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  1. 555 ... if you think I'm a yank then you're very much mistaken...
  2. They opened a bar in competition with him and were trying to send him out out of business to eliminate the competition...
  3. If he wasn't doing something illegal he would still be alive. I defend the owners right to defend his property by any means he chooses...
  4. I got several residency certificate s for various purposes just by using my 1 year lease. I Had no problems at all at Chonburi Immigration in Jomtien (Pattaya), When I was in Chiang Mai I got one to purchase a motorbike, but there I had to come back the next day to collect it.
  5. Ross Macdonald

    ATM fees on the rise

    I have a BKK Bank account, my home branch is Chiang Mai, I can use my card anywhere in Thailand without paying ATM fees. I haven't tried using it outside of Thailand though so I can't comment on that. I have found this account to be the best way to access money from my Australian account as I transfer A$10,000 at a time to my BKK Bank account at a cost of only A$22, and then i don't have to pay ATM fees every time i withdraw 5 or 10,000฿
  6. The crime was posting the video (of a sexual offence) online not recording it. The person who recorded the video of the crime should have simply informed the police and not posted it online. The problem here is that the police only knew of the crime because it was posted online, so the police are not at fault here.
  7. The finance company came into possession of the vehicle illegally, therefore it will have to be returned to the rightful owner. It will be the finance companies problem to recover the money owing from their customer. (your ex employee). It it the same as selling a stolen car, the buyer wears the loss for buying stolen property, no matter how the person they purchased it from came into possession of it.