and you will be laughed out of the room.
  6. Knew the local KKK chapter would have an opinion on this. Didn't take long.
  7. Only 2% of the the British people speak the so called "queen's language". The language that the NES brigade pretends to teach. 98% of Brits speak in their local dialects and it's not English.
  8. The Brits aren't here to fix the system. Thais better catch a wake up.....and the NES nonsense is the biggest hoax ever played on the Asians. How a bunch of losers who couldn't land a job in Europe are of any use to Thailand boggles the mind. Met a "professor" who worked for the BC once. What a joke.
  9. You have pretty broke to be robbing temples. This scum shouldn't be in Thailand. Lowest of the low. Too many broke and dirty farangs hanging around in Thailand. Packed to the rafters! Cheap Charlies who are prepared to walk in the Thailand heat all to save 20 baht. Police must find this Losers Representative and let him do hard time.
  10. That's because 95% of Thai wives introduced into the UK were hooking in Pattaya or some such cesspit. White folk should stop marrying prosties.
  11. Only the hooking Pattaya bunch and other prosties think that. Not all Thai women think such crap. A huge chunk of foreign white men marry hookers/bar girls.
  12. Machiavelli

    South Africans are obsessed with Thailand

    Could be. They should also stay away from white murderers, kiddy diddlers and the non bathing white crowd. A lot of these hanging around now.