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  1. UbonJoe and Tanoshi. Thank you both so much! Everything is crystal clear now. Special thanks to Tanoshi for the detailed explanation and link. Your information had allowed me to sleep at night now and I'm off to for the Burma run this week. Thanks again gentlemen! You both invaluable assets to TV.
  2. Tanoshi and OJAS: thank you for your cogent and quick replies. Tanoshi: I didn't know that the visa itself expired but the 'permission' remains in force. A true nugget of info to remember. That leads to the obvious question of whether this border - crossing gambit will continue to work every year if done within the proper time constraints. At some point must I go through the entire procedure to get a new O-A visa? Should I purchase the re-entry permit as soon as I get back into Thailand from Burma? I definitely plan to go back to my homeland this year for 2 months. I understand that the alternative route to an extension is to go to Thai IO again with a TM7 and proof of income/ seasoned 800k bank account. Does this accomplish anything different than the border run approach? Does it actually extend the visa itself, or just the permission to stay? If the two approaches yield the same benefits then the Burma crossing is preferable to going into Bangkok and getting the proof of benefits affadavit from the US Embassy. OJAS, thanks for the words of wisdom. I will definitely check before I leave the Thai IO. Any help on these new questions is greatly, once again, appreciated. My 'enter before' date is June 1,2018, so I plan the foray into Burma this week. I'm trying to get my ducks lined up before I leave.
  3. I want to obtain my first extension for my Non-immigrant O(A) visa. I understand that by leaving the country AND returning BEFORE the visa expires, that I will get an automatic 1 year extension. Three questions: Must I obtain the Return to Kingdom TM8 form before I cross into Burma? How long must I stay in Burma? Will my passport visa be restamped for the extra year as soon as I return to Thailand at the crossing or must I then go to an IO to formalize that part? I know this forum to be frequented by several sage and experienced members and am thanking you all in advance for your help. (I'm looking at you UbonJoe!) You guys throw lifesavers to drowning members every single day and deserve medals from the Thai government immigration system.
  4. RocketDog

    International flights begin at Hua Hin airport

    I live in Chaam and am sooooooo grateful that Cha-am is off the tourist radar. I live in fear of the Chinese tourist tsunami inundating us when it comes in force. The local ecosystem is simply not built for such mass invasions of ravenous species.
  5. RocketDog

    Travel Tip: check aircon in hotel room first!

    Although I have commented on many forum topics, this is the first one I started myself. I guess it will be the last too.. I counted exactly one comment germane to the original post. although I did pick up an idea reminding me that it is pretty easy and quick to clean the air filter on most units. Also several people had the good sense to agree that expecting Thai business operators to quickly and competently respond to customer complaints is simply a wishful fantasy. Solve the issue yourself, ignore it, or take your business elsewhere.. I saw and foolishly responded to a troll post regarding the room price.. Lesson learned;shame on me. The bulk of the replies were ping-pong bickering between a few self-righteous folks denigrating information offered in the spirit of helpfulness by others. It's sad that apparently some folks use these forums not as information sharing opportunities but instead as a self-aggrandizing vehicle to criticize and bloviate while offering nothing useful to anybody concerned. The valuable observation for me was that most meaningful replies took place in the first one or two pages. After that the forum is mostly hijacked by hacks who are squandering their own time and that of others with annoying and belligerent carping. Nevertheless, a few grains of wheat were gained, some chaff, and way too much plain old dirt. My thanks to those who genuinely tried to add something meaningful.
  6. RocketDog

    Travel Tip: check aircon in hotel room first!

    Actually Elvis, you may have a good idea. I will consider taking some spray disinfectant with me in a small spray bottle. It is true that the filters are usually easily removed and cleaned in the bathroom. I stand corrected. Thanks
  7. RocketDog

    Travel Tip: check aircon in hotel room first!

    Not at all.. Oxx made a nonsense statement and I called him on it. Simple. Price does not always equate to quality. No?
  8. RocketDog

    Travel Tip: check aircon in hotel room first!

    Thanks to all for the responses, but my topic was opened solely to avoid most of the solutions offered while spending minimum time and energy.. It is a quick and dirty way to predict whether to immediately request another room, and failing that, beat feet for the next hotel down the road. My time on the road is precious to me and I'm not interested in confrontations or justice.
  9. RocketDog

    Travel Tip: check aircon in hotel room first!

    In many countries your approach would be reasonable. Here, mostly a waste of time and emotion for a short stay. In actual fact my most enjoyable stay was at a small bungalow unit on Thungwualaen Beach in Chumphon for ฿650/night. The beach was beautiful, clean, clear water, quiet streets, and quality food for reasonable prices. I plan to return soon for several days. Only bummer was weak aircon, but it was tolerable given the rest of the situation. Price does not necessarily equate with a great experience, here or any country. I think that complaining and expecting instant response from most establishments here is just asking for additional aggravation in the short term, and there is little chance it will be addressed after I leave either. As far accepting responsibility, well, I think you can guess how I feel about that. I know, a bit cynical, bit I lived long anough to earn a little cynicism.
  10. RocketDog

    Travel Tip: check aircon in hotel room first!

    Thanks for the tip Lokie , but remember this is a hotel I'll be leaving in 24—48 hours. I'm not interested in servicing their aircon and cleaning out the years of filth and microbes within. I usually don't take air masks on my vacations, much less cleaning equipment and air freshener. Your ideas are indeed appropriate for home aircon though. Thanks
  11. RocketDog

    Travel Tip: check aircon in hotel room first!

    Sure, I'm there for 24 hours so I'll spend time guarding my possessions while the talented and experienced staff try to convince me that it works fine. Then wasting more of my time while they piss around pretending they know what to do.. Oxx, you are a wealth of good advice. BTW, do you travel much in LOS?
  12. RocketDog

    Travel Tip: check aircon in hotel room first!

    Thank you. That would have been my reply as well. As I stated, this is low season, meaning lower rates as well. But the low-lifes that sit at home and monitor TV need some red meat to get their snark juices flowing. I'm happy I brought some happiness into their tiny lives!
  13. On a recent beach-hopping trip from Phuket, Krabi, Surat Thani, Chumphon, etc. I rented several hotel rooms from 650—1800฿/night. It is low season now, so generally hot.. In general I found the aircon in the rooms to be marginal to poor. However I did notice a trend worth remembering. When I viewed a room I checked aircon operation first. If the initial air stream seemed warm I was told that it will cool down in a few minutes. Well, it usually didn't. Here's the tip: look at the temperature setting on the control. If the last user had it set at something like 20 or below, that means the aircon sucks. The last occupant set it very low in hopes that it would eventually cool, but didn't. From now on that test will be my first action upon entering the room. If the setting is very low then I'll ask for another room or take my business elsewhere. Complaining to staff the next morning will get you (and the next occupant) nothing but an apology and that infamous Thai smile that can be so infuriating at times. The faulty aircon will not be serviced of course, but maybe you can avoid being the next unhappy user. Always remember that this is the land of Mai pen rai and non-confrontation. Better to learn how to keep your cool! TIT
  14. The AC inductance motors used for the compressor and condenser fan very rarely fail. However the phase shift capacitor fie one, usually a black tubular 2-wire device, fails often. These are cheap and easy to replace , often not even requiring tools to make the connection. Failure of these can cause multiple symptoms from motor not starting to intermittent or even very weak motor function. Running with a weak capacitor can slow the fan/compressor operation, causing the motor to overheat and tripping its internal thermal breaker. Unit cools, breaker resets, cycle repeats. By 'starter' the OP may mean the capacitor, in which case he has already replaced it. The cycling action sounds very much like a thermal breaker popping though. One clue to a thermal breaker popping is that the on/off cycle time will change as the ambient temperature rises or falls. The off time will decrease as the outside air cools such as evening. The motor cools faster and therefore starts again sooner. Gurgling noise is very low freon levels in compressor. Always wash condenser cooling fins with a high pressure hose anytime you open the unit. This greatly improves efficiency. The sealed motor compressor unit should last 10 years or more, just like those in most kitchen refrigerators. Good luck.
  15. So your bike is obnoxiously loud, dangerous at night or in the rain, and you operate it illegally. Are just a jerk or have you gone native?