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  1. I think the verdict is in now. Most farang favor bribes over the much more costly, in many ways, alternative. In the good ole USA, the cops don't want a measly bribe, they want all you have! Google civil Forfeiture and you will see that the police steal more money from Americans every year than all other forms of theft combined, usually starting with a simple traffic stop. I personally greatly prefer the Thai system of corruption.
  2. Ah, you found a pure country to go too. Good for you and good luck. Just leaves more corruption for the rest of us to enjoy. Your did the right thing. Now the ticket money will go to fund corrupt politicians instead of corrupt policemen.
  3. I Have nothing constructive to say except that I just got my retirement visa from the LA consulate in 6 days after sending package. I live in Denver. No questions asked. I spent ungodly time getting it all together but in my case it paid off. Sorry to hear of your problems. One suggestion is to bring your docs with you and apply in Thailand. It can be done that way but is more trouble and takes more time.
  4. Thank you David for your efforts. Much appreciated by anyone with a brain.
  5. Another video that I can't access because I refuse to open a F##kbook account. Keep 'em coming
  6. As BTB1977 said. I just got my IDF in my home country. I was told that if I had a motorcycle endorsement on my state driver's license [Colorado USA] that the IDF would reflect that, and it did. On the very first inside page : 'vehicles for which the permit is valid:' Options A [motorcycle] and B [passenger cars] both show the AAA endorsement logo. The front cover shows that is valid for one year. Cost was $20. Upon return to Thailand next month I will obtain both Thai driver's license and motorcycle license. A hassle but less so than arguing with an RTP officer beside the road some night while taking some nice lady home with me. {:P I HAVE BEEN TOLD that one can get a Thai driver's or motorcycle license if you have a valid driver's license from your home country regardless of visa status and that an IDF helps in renting a car. Free advice, worth what you paid for it.
  7. Now the Army is closing down all those shops at Aranuphatet....... Many, many more Thai's without income............ Probably many of these poor Thais have sons in the Army....... When will the madness end????? I see many posts whining about something in Thailand that end with the madness question. The answer in most cases is that it won't end. Sigh......... Perhaps I have become jaded the last few months since my country is currently run by The Cheeto in Chief who is mad as a hatter. It's not from mercury poisoning either; its genetic.
  8. It is the best VPN available and I have no time zone or censorship problems in Thailand at all.
  9. Yes, I'm remodeling my house so as to make it more attractive to my in_laws so they will come to visit more often and stay longer. I don't like them or my new house but it's more important to cater to them because they uplift me from my routines and somehow improve my life in ways I can't yet comprehend. I will just take it on faith that it is good for me and mine. Hopefully my children will adopt their attitudes and lifestyle and be just like my visitors one day. What?? Huh?
  10. Colorado Sent from my SM-G930V using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. The Go Home Brigade is a natural, deserved and obvious response to the Everything Here Sucks Brigade. That meme is getting very long in the tooth for me. Griping for the sake of griping is not useful to anybody. I suppose it must provide some relief to these withered souls but they badly need a new hobby.
  12. Yet another video I can't open because I won't join face book. Moving on from this posting. Really my fault as I should know by now there is nothing at all of any value posted on F%%kbook. Vanity Fair?
  13. I have started paying my condo rent using to transfer from my USA bank account directly to the condo bank account, in Baht. The exchange rate used is the FOREX rated posted every hour. There is a small fee attached as well, but it is truly nominal. I paid $6.31 to transfer 15K baht to my condo account. I happened to get a 3.771 baht/$ exchange rate that day. TransferWise has their own bank account in every major country. Using the desktop or mobile phone app you initiate a transfer from your bank to the TransferWise bank in your country. They then transfer from their bank in your country to their bank in the target country. There it is converted to the local currency and deposited into the local bank account of the receiver. It usually takes 5-7 days on repeat transfers to the same account, but the initial transfer takes longer due to vetting both accounts with micro-transfers first. I used Western Union once when I was in a bind and paid $500 to transfer $5000 to baht in a Thai bank. ATM machines charge a service fee and rape you on the exchange rate. Direct wire transfers into your Thai bank account, if you have one, cost ~$45 plus the bank exchange rate which is usually not good either. I can get Thai cash at a local Bangkok Bank using my MasterCard but they also profit on the exchange rate and MasterCard starts charging interest from the day the cash advance happens. For that reason I waited til the end of the month to get the cash advance and then paid off the card immediately. All of that nonsense is history now that I use TransferWise. If you have a Thai bank account you can simply transfer money from your home account into your Thai account at the prevailing exchange rate that day. This allows you to play the exchange rate market and make larger transfers when the rates are favorable. The process is seamless, fast, and cheap..
  14. Your local police department will issue you a proof of criminal history for a few bucks. $10 in my case. Your State Bureau of Investigation will also give you a background record check online downloadable in PDF format for download for a few bucks. $8.95 in my case. I have it on solid word from a lady that does this stuff all the time that either document is sufficient. They just want to know if you've been arrested and thrown in jail for serious things.