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  1. just report its so easy in and out in not time
  2. I recently got my new thai driving licence for car for two years is that the normal .
  3. brianbbbb

    thanks for the help will do
  4. brianbbbb

    thanks for help we do
  5. I have first one year extension of stay based on retirement it runs out early next year which I did thought an agent to save money next year want to do my self is it easier now I have extension stay and what do I need to renew it
  6. is it easier to do extension of stay based on retirement second time around first time I used agent trying save some money this Time
  7. what documents do I need for my first 90 day report
  8. buy pickup truck

    I,m going to but a secondhand pickup truck what are the pitfalls and how do I register it