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  1. Is this The Donald? I thought u preferred twitter??? oh more than 140 characters..solly
  2. Hey Im very protective about my cups O having one right now as i type Anytime is tea time and aint NO ladyboy coming between me and my cuppa!
  3. Reason 2829208 to keep Uber and other options Crooks dont like it when u cut in on their turf...... As for cameras--they only seem to work when THAIS need them as i recall they suddenly stopped working when i needed them Even got a angry response when i asked to try and get the footage myself...
  4. Yep..ive been here over 6 yrs and when yet another thai hit me and broke some toes i was whisked off to a hospital i have NEVER seen or even know existed here as ive been to many! The immediate "U give pass-a-port" came into play and i said NOPE..had a cute chinese gal with me--they whisked her off for a knee scratch--wanted 2000 bt!!! i said dont pay...... Long story short--went to many other places--they all wanted cash up front or ins cards..nope and nope...after 8 hrs i just hobbled out and taped my own toes together.....good grief..... I guess the good part is the body snatchers never got that least not from ME.. Fool me once.......thais have taught me too well.....555555
  5. Wouldnt this be everywhere--if it bleeds it leads...ala Nightcrawler film.... I think is human nature--im pretty sure i witnessed a fatal mbike death days ago as all the thais gathered around i was tempted to go look but decided not to......
  6. Shhhhh please keep it to a small uproar--somchai security is trying to sleep---thai 4 thai after all
  7. He was expecting a quiet idyllic lifestyle in Thailand but instead it has turned into a daily nightmare of noise and ever increasing problems and frustrations. JING LOR?????? The people were all thai.....what a shocker..they wont be quiet--im sure if u ask them-they WILL 1st and most important item to pack when i come here...EARPLUGS...used daily priceless....
  8. I got into a shouting match with the drunk thai cop last week over his 3rd attempt to get me He tried to take my keys--got em back----hid my atm card and just a copy of my license After threatening to drag me into the police station he finally wrote me a tx--guess where it is...
  9. I put the tuk tuks on TOP of that list......esp when they do the chinese tour convoy.....choke
  10. DAMN u beat me to it and i was so happy to have thought of it...dangit Well i can see somchai now...dumping me out in a chase to go get 10 chinese so he can charge them 100 bt each....of course all red truck drivers own a smartphone too! All u have to do is watch them when the chinese SHOVE their phones in to the faces of these drivers daily......oh yes..of want to go to xxxxx..welcome aboard my friend! Lastly of course leave it to thais to simply COPY an idea instead of improving their own... Naturally there will be a star rating system and all prices will be fair--the same and reasonable!
  11. Probaby driven mad by all the chinese tour groups...cant blame the guy....
  12. Nooooooooooooo Solly CANNOT mai dai--U Noooo Unnnnerstaaaaaaan Thai pee-pole!
  13. Or...maybe just too much sticky rice.......ohhh thailand u never cease to amaze me! Ohhh dont forget 5baht to poo poo U PAY NOW
  14. That explains WHY that coleslaw i ate kept me up for 3 DAYS....