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  1. Thank you so much for your responses. It really puts my mind at ease. I'm staying for up to 8 months. This time I'll be going for a tourist visa. Maybe next time I'll join a language course and get an education visa for the remaining 5-6 months.
  2. Hello. I arrived in Thailand through Suvarnabhumi Airport on the 30th of July with just a visa on arrival. I've managed to extend my stay until the 27th september. H As I have not yet finished travelling and exploring Thailand I wish to stay here further however I'm unsure of my current possibilities to do so. My plan so far is to go and apply for a tourist visa at the Thai consulate in Vientiane later this month, but I'm a little worried that they could deny the visa application as I have already spent quite a bit of time in Thailand. (1 month VoA + 1 month extention). What are you thoughts? Will they deny the application and if so, what are my options to stay in this wonderful country? Thanks in advance.
  3. Krimse123

    What does this say?

    ร้านข่อยกะลูกค้าเข้าดีๆหมออายบ่กล้านั่งน้าร้านคนเดียวย่านผู้บ่าวมีแต่ผูบ่าวฝรั่งหลายกะเดินถ้าเป็นไปได้สิเลิกกลับผัวมานั่งร้านหยู่เด้อาหารหูอาหารตา5555มีแต่คนหล่อฮิๆๆๆๆBossใหญ่มานั่งเฝ้าเมียเลยค่ะ บ่รับเติมแล้วฮิๆๆๆๆคนมีผัวบ่เอาจ้าเอาแต่คนโสด ว่าซั่นติ. หึยว่าไป. พี่น่ะโสดย่ะ thanks
  4. Krimse123

    What does this say?

    Translation appreciated.
  5. Krimse123

    Khon Kaen to Vientiane by bus

    Hello. Where can I find the bus from KK to Vientiane? Do they still have them or should I get a bus to Nong Khai? I have a Lao visa so it's not an issue but the information on the buses is very limited. Thanks.