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  1. GeKoSc

    data base for international freelancers

    If you do not have to add some positive advice so please be quiet.
  2. GeKoSc

    data base for international freelancers

    It is not on you to suggest whether our business partners are right or wrong doing business with us...nobody will take you serious with this attitude...
  3. GeKoSc

    data base for international freelancers

    The European Standard for data protection does matters only if working in the EU which is not my case...many of the recent EU rules are very questionable as they only reinforces the dictatorial structures of the EU...
  4. I will need a user-friendly and robust database to register international freelancers and intend to buy such product in the market. Could you suggest an appropriate product which will allow also to copy and past searchable CVs and documents in most commen formats to the candidates file? It would be ideal if an electronic questionnaire will be send and to be filled in by the candidates which afterwards will placed in the candidates file. I welcome all suggestions and comments. Please be aware I am only a simple user not an IT expert...
  5. GeKoSc

    international travel and e-mail access

    I gave been asked asking for additional credentials....What is the meaning of VPN?
  6. How to prevent that e-mail accounts and others sites are difficult to access when traveling international with my laptop ? Is there a place at the Internet where I can inform hotmail and gmail that I am traveling (similar to credit card) ?
  7. We are looking for 4 Experts in International Trade for Malaysia (2) and Thailand (2), from Mid-September / Early September 2018 for 21/12 days to conduct an EU financed Project Formulation Mission.... vacancy anouncement Malaysia Thailand.docx
  8. GeKoSc

    reset of MacBook..

    Can you suggest a technicien who can save and re-install my documents, mails, Bookmarks, etc. and can reset my MacBook? I still have a subscription for a antivirus can this be saved?
  9. I my case I would eventually want that this money should be returned to my account in the USA. But would it be sufficient to have this written will or order (signed by a notary) to be added to my account and will the Thai bank accept it?
  10. What will happen with your cash deposits at your Thai bank if you will die. Is ist possible to arrange with the bank to return the money to a certain persons or accounts?
  11. GeKoSc

    Vegan cottage cheese in Pattaya

    now where to get silken tofu in Pattaya...usually you will find cheap egg tofu...
  12. My account in the USA is with a Discount Broker and has no fees neither I have to pay a credit card fee. Of course this benefits are only if you have a considerable deposit in your account...
  13. Hi Speedo, I am eating 1 to 2 times a week meat and a cooked eggs 2 o 3 a week. I am an experienced cook...all my life I cooked for my family and myself...I do not know why my body is demanding coriander but I possess all of the symthoms you are mentioned; just smelling it produces the desire to eat it. Occasionally I have brief depressions but they are the same I have suffered before I started eating coriander....I understand that switching to natural medication for my HBP and diabetes is a intermediate measure until a permanent solution without drugs will be found..... With regard to the consumtion of adrenalising intakes and other symtoms, my doctor from Colombia send mi an e-mail and and he has pointed out in it that I may suffer from "Cardiac Angiosclerosis". His diagnosis is very importantant because it explains some symtoms such as diffuse fear, speech disorder and unbalanced walking which have been diagnosed wrongly by the local doctors here as caused only by HBP. Because HBP and diabetes are symtoms of something else and I want to know what is the correct diagnosis. You are right to rely as less as possible on the costly doctors here.....By the way, it does not matter if your mind is very active at least not for Transcendental Meditation....I have to admit that the excellent results of BP mentioned in an earlier post is a result of a completed session of Meditation and acupuncture....
  14. Anybody here knows where to get vegan cottage cheese in Pattaya?