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  1. At least in that corner maybe turn it into a water park its been pretty hot....
  2. i guess the person who sold these to them is having a good laugh...
  3. And they lived happily ever after TAT might want to reconsider the Land of Smiles motto As u say..might get u wonder the thais use fake smiles!
  4. distributing porn ? crimes act?..of wait the poster was thai mai pen rai,,,
  5. yep can confirm BOTH of the paddlewheel thingys are parked in the water at SE corner at least looks like it doing something....after all its all about IMAGE and FACE here.... waiting for the chinese to swim out to them to get a selfie.....
  6. Too busy complaining about falang and playing facebook...thainess 101
  7. the term youre looking for is "projecting" GOP and Trumpie do it non stop
  8. yep can confirm ONE is up and running like a paddle wheel at southeast corner spotted today in effect on my daily excursions....lets see what happen next...
  9. And as i take my daily bike ride i see the thais sitting there fishing ---urp
  10. Just speaking from daily observations--always keeping my eyes open for a "keeper"...
  11. Since the dawn of time there have been and will always be ignorant a##holes in the world
  12. Few things come to mind... Why take your GF to patts?! really???? I went there ONCE and left within 24 hrs--almost made me want to kill myself.. Why are "most" asian girls so unstable..and yet stick with jerks as BFs She ran into the road ..up in the north here i guess ALL chinese want to die as they are all in the road when im biking..tried ONE bell..NOPE--2 bells! NOPE So now on my daily bike ride u may hear 2 bells going and then my red WHISTLE--yep! Lastly yes supercute as are most thais the thing that makes me sad is whats on the "inside"
  13. Welcome to the Image and ILLUSION that is Thailand-- Dig deeper and the truth will be revealed.....
  14. I agree with Mr for you would you like me to forward the 70 reviews on my website where i help tourists for free...and 99% of those tourists are chinese(couchsurfing) Please forward my exact "bigoted" words as i dont recall using dollar tourists??? might want to go complain to the thais as that wasnt a term i came up with either..... Are they loud in groups?...pushy in 7-11 lines?...walk in the street and ignore horns?..spit and leave trash..(try a chinese airplane)...hmmmm must just be ME....perhaps you are right... Does this mean we arent going for beers tonight?.....being an observer of rude behavior=bigot?