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  1. Illusion--A Word I often use to describe Thailand as a Whole....Think of it as alternate reality aka Illogical Universe As I tell tourists everything you see it NOT as it seems--dig deeper as Its all an illusion--a fake world ala Twilight Zone
  2. Ive met many chinese gals here, all but one spoke English very well, may be why I enjoy spending time with them over thai gals, and they dont ask me for money either!
  3. When down in Rayong years ago to train at summer camp for teaching-we played games with the students. We passed fish stick snax this way--the thais seemed to love it... I got passed one from a cute ladyboy and the thais loved this too...for my finale I passed MY stick to one of the thai teachers and our lips touched--hooo boy!! joop! joop!!
  4. Out of the 13 different smiles here--what # did he offer up--the ooops Ive been busted "smile"?
  5. Might be a good idea here, so when her Hubby or BF--or GIk comes home!
  6. Im a 44 and its a bit of a search but can be had..best bet is Tesco-Big C, or digging deep at the 2nd hand shop too
  7. Wish I could say the same--lets see--stolen in LOS--2 phones-money-and my beloved honda dream mbike, as I remember asking my thai friend at police station what the brown envelope was for that the BIB handed me... I was told it was for a "Donation"..I said find it first and THEN I will donate...never got it back....I dont recall disrespecting anyone either when these items were stolen....parents raised me to be well mannered too....lucky u.
  8. After 6 yrs in Thai, I always considered trying China, but your story gives me pause, and reminds me of the table signs at MAYA food court about stealing the silverware and written in chinese!
  9. I came only with my beat up Keens--would have them resoled..I came back with brand new Keens but never wore them as I suspected this would happen..I sold the new pair for $100 but got them 50% off from Keen after writing them and sending pics of my beat up Keens and how they went all over the world with me....I also have a pair of Merrells..got them at goodwill for $7!
  10. ChakaKhan

    Uni girls from chiang mai?

    Your first sentence caught my eye, and certainly not in a stalker way, but I also have spent years trying to figure out the Thai Female Code and I usually end up as the male cheerleader-friend zone, as I may be clueless to any "cues" Any elaboration on this would be interesting, as I interact with many cute chinese tourists here as well, and wondered if the thinking and culture would be similar, as I have many of them staying with me, but choose to sleep on floor. To clarify, I will assist tourists and many single females contact me to have a place to crash for free, and I have had romantic interludes with a handful but perhaps I am missing out on many more missed oppts for "romance"
  11. I expect the worst--hope for the best--less disappointed..
  12. ChakaKhan

    Disappointing Night at The River Market

    Can confirm, as I interviewed with him about a job, met his current chef who informed me he is tight with the BiB
  13. ChakaKhan

    Zoe Complex.

    Ahhh Thai Logic, should start a whole thread on quotes, like how AC will kill you but walk into any chilly mall on a hot day and see who's there! Dangit as I was ready for Zoe to move as its a nuisance. I used to Dj at the Original Zoe which was a tiny shop with Yanni, in a very chill vibe, as i found my fav Grand mariner there for 80 bt so that tells you it was long ago! I recall folks always coming into the chill place and going in the back to "smoke up". He had a Gf from the states and it was as said a chill mellow place. I recall cops coming in for the envelope or we had to shut down at 1am. Yanni then told me he had some business partners coming in, which seemed to bully him and push him out, which is now the current ZOE's as he told me how they busted a bottle on his head, and oddly enough I had a large chang popped upside my own head by a angry thai dude there one night, as I was unaware i was flirting with his GF....Yanni was upset over losing the bar and I think returned to Greece. I recall the tuk tuks waiting outside waiting to sucker the drunks and the labyboys there too. I would visit the nice thai guy that had his little shop there and buy a pint of sangsom from him and wander the lot trying to help stupid tourists out and cue them to the hustle but got tired of that. Im more of a cheap charlie and usually hit up Gecko as they have my good prices albeit for the mozzies and the outdated set up as I always wanted to go in there and remodel the whole look and vibe there, but a thai turned me onto that place and it is cheap for a pre game warm up before I go wandering with my Sangsom!