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  1. If you dont have bags I guess. Try taking during morning or evening rush hours.
  2. How about increasing the number of ticket gates at stations with only 4 to 5 gates? On weekdays, only one gate is opened for entrance to platform and first time users who don't know whether to tap or insert ticket hold up the entrance. All stations along sukhumvit line really needs at leat 8 to 10 gates each side to cope with passengers during rush hour.
  3. Atm cards should be released before cash, so people don't forget.
  4. 15k baht for rent. Must be staying far away from bts and tiny rooms. Even single bedrooms on popular projects cost at least 20k.
  5. shady86

    BKK Airport Taxis Want 50% Fee Hike

    My customer from overseas just paid 600 for taxi ride from Suvarnabhumi to Sukhumvit. He told me all the drivers refused to use meter.
  6. Monks need some time off too. They are human afterall.
  7. KFC back at home should taste better!
  8. shady86

    Food budget for prisons runs out mid-year

    Just feed them with sticky rice and soya sauce. Waste of taxpayers money. At least they can do some farming to feed themselves.
  9. Accord driver really luck because no car at the next lane during evasion. Else more lives could be lost. These trucks should be banned from motorways.
  10. 6 months from now, more than half will stop working.
  11. shady86

    Media under fire over NLA napping pics

    Give them some room for a short nap after the long years of "hard work".
  12. Motorbike rider could have saved his life if he uses the leftmost lane.
  13. shady86

    Tired taxi driver dies in crash returning from long trip

    I guess he can't reject the customer since it's airport. I don't remember they have seperate queue for out of province rides, at least drivers can choose based on his capability on that day. At least he sent the customer safely to destination.