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  1. Good lessons for those who prefer to double park rather than spend more time to find parking and walk.
  2. Cheaper to employ security guards at platforms for 350B per day than to install gates. Being a private company, profit is above everything else!
  3. At least he didn't waste 4 trains load of passengers during the bts trip.
  4. You think the police could solve it? That is why people here decide to take action themselves because law and enforcements don't work.
  5. Insurance company is responsible. Lol
  6. shady86

    New BTS Trains Coming To Extended Route

    Hope the doors don't open on the move.
  7. Single lane is not enough, they should built a special terminal just for Chinese tourists. Chinese speaking staff, whole immigration counters just to cater all of them.
  8. What happens if the trains are jammed pack until passengers need to stand near the doors. Especially doors opposite platform which are not supposed to open at all the whole journey since most of the platforms are located at the left side of the train.
  9. This is what happens when overloaded and modified pickups trying to take on the curve like a sports car.
  10. Same bus also happened at Ekkamai 2 months ago. I guess the bus company wants to get rid of the busses for insurance compensation?
  11. No need to investigate, middle of night, dark and the vans would not be able to brake on time as the oil tanker would need at least 30 secs to complete the u turn. poor judgement but all drivers involved.
  12. Unless they come to inspect, as long as you are paying their monthly social security and tax during application and renewal, I dont see there is any problem. Up to you to take the risk.
  13. Luckily the passengers did not pressed emergency button and cause delay to the whole network.
  14. Not suprised and thats the risk of buying/renting somewhere with empty land!
  15. Not sure if they study the feasibility, with a population only about 100k, it will take ages for them to recover the investment. Unless it covers all the tourist destinations, I doubt visitors would bother to take rail as car would be more convenient. Will need at least a city with 1 mil population to consider building rail..