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  1. Thailand should start to introduce female only carriages.
  2. Why not seperate carriages with seats and stand only carriages. Consumers can choose.
  3. And people standing near the doors would not want to give way to people who wants to move in or going up. I hope people here could get more education on how to use metro trains... I've also came across foreigners especially tourists who have never used a metro train before carrying big bags and blocking the entrance. BTS operators should put up more signs and videos educating people on how to use the trains instead of showing meaningless ads.
  4. Priority seats don't exist here, I always see young people seating there and facing their phones, ignoring the rest of the world. You would be lucky to get a priority seat here.
  5. Should be done with BTS during rush hour as well. Most of the riders prefers to stand near the doors instead of moving inside, really frustrating for people waiting outside.
  6. You can try paying by visa, it's free through mea app.
  7. A 9 year old should not be using line or having access to social networks.
  8. Shopping stimulus scheme kicks off today

    Waste of time and effort for both shops and customers because extra staff and time have to be allocated to prepare the invoices. Everyone paying income tax should be given this deduction as most people could easily spend 15k baht monthly.
  9. Taxpayers money should not be wasted for his pension.
  10. A pregnant lady in her final tri semester should not be riding in night especially bicycle with no proper lighting.
  11. Buying a new LG V20

    You might want to consider Huawei Mate 10. The battery can easily last 1 day.
  12. Buying a new LG V20

    Earlier there was a promotion for G6 with free 43 or 49 inch TV. After some bad experience with G4, I've decided not to buy LG phones anymore.
  13. Buying a new LG V20

    If I'm not mistaken LG V20 is not officially released here so you won't be getting LG official warranty. The closest model you can get is LG G6.
  14. Getting out of rental contract

    Trying staying for another month or two without paying rent and leave.
  15. Do all Smart TV's have Wi Fi connectivity?

    Yes they should come with both wireless and wired connection. Lower end models come only with single band wifi 2.4Ghz.