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  1. Ikea Monthly Sale?

    They have sale from certain items and members most of the time.
  2. Reduce the volume and keep the same price = more profits. This has been going on for years not only beer but others drinks and household items too.
  3. The ones who got ripped off should blame themselves for human greed.
  4. Anti static bags in Fortune Town?

    You can find these at computer shops in fortune Town or pantip Plaza.
  5. I would suggest you to change to a non playbox package and later switch to power 4. Maybe they will give you a new box...
  6. Behold, BTS to get more expensive in October

    They should utilize the two security guards to sell tickets instead of randomly checking bags....
  7. Behold, BTS to get more expensive in October

    Mrt is actually cheaper than bts if you compare distance travelled. Im still wondering most stations are still stuck with 4-6 ticket barriers, commuters using Chong Nonsi during rush hour will understand what I mean.
  8. 5.1 Audio on Thai TV / Cable Services?

    I'm afraid I don't see any channels carry higher than stereo sound. Also you need to get a seperate receiver and speakers to output real 5.1 channels.
  9. Behold, BTS to get more expensive in October

    Should install more ticket barriers and improve service with the price increase. The service is getting worse lately due to increasing ridership.
  10. Using automated payment doesn't work for buses here where passengers board and alights everywhere, even at the middle of roads. Educating the drivers to stop at designated bus stops and improve safety should be the main priorities.
  11. Is the "all new" Honda CR-V outdated ?

    It would be at least 2 or 3 years unless the new Crv is not selling well and Honda decided to add Honda sensing to current top models. I'm still wondering why Honda decided not to bring the highest spec model to Thailand, maybe because they are confident these will sell like hot cakes. The 2.4 gasoline engine used is actually a non direct injection model unlike in USA, not worth considering unless you are ok with the diesel turbo.
  12. Innova Crysta

    Depending on your budget, this will be the better choice for a real 7 seater or you can consider Nissan Serena or Kia Carnival. You may consider Toyota Alphard if budget is not an issue.
  13. Honda CRV

    Bring it to Hondas assembly plant in Ayutthaya or Prachinburi. Look. For the Japanese factory heads. That should put them to shame because only Japanese knows the meaning of shame.
  14. Is the "all new" Honda CR-V outdated ?

    The top models does have paddle shift but I guess thats not as important as Honda sensing feature. Malaysia's top model has turbo gasoline with Honda Sensing so I guess Honda Thailand will introduce this feature for the facelift.
  15. 2016 Suzuki Ertiga no heat

    I would off the aircond if outside temp is cold enough. I doubt you get below freezing temp in chaing Mai which needs heater...