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  1. Good thought! on the measurement system, stick to your guns. That will teach these heathens that you're nobodies fool. In the meantime it guarantees that you will be misunderstood and cause annoying errors.
  2. Why do think they're called Imperial units? The frogs are the ones who have always pushed metric units.
  3. Although I've tried, as near as I can determine there are no rules of the road in Thailand except "Me First" and "Up to Me" . I feel sure that there are road statutes but since they are only rarely and selectively enforced, it is best to assume that they don't exist. Initially I thought Thai drivers were annoyed with others drivers but finally realized that most Thai drivers see other traffic not as vehicles carrying passengers, but simply impersonal impediments to their own progress, much like a pothole. From shear experience and observation I have developed my own rules based on empirical knowledge. On divided highways I always drive in the right (innermost) lane, being careful to meet or exceed the posted limit. I do this for several reasons : 1. I avoid motorcycles (and cars!) going with and against the proper traffic flow who cause traffic hazards on the narrow shoulders. 2. This largely avoids the wandering cars and overloaded trucks and other slow moving traffic and inattentive drivers. 3. The Rocket ship drivers will pass you with narrow margins regardless of the lane you are in. In that regard I find that they only rarely try to pass me on the right using the shoulder of the road as their personally designated passing lane. 4. Therefore I can focus my attention on the traffic on my left mainly (but not totally!) That said, there are two problems with this system: 1. No driving system will always work because there are no generally accepted rules of the road here. 2. I must be hyper-aware when approaching and navigating the U-turn lanes. The principal hazard here are the drivers determined to force entry by easing their vehicles into my lane, following some obscure logic that escapes me entirely as it poses high risk to me and them. 3. Motorcycles often choose to create ad hoc U-turn/wrong way access lanes for themselves at unexpected places, often appearing in my lane from the ditch in the medium and crossing the road in front of me to proceed the wrong way on the shoulder of the road on my side of the medium. To keep my mind focused on safety I play a variation of the "I Spy" road game. I constantly scan the traffic in front of me, behind me, and on both sides of me. The game is to determine what each driver will do before he does it or even knows he will do it. The problem with this game is that sane people tend to use reason and logic to predict events. This can lead to spurious predictions in nearly every aspect of social behavior in LOS. For a society that appears to embrace a relaxed approach to all aspects of life, it is a mystery to me why some of them drive like maniacs, even passing me, to go two blocks down the road before pulling in front of me again to quickly stop and exit their vehicles. I will end this rant by saying that I treasure my life in Thailand and honor the way Thai people choose to lead their lives. Unlike many on these forums, I don't wish for Thailand to enact and enforce myriad increasingly senseless laws and regulations that choke and smother society in my on Shining Land Across the Sea, which I fled from with extreme prejudice. The only way I would choose to change things here would be for people to realize that when they drive with no forethought or regard for their own safety or that of their passengers and those vehicles and pedestrians around them, that they can reap only death and destruction with no meaningful gain in reaching their destination.
  4. Risk taking by Thai workmen

    Many things in life are a risk. Driving, walking, even breathing is a calculated risk. We are all one heartbeat away from oblivion. Most "civilized" countries' regulations are now well past the reasonable measures range into overburden and repression. I'm quite happy with the level here thank you. I'll trade personal risk for freedom and liberty every day and in every way. Those who choose otherwise deserve the government nightmares they foster AND tolerate, if not embrace. It's way too late to make that choice in most of the world. I know this too well. I recently fled from one of the worst. Thailand is nothing less than a sanctuary for me. Fortunately, very few people see it as such. How do you spell relief?
  5. I think the verdict is in now. Most farang favor bribes over the much more costly, in many ways, alternative. In the good ole USA, the cops don't want a measly bribe, they want all you have! Google civil Forfeiture and you will see that the police steal more money from Americans every year than all other forms of theft combined, usually starting with a simple traffic stop. I personally greatly prefer the Thai system of corruption.
  6. Ah, you found a pure country to go too. Good for you and good luck. Just leaves more corruption for the rest of us to enjoy. Your did the right thing. Now the ticket money will go to fund corrupt politicians instead of corrupt policemen.
  7. I Have nothing constructive to say except that I just got my retirement visa from the LA consulate in 6 days after sending package. I live in Denver. No questions asked. I spent ungodly time getting it all together but in my case it paid off. Sorry to hear of your problems. One suggestion is to bring your docs with you and apply in Thailand. It can be done that way but is more trouble and takes more time.
  8. Thank you David for your efforts. Much appreciated by anyone with a brain.
  9. Another video that I can't access because I refuse to open a F##kbook account. Keep 'em coming
  10. As BTB1977 said. I just got my IDF in my home country. I was told that if I had a motorcycle endorsement on my state driver's license [Colorado USA] that the IDF would reflect that, and it did. On the very first inside page : 'vehicles for which the permit is valid:' Options A [motorcycle] and B [passenger cars] both show the AAA endorsement logo. The front cover shows that is valid for one year. Cost was $20. Upon return to Thailand next month I will obtain both Thai driver's license and motorcycle license. A hassle but less so than arguing with an RTP officer beside the road some night while taking some nice lady home with me. {:P I HAVE BEEN TOLD that one can get a Thai driver's or motorcycle license if you have a valid driver's license from your home country regardless of visa status and that an IDF helps in renting a car. Free advice, worth what you paid for it.
  11. Now the Army is closing down all those shops at Aranuphatet....... Many, many more Thai's without income............ Probably many of these poor Thais have sons in the Army....... When will the madness end????? I see many posts whining about something in Thailand that end with the madness question. The answer in most cases is that it won't end. Sigh......... Perhaps I have become jaded the last few months since my country is currently run by The Cheeto in Chief who is mad as a hatter. It's not from mercury poisoning either; its genetic.
  12. It is the best VPN available and I have no time zone or censorship problems in Thailand at all.
  13. Yes, I'm remodeling my house so as to make it more attractive to my in_laws so they will come to visit more often and stay longer. I don't like them or my new house but it's more important to cater to them because they uplift me from my routines and somehow improve my life in ways I can't yet comprehend. I will just take it on faith that it is good for me and mine. Hopefully my children will adopt their attitudes and lifestyle and be just like my visitors one day. What?? Huh?
  14. Criminal record check

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