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  1. There is no reliable transport available, most of the parents resort to sending and picking their children with own car.
  2. Anyone driving regularly on Thai roads will know that there will be something blocking views of drivers coming out from junctions or intersections. Single lane road, pickup tried to overtake from left, big truck blocking view so he could not brake in time...
  3. More people will be in debt.
  4. Big truck owns the road. Nothing to lose.
  5. Immigration officers in Sadao/Malaysia border dont ask for tip but Overtime charges. I wonder if that is considered as tip also
  6. City planing at its finest.
  7. Audition for Japanese AV star?
  8. Just wondering if accident could have been avoided if the victim's car if fully autonomous? Guess it wouldn't have work here with so many idiots driving.
  9. Unless they have special bus lanes, I'm pretty sure the wait for the 7th bus will be more than 20 mins because all buses would be stuck at expressway.
  10. That's not related to WP. You should ask immigration for 90 days.
  11. They are experimenting with storing water inside the trains for flood mitigation. Brilliant idea by the operators!
  12. You cant blame them, they are good at this and this is real multitasking!
  13. I'm sure the bus companies can hire good drivers if they can offer good salaries. Bus fare hike is always rejected, so the commuters need to take the risk. Nothing comes cheap.
  14. Thailand should provide a race circuit just for pickup racing.
  15. Good lessons for those who prefer to double park rather than spend more time to find parking and walk.