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  1. California burns: Where’s the president?

    Duh, he's playing golf again. He can’t be bothered by scores of people being burned to death or thousands of homes burning to the ground.
  2. There is a priority immigration line in between the 2 general immigration lines. If I remember correctly it's opposite gate D5.
  3. Foodland supermarket coming to Royal Garden!

    Yes...but they have some unbelievable sales ?
  4. Either way it means on or after your 15th birthday. That is 15 years because you're not 1 year old until your 1st birthday. Likewise, you turn 15 on your 15th birthday, so you are suddenly "over 15" and "over 15 years" and "15 years old" all at the same time.
  5. Motor sailors are popular for several reasons. They're far more economical to run than a yacht because you can use the wind rather than diesel fuel to propel the boat. They're much quieter than a yacht when using the sails, and you eliminate all of those diesel fumes you would be inhaling. There's a certain nostalgic that goes along with sailing...some folks just hate motor yachts, and they're often called "stinkpots"